“Coercion 2” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. Gary says:

    Forced O while helpless and bound, excellent!

    Power Girl looks extremely sexy in her costume, and the verbal and physical interaction in the trailer is hot. Especially like Onyxia’s ending statement.

  2. anjali says:

    if amber grabbed her dress and nude gangbang ,it will may more excited

  3. Maxwell says:

    No debooting here… Ok, i respect that. Maybe im more interested in NGC videos or Blustone videos.

    • rover says:

      Always a token debooting post. I’ll never understand how videos can have hundreds of enjoyable elements but people fixate so hard on an obscure one.

      • Mooo says:

        Let me explain it to you: This is a fetish genre. Personally, I need stiletto heeled boots with pointy toe, low blows (pref. to an exposed pussy) and reactions of pain from them, and nudity to get really excited about a film. I do not get why anybody would want the boots to come off, since boots are hot and feet are not (but rather disgusting, actually), but hey, to each his or her own.

      • Maxwell says:

        ok sorry for give my opinion!!

    • Niko says:

      Totally agree. Hypnoticsworld style would be awesome.

  4. shfyd says:

    Got this one because I am a BIG Amber fan. But have some mixed feelings.

    Amber as usual played the perfect a heroine. And Belle was brilliant as the villainess. In fact Belle really puts on a stellar performance. She taunts Power Girl with such panache and her triumphant laughter…..sends shivers…..

    There was plenty of dialog and inner dialog, which I liked. Very little fighting. Power Girl is subdued very easily when threatened with the kryptonium blasters. She does try to seduce her captors without success.

    Power Girl does spend a lot of time in bondage, against a wall and on a rack. There is forced orgasm and a power drain which was quite engaging. Amber is the best at portraying peril.

    Would have liked to see more defiance and fighting and KOes.

    But still well worth the money to see Amber and Belle in tight costumes, Belle being an excellent villainess and Amber the best heroine in peril

  5. yolho says:

    I’d love to see Belle Fatale as a superheroine rather than a villain all the time

  6. Mid2018 says:

    Oh I love how you can faintly see her panties under the pantyhose…

    • JBC says:

      Not to be a buzzkill, but I’m pretty sure those are the tribal tatoos that she has on her hips showing through the pantyhose, not her panties

  7. jailbait says:

    i’d like to see “more” of amber. most of her recent stuff seems rather repetitive. and dont get me wrong… i think she’s gorgeous and talented but this looks like a superia or superior girl vid that she did not too long ago.

  8. Jeff says:

    I really loved the first one and I really want to see the second film!