“Colossus” from The Battle for Earth

The Battle for Earth presents Colossus, starring Layla Rylan, now available.

Contains: 1 on 1 male/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, multiple bear hugs, low blows, crawling, lots of lifts and throws, strip tease/lap dance, OTS carry

Synopsis: In civilian clothing, our heroine is out for a walk when she’s greeted by two losers looking to “show her a good time”. She quickly mops the floor with the two idiots only to find a much larger giant of a man who’s appearance scares both goons off. The giant very simply informs Widow he’s been designed to kill her and takes out a vile of green liquid. After he ingests it, an over-confident Widow starts dealing blows. To her surprise, they have zero effect, other than to amuse the giant. He doesn’t toy with her for long, and after a choke throw and a body slam, he lifts her up kicking and screaming and carries her off. She comes to later in his lair. After a fruitless search for an escape, he appears again behind her. He again wastes no time and commences physical domination. Widow holds as long as she can, but he’s brutally strong. Oddly, the more she resists, the more he’s amused. The amusement begins to turn to attraction. No one has ever held out this long and he’s intrigued. After dominating her physically and finding himself attracted to Widow, will he be able to carry out his orders to kill? Find out in Colossus!

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43 Responses

  1. Gudk says:

    Dislikers if really don’t want to see fucking torture peril scene then why are u there.. this is not good place for you.

    This site we do watch for Pornography entertainment.

    • Jacques says:

      This site is called Heroine Movies and not pornographic Heroine Movies. Many of us have varied interests. It is not a criticism of pornography. It is an art form, but there are other art forms as well.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      This seems like trolling more than criticism

      • Jacques says:

        I think that it is pretty obvious to me. Perhaps I should not have taken the bait. I wonder what Mr. HM will do about trolling in the future.

  2. Lover says:

    She must promote herself for R rated content. although she is good in PG too but still some changes and extra should be there. Like Amber Mcalester, she also never showed her body and fucking as like COCO do but still her videos have erotic taste. So Layla must too promote her.
    She is the best superheroine here and we want to see superheroine fucking…….

    and Dislikers of my word plz watch Daily Tv shows for PG content with family…

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      First of all, Layla doesn’t HAVE to do anything. She doesn’t even have to star in ANY super heroine content if she doesn’t want to. Secondly, not everyone wants or cares for ‘superheroine fucking’. Some of us (a lot of us?) like the PG content and are grateful for the few actresses like Layla who do PG stuff. When you look around, there’s an abundance of R rated videos and producers but to me it seems as though the PG crowd is slowly dying. And last of all, daily TV shows don’t come anywhere close to what is produced in the SHIP film universe.

      • Aldous says:

        This. A lot of us are here because of our love of content where our little fetishes (peril, etc) from pg content are explored more fully then we see on tv. I personally don’t need to see ‘superheroine fucking’ (though I don’t judge those that do) and actually enjoy Layla’s work without it going down that currently well worn road. She doesnt ‘must promote herself for r rated content’ at all. And as for ‘Gudk’ saying ‘this not good place for you’ if you don’t want to see ‘fucking’…balls to you. This is one of the only places for us pg crowd and a lot of us have been here from the begining.

    • jam says:

      People sure love to push that thumbs down button here, some folks are easily triggered. 😉

  3. Jacques says:

    I never purchased a video with Layla. The time has come to actually buy one.

  4. jam says:

    Layla is one of the hottest women who’s doing this kind of videos… but I’m not paying for PG stuff.

    Perhaps she should get paid more, that might encourage her to do more R-rated content.

  5. Bob says:

    Not sure why the hate for this. Layla has always been PG. She went a little above and beyond for Scorpia, but you shouldn’t expect that to be the norm.

    Personally I found the strip to be super sexy. She, as always, has killer facial expressions. Shit I’d pay for a video of her just dancing seductively. I think it’s good to have gals like her who don’t just go the distance every video. Let’s you fantasize and dream a little. No fun when the genie is out of the bottle. It adds to her allure.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      THANK YOU! Layla’s been PG13 ever since her first appearance in the genre. Scorpio was definitely above and beyond what she normally does but why expect that to be the norm going forward. Especially when you look at all the other stuff that she’s been in. Personally I love the fact that she’s a PG-13 actress. She’s arguable one of the best in the genre at selling peril and her facial expression when in peril is absolutely to die for. Honestly I wish many of the R rated girls acted as good as she does.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Why not both then? Have a few R videos as well as the current crop of PG.

    • Gudk says:

      Since users always have high expectations from producers.
      Because of her last one scorpia it’s normal that people expected more from her.
      But if she wants to continue as PG heroine there is no problem.

      After this one those who are expecting more will definitely limit their expectations.

    • Jacques says:

      You could not of said it any better. It’s awesome when someone sticks to their principles and is not goaded into doing something that they are not comfortable with, ie porno. There are some great porno actresses out there. Take Cheri Deville for example, she is a terrific actress who has acquired really good fighting skills. I once bought a 50 minute video where she showed off all her talents. Don’t get me wrong re porno, it is an art form but it is not for everyone.

  6. Gudk says:

    Want to see superheroines fucking.

