“A Collector’s Story 24” from Sleeperkid

Sleeperkid has released A Collector’s Story 24. Check out more info below.

"A Collector's Story 24" from Sleeperkid

We fade in on the beautiful Wonder-Pandora, hog-tied and seemingly hypnotized. We hear The Collector’s voice instruct her to go to sleep, and she does so. A plan is in motion…and it starts to take shape once Pandora’s partner Wonder-Lia makes her way into The Collector’s lair. She unties her sidekick. Pandora seems confused, groggy…as they make a break for the door. We see Pandora suddenly smile as she traps Lia in a sleeper hold. The crimefighter struggles, confused…but the sleeper slowly renders her unconscious. The newly evil Pandora decides to have fun with her mentor, working her over with belly punches, knees to the abs, face punches, an uppercut, brutal floor punches, a brutal jaw punch KO, cape removal, a chokeout with her own Lasso of Truth (forcing her to describe her own torture as she succumbs), a reverse neckscissors KO, a brutal set of tazer attacks (with drool) to a KO, and a humiliating dog collar and chain walk around the room. She sits Wonder-Lia up, who apologizes for what she’s about to do. A confused Pandora suddenly feels Lia’s boot crash into her jaw, knocking her out instantly!

Wonder-Lia uses her lasso to find out about her partner’s brainwashing. The Collector designed it so her sanity could be returned with the aid of a violent beatdown, a task Wonder-Lia takes on with a large dose of regret. She punishes her smaller sidekick with a sleeper hold KO, a bearhug KO, belly blows, massive jabs to the face, a BRUTAL uppercut KO, a chloroform interrogation with the lasso of truth, and a final chloroform KO that FINALLY snaps her partner out of the trance.

But it’s too late. The room fills with sleeping gas as Wonder-Lia realizes that the whole point of Pandora’s kidnapping was to bring HER to the Collector’s lair! Both ladies succumb to the gas, eyes rolling as they fall into a body pile on the ground. The Collector’s laughter rings out as we slowly fade to black.

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  1. SGFan says:

    I got this one recently and thought it was a nice nod back to SKW’s more classical superheroine vids. Lia looks awesome as WW and does a great job selling her getting pounded and weakened.