“The Clone Warrior” & “Private Piles” from Sensually Savage Productions

Sensually Savage Productions has released two new videos: The Clone Warrior and Private Piles.

The Clone Warrior

Agent Nyxon has been tasked with entering a training session featuring a house full of Anne-Marie’s clones, which she has to take out…one by one…in order to complete the game! Phase one features Nyxon’s trusty tranq darts, which she fires from her tranq weapon, always hitting her mark. Nyxon removes her catsuit, revealing sexy lingerie as she prepares. The sexy clones fall each time, taking several shots before slipping off into Dreamland. Nyxon delights in walking from room to room and taking each clone down. At one point she pushes the tip of her weapon into one of the clones’ open mouth, firing and smiling as the girl slumps to the ground!

Phase two is hand to hand combat, and Nyxon delivers in spades. She uses everything from cunt-busting, belly punches, kicks, neck snaps, slow hand chokes (with drooling), face punches, a reverse headlock choke/neck snap, cunt stomps, a single throat jab finisher, and a final blade attack…just for kicks!

A bonus round features a slightly more powerful clone getting the jump on Nyxon, but the trained agent reverses with a headbutt and a sleeper that weakens the clone. An extended FACESIT knockout puts the clone out, but Nyxon isn’t done. She ends it with a final twist of the neck that truly finishes the game, and reminds us just how lethal the beautiful Nyxon can be!

Included: multiple tranq shots, knockouts, face down ass up poses, lingerie, one-piece bathing suit, realise suits, sexy camera angles, belly punching, cunt busting, crotch attacks, cunt / crotch kicks, eye crossing, two handed choke, drooling, twitching, face punching, headlock choke / neck snap, throat jab finisher, blade thrust to neck, sleeper hold, light kissing, extended facesit knockout, and alternate takes.

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Private Piles

The incredible Anne Marie, Monroe, and Sumiko star as three lovely ladies in peril in this awesome clip! We open on all three of the girls and posed facedown, wearing shiny one piece Realise swimsuits and shiny pantyhose/tights. As they slowly come to, they realize they don’t know where they are or how they got there. In fact, all they can remember was being in a room as it filled with knockout Gas!

No sooner are the words spoken then the room begins to fill again, putting each of the girls back to dreamland! This scenario occurs multiple times, each time with the ladies slowly fading back to the Land of Nod and often inadvertently ending up posed atop one another (even resulting in some accidental knockouts!) A final attempt is made to get out of the room only to have the gas yet again fill the room and make one lady’s limp body fall atop the faces of her fellow captives as they weakly squirm to get her off before being smothered out themselves!

Featuring: multiple knockouts, eye rolling, one piece swimsuits, tights, tongue protrusion, face down/ass-up poses, sexy camera angles, reverse facesits, knock out gas, belly smother, body piles, belly splash, footed tights, and shiny one-piece suits.

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I like anne marie and her one piece swimsuits she wears. Her body is perfect.


The Clone Warrior looks great. Too bad I don’t like Anne Marie at all.


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