  7. coolkd says:

    can we bring back kacey preston in that sexy wonder woman outfit from amazing nightmare

  8. Sugar says:

    We watch movies like this because we want some special which we can’t see in other movies of mainstream.
    But this movie is not of this kind…

    Mainstream Hollywood movies have more seductive scene than this one.

  9. Kevlar says:

    +1 for the love of heroines fighting in their civilian clothes, in their bra and panties and then in costume! It’s like a triple treat, especially with TBFE’s cast of actresses! More please!

  10. Lowblowlover says:

    Not the standard of TBFE ….. Layla was great like always but needs to add some more peril elements as other actress do.

    Movie came after long time and due to her works in scorpia and the understudy there was high expectations from her.

    Tbfe don’t waste her

  11. Kel says:

    As a sexual peril fan I think scorpia was much better than this one…
    But still she has magical expressions in her face…
    Movie which have fuking scenes are of different categories.
    Hoping Layla for that scene might be wrong.

  12. lovepantyhose says:

    lap dance seems to be a standard content in a fetish heroine movie today

  13. shfyd says:

    Am a Layla fan so bought this without hesitation and was not disappointed with her performance.

    There is a really nice part at the beginning where she is limbering up and then gets out of her clothes to reveal a really skimpy top and G-string, then walks into the shower. She then takes off her top and drops it to the floor (but we only see this from a floor camera angle, but it was erotic enough for me!)

    She then dresses in a t-shirt and jeans and goes out and clobbers two losers. But is captured by Colossus who takes her to his lair. In his lair she changes to costume and fights Colossus but is no match for him. She does inject him with some poison and then dominates him for a while with a really sexy neck scissors, but he recovers and continues to dominate her.

    She then surrenders, takes off her costume to reveal a cute pink bra and panties and gives him a very sexy lap dance (enjoyed this a lot). She tries again to poison Colossus and she thinks she has succeeded, but he recovers again. They fight, Widow in her cute bra and panties (this was erotic)

    Lots of low blows and bear hugs and manhandling of the heroine. Layla is an beautiful and sexy as ever.

    Good job TBFE.

    • Hellboy says:

      Dude @shyfd.
      There is only one massive low blow and even in dance that monster was still and have not touched her boobs. How it can be eroctic …
      It’s feel like family tv drama show.. only Layla is the reason to watch.

      • shfyd says:

        Maybe its just me….but I considered the over shoulder carries, back breaker with hands across her crotch as manhandling. And he did quite a bit of caressing during the lap dance.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      If I may ask, what is the premise of the lap dance? Is it to distract the villain in order to poison him? Or is she submitting because of her defeat at his hands? (I’m assuming the former option.)

  14. Chris says:

    Not really much for writing reviews, so ill just say this….
    I normally wait for the 40% off sales to buy videos, i bought this one straight away.
    Layla looked gorgeous in civilian clothes, she looked even better in that catsuit.
    Top drawer release

  15. hboss says:

    really hot. for me just gloves missing on her and some weapons in belts.

  16. 666 says:

    waiting for scorpia part 2.
    or marvelous part 2.
    i love to see sexy costume of heroines..
    but, this new colossus was great.
    i never bored to watch layla rylan as heroines
    tbfe is the best.!

  17. F L says:

    As a catsuit and bearhug fan this vídeo is perfect for me. The lingerie part seems to be a nice twist too

  18. 4ace says:

    I love this erotic touch to This film. Having Layla in civilian clothes is hotter than an outfit, makes her seem more innocent and vulnerable. That underwear scene has me feeling all kind of ways. Can’t wait to see the beat down her poor body is gonna receive in that lingerie. Anyone else feel same way?!

  19. Thevoice says:

    Great video. Layla is possibly my kryptonite. Bought this without a second thought. Awesome.

    • uhzoomzip says:

      How does it stack up to Scorpia? Both comments below seem to be reviewing the trailer rather than the video itself. Scorpia was just about the sexiest fucking video TBFE put out last year, and Layla’s sexy pout and gorgeous distressed sobbing were a huge reason why.

      • theVoice says:

        I’d say I prefer this one but they’re both great in their own right. I like how Colossus just keeps coming in this one. I like how he’s handsy when he’s lifting her up etc. if you prefer more of a story, I’d say Scorpia is better. but if you want a one sided squash thats got about 5 costume changes and a lap dance thrown in to boot. I’d say this is a solid purchase.

    • woopsydoods says:

      Yo dude, how did u prefund your account?

  20. Valour says:

    I still think Amber McAlester would suit the role Widow very well. Dye her hair red and she would look like Widow. I couldn’t get more of Stella’s version but that one too needs more sexual and explicit contents in it. Well, if Amber could do a Widow role getting her ass kicked and then ruthlessly fucked, maybe it would be an instant buy for me…

  21. Lover says:

    A big disappointment with this Layla’s Video, had a lot of expectation due to her last movie Scorpia, and came after a long time but feels like that this movie is little bit short of what expectation generated due to her last movie, where she has shown some nudity and explict content. But this movie’s trailer has nothing that cause me to buy it. its better to watch again her previous movie “Scorpia” . She is gorgeous superheroine to watch but need some sexual assault on movie like others do. Her movies except last one only ignite feeling but till end do bore because of easy ending …….. Hope she will come as more sexual content in future videos before she lost her beautiful figure that she possess.. Thanks for entertaining us…. and plz dont make us to wait long for more videos