Christina Carter’s “Batgirl: The Accomplice – Part 1”

Batgirl, The Accomplice Pt.1 stars Emily Addison as Barbara Gordan, a.k.a. Batgirl and Christina Carter as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman.

Selina comes by the Gordan mansion unannounced to find Barbara practicing yoga. The woman had met a Gotham socialite event previously. Selina convinces Barbara to share a bottle of wine she’d brought along. The wine loosens up the conversation and exposes Barbara’s girl crush on Selina. Selina uses the opportunity to glean information about Commissioner Gordan’s diamond stash from an intoxicated Barbara.

Clip Contains: Fondling, Kissing, drunk girl, yoga poses, clothing destruction, finger banging, breast and nipple play, groping.

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13 Responses

  1. JC says:

    One thing that I think you should consider for the future is to have Catwoman on the receiving end of some bondage ‘play.’ Maybe have the tables get turned on her in a later video :))

    • Kaizar says:

      It can begin with Batgirl turning the tables because of what Catwoman did to Robin, so she wants revenge and gets it……or so she thinks but at the very end after the whole entire table turnabout, a cop or whoever can come, but then it turns out it was all a set up to remove Batgirl’s belt and use it against with sexy results.

  2. Kaizar says:

    Would you ever film with Ava Koxxx ?

    She’s 6’3 (6 foot 3 inches) tall. She would make a great villainess.

    For instance Wonder Woman would over power the giant villainess because she is even stronger, as shown during a fight, but then during a test of strength, as Wonder Woman is overpowering her, she then kicks Wonder Woman in the crotch and discovers an exploit that she then takes advantage of; to defeat Wonder Woman in their on going fight, and then after defeat, she uses Wonder Woman’s lasso against the defeated heroine and ask what’s her greatest fear, and Wonder Woman reveals its to be taken sexual advantage of and being completely powerless to stop it. And then the tall villainess strap-on skull fuck her follow by tit fuck her follow by forcing Wonder Woman’s legs open and screwing her follow by anal fucking her while pulling on Wonder Woman’s hair, and then Wonder Woman is laying on the ground with the villainess shooting cum out of her strap-on onto Wonder Woman to disgrace her and Wonder Woman is crying/sobbing and then the villainess pulls her hair and says, now who’s my bitch and Wonder Woman cries “I am”.

  3. mike roberts says:

    a little disappointed after purchasing, not up to previous works and the plot and dialogue rally could have been better.
    As a fan of both im interested to see part 2 but i just hope theres more seduction and batgirl plays harder to get.

  4. mike roberts says:

    thank god some proper heroine content with the best pairing ever! I love christina as wonderwoman and as other heroines but when shes with Emily the chemistry is pefect for her to play the villainess. Thanks Christina big fan here from London

  5. Jeff says:

    I had seen some previews of this one from ms Carter’s twitter and have been really looking forward to it. By the looks of the previews, i have to say honestly, that I believe I would love part 2 a bit better but I will purchase both parts when they become available, when I can. Thank you both ms Carter and Emily ❤️ Phenomenal work as always

  6. Kaizar says:

    Why come images, links and videos of the Superheroine videos don’t show when viewing this site (heroinemovies) on mobile anymore?

    Is it just my experience. I can see them in the home page and page 2 etc., but as soon as I click on one of these for screenshots and videos and link to the Superheroine peril site, now of those things show anymore.

  7. Christina Carter says:


    I’m not sure if you have watched it yet or you are waiting for part 2 so you can watch it all together ? Either way, I hope you really enjoy it… and yes, I agree.. love having back!


    • Kaizar says:

      Love part 1 can’t wait for part 2, I hope Catwoman gets Batgirl right were she wants her, and milks her in a future video, whether thats a sequel or a completely different video. It would be nice to have some lactation videos, like Wonder Woman being drain of her powers via her breast milk be drank by who she thought was a victom of a villainess that she could heal quickly with her Amazonian breast milk, but then she continues to have her tits being suck of its milk and fast, and thats when she realizes its a trap, but the villainess is has a strong grip over her tit now, and with both hands while getting stronger & stronger; while Wonder Woman is getting drained becoming weaker and weaker, the villainess then thinks she’s drinked enough and starts fighting Wonder Woman but they are now dead even in strength, eventually in the fight, the villainess drinks some more of her tits and then they fight some more but now the villainess amis a little more stronger and it keeps going back & fort like that until the villainess becomes significantly more stronger, and overpowers and rapes Wonder Woman, and then bound Wonder Woman with her own lasso and fucks her some more but now ask during the screwing if Wonder Woman feels any good pleasures during the sex with strap-on and Wonder Woman tries to resist but tells the truth and says yes while she’s being fucked, and she ask the villainess to please fuck her some more. The villainess can be played by someone short like Dillon Harper or Faye Reagan (assuming these actresses are less then 5 foot 0 inches tall).
      If you don’t know how to do lactation scenes, Tanya Danielle has done them in her superheroine videos, I’m sure she probably tell you how she did such fictional scenes if you ask. Napali Videos also does fictional lactation in their porn videos.

      • Kaizar says:

        Also would like to know if “feeldoe” would ever be a sex toy to be use in any future videos?

  8. LBF522 says:

    Great to see Emily Addison again. This looks very good. Looking forward to Part 2 when Selina/Catwoman finds out that Barbara is Batgirl then the fun will really start.