UPDATED! The City of Heroines

The City of Heroines web site has been updated — check out more information below.

Videos for purchase include Super Brook and the Kryptonite Stone, Super Brook vs The Villain, and Black Cat.

Check out more info at City of Heroines

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  1. D.Pell says:

    I personally think you should change your name, I know “The Mayor” from Metro City Heroines and I think you should at least change your name.

  2. The Mayor. says:

    We wish to welcome everyone to our site at the city of heroines. We are not to be confused with any previous productions at Metrocity. There is no connection whatsoever. The main actress we have is Brook but we are going to be adding additional models to the site as the production develops and of course our consumer fan base grows. Thank you for everyone who has supported us so far.

  3. shevek says:

    Welcome back *again*, Mayor! 🙂 What are the names of the actresses? Brook..? and?

  4. The Mayor says:

    Hey everyone, Really sorry about the technical glitch we had. Everything ran perfectly in test production and then went south when we went live! All it needed was a click of the button. All good now.

    Thanks for your patience and we’re looking forward to more heroines and catfighting soon!

    The Mayor

  5. Burclee says:

    I just bought one of the videos and the download isn’t working properly. You get a 88.5 KB zip file which doesn’t do anything.

    Good start

    • Jumper Prime says:

      Zip is a compressed format. Your computer should have a program to open and extract the files from the archive. I know when I select a ZIP file on Windows 10 the extraction option is available with only a click or two. Have you attempted to open it and gotten garbage, or is it a different problem?

      • Burclee says:

        The problem isn’t extracting the file, the problem is that what is in the file once extracted, isn’t anything that is playable. It is only 88.5 KB in size, not enough to contain more than a second of video. There is no video there.

  6. shevek says:

    The Mayor is back! Pretty cool. What’s funny about these is that he’s stepped up big time in the intro titles and music dept, so he’s got bombastic theme music and sweeping views of a map of Africa, and then…wait for it… two women in half decent costumes fighting in someone’s apartment! lol. But that’s the style of the Mayor we’d be looking for anyway. Looking forward to seeing these..what are the names of the new actresses? And will we see the return of the likes of Savannah Costello and Addie Juniper, two mainstays of the SHIP genre?

    • Mr.Bleh says:

      Who was that one chick that played Princess Astria a few times? Not Addie Juniper, the other girl. Man, she was HOT!

      • Mr.Bleh says:

        Sorry, I meant Princess Amazon…and I was reminded, it was Kyla Knight. Wonder what happened to her. ‘net search comes up with zilch.

  7. Gil says:

    Glad to see he’s back. Was a big fan of the Mayor’s old website, which always featured videos that made up for their microscopic budgets with a real love of comic books and super heroines!

  8. ray says:

    please have a batgirl vs catwoman video

  9. Mr.Bleh says:

    Looks like “The Mayor” has been re-elected.

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