“Catwoman, Watch Thief” from Christina Carter

Christina Carter and Emily Addison star in Catwoman, Watch Thief from CC Productions.

Catwoman, Watch Thief is a CC Productions fan custom with Christina Carter as Catwoman and Emily Addison as our lovely damsel in distress. Catwoman is set on stealing Emily’s magnificent watch collection (wrist watch fetish). Catwoman lifts the watches right off Emily’s wrists and arms and then binders the damsel in rope while she gathers the remaining watches in the bedroom. Upon returning Catwoman carries the bag of loot and a vibrator she discovered under Emily’s bed. Catwoman treats Emily to a forced orgasm and finish it off with Emily bound in sexy black leather cuff and straps with a Hitachi vibrator harness to leave Emily cumming for hours while Catwoman makes her escape.

Clip Contains: Superheroine/supervillian cosplay, wrist watch fetish, rope hogtie, ballgag and struggle, forced orgasm with a Hitachi vibrator, leather strap and cuff bondage with Hitachi vibrator.

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17 Responses

  1. toshiki says:

    Would love to see some girl/girl lift and carry in your videos, especially when they involve ladies like Emily who are easily carried!

    • Kaizar says:

      Me too. Thats why I have mention & listed if you would ever hire any tall actresses and/or strong actresses.

      • Kaizar says:

        For example: Leigh Darby, Nicolette Shea, Ava Koxxx (tallest I know of at 6’3 height), Alison Tyler, Goddess Rapture (both tall & strong), Brandi Mae, Andrea Rosu, Kaligunz/Kali Gunz, Cory Chase, Charli Mckenna, Nikki Jackson, Megan Avalon, Duchess Dani and/or Dani Andrews

        • Christina Carter says:

          Oh my.. I’d love to hire Nicolette. I’m not sure if she is in a contract or not with any of the companies. Maybe Brazzers.

    • Christina Carter says:

      OOOO… some lift and carries are a great idea. It is definitely not as you think when two girls are even close to the same size. It’s not my favorite think to do if I’m not having a strong day.. but I do think it is extremely sexy!! We need really tiny girls to carry.

      • Kaizar says:

        When it comes to small height, I do believe Faye Reagan, Penny Pax and Dillon Harper are short actresses (less then 5 feet).

        Although, you do also have the option of muscular actresses to do lift carry as well, such as: Goddess Rapture, Brandi Mae, Andrea Rosu, Kaligunz (or is it “Kali Gunz”), Cory Chase, Charli Mckenna, Nikki Jackson, Megan Avalon, Samantha Kelly, Duchess Dani and/or Dani Andrews.

        • TheLecher says:

          Faye Reagan is no longer active in the industry. She’s been gone for several years, in fact.

          • Kaizar says:

            Too bad. It would have been cool to have a video were Darla Crane plays a villainess who fights with Wonder Woman and loses but then steals Wonder Woman’s (Christina Carter) youth from her sexually and then have Faye Reagan play the now young villainess with Deauxma playing the now aged Wonder Woman were now the villainess can kick Wonder Woman’s ass in a fight and does.

      • toshiki says:

        Basically I’d really love to see Emily in a bearhug lift and a cradle carry or two – doesn’t have to be you doing it! Would be very grateful!

        • Kaizar says:

          Could probably have Brandi Mae play a female Bane, and after she dominates Batgirl in both a brawl and sexually (Batgirl even tries everything in her utitlity belt but Bane is too strong), she then breaks Batgirl’s back making Batgirl unable to walk for the rest of her life, and then have Christina Carter as Wonder Woman come to save Batgirl right before Bane makes her; her sex slave, but is surprise to find out that they our both completely equal in super strength, and as the fight goes on Wonder Woman is edging a winning more & more because amazons are skilled, but then Bane uses Batgirl’s helpless/defenseless self to extort Wonder Woman to let Bane have a bunch of free shots at her, which continues to happen until Wonder Woman has taken more damge then Bane has, then Bane holds up her end of the deal and lets Batgirl’s head out of the headlock that Bane was gonna snap Batgirl’s neck if Wonder Woman didn’t comply, and now both Wonder Woman and Bane continue fighting, but Wonder Woman is more weakened/beat up then Bane now, so she is now fighting a losing battle against Bane, which Bane does all sorts of lift carry stuff as well, like choking Wonder Woman and lifting her while doing it, and bearhug(s) and lifting Wonder Woman’s body on top of herself and bending/breaking Wonder Woman and anything that you can think of for this pair of actresses brawling. And end with a scene were Bane wears a strap-on that has 2 dildos (one above the other) as to screw both Wonder Woman and Batgirl at the same time in their virjanas while having Wonder Woman on top of Batgirl tit to tit.

  2. Jeff says:

    This one looks a bit better than the last video I must say, I really have to get one day for sure!! Some incredible watches and some incredible outfits always ❤️

    • Christina Carter says:

      The last release was only part 1of the clip we did. The next is soon to come. Actually I think we are going to release the full clip instead. I have been getting a lot of messages saying some were holding off purchasing because they want to see it all. What are your thoughts? Are you more likely to hold of purchasing when you know it has two parts??


      • ODILE says:

        Hello Christina, to be honest, I’m gonna wait for the trailer of the second part (Batgirl, the accomplice) to purchase both. Of course, the 1st part seems to be great, but I would like to have an idea of what there is in the second part. Have a good day.

      • Selina says:

        Hi Christina. I love your Catwoman videos but I have held off from buying the first part as you and Emily were not in costume. If it was done in one part and you were in costume in the second half then of course I would buy it. This new clip looks great, as do you and Emily as always, and it looks like a must buy.

        Keep up the great work. I think you’re the best Catwoman out there just now.


      • Jeff says:

        HI ms Christina,
        For me, it really does not matter too much, if part one has the fetishes I like to see I would buy it whether I knew was going to come out in 2 parts or not. That last one I didnt really see the fetishes I like, so I was holding for part 2. I am not sure if that one will have what I am interested in seeing but I am very excited to see the trailer. I feel if the Batgirl costume will be used in that scene whether or not it has my favorite fetishes I will most likely buy it when I can.

  3. Kaizar says:

    You use to do videos for kink.com as Wonder Woman on a couple of their different websites. You could do Kink website tspussyhunters.com as Wonder Woman. I mean the budget would be 100% on them and you could attract some new costumers to purchase your back catalogue of Wonder Woman videos from your site & your clips4sale site once more people see there’s such a perfect Wonder Woman look-a-like in the fetish industry. This way you can do a girl-on-dick-girl video and it once cost you anything. You’ll get all the benefits with non of the risk. And would you also ever do kink’s ultimatesurrender.com as Wonder Woman as well?

    It would also be hot to see you do real sex wrestling against someone like Darling/Grappler (Dee Williams), with you starting off in a Wonder Woman costume she would have to strip you of throughout the matches, and she can probably wear a Supergirl costume.

    • Christina says:

      Hi Kaizar,
      I love your thoughts, but I would rather shoot these myself. Dee and I are very good friends so that part is easy. Either I can hire her and Matt so we can do more of a Kink style shoot, or do trade with them for a day. We have talked about doing trade, I think that might be a great idea. s far as the TS shoot< i do have a few friends that are TS, but we have not shot together. I'm not sure how my fan base would react to that. It's a question I am going to have to ask I guess. I know what tomorrows journal will be now. Thank you for taking the time to write.


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