“Comet Girl v Wonderstrike” from NGC Championship

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  1. Bobster says:

    This is maybe the wrong place to post this but I’m not sure how the chats work in her yet and I just posted this in another movie thread that was a squash match but I’m not sure if it will get seen since it’d a older movie, but could we get the Heel/Villains to start doing some fake/false pins during squash matches where they break the pin count before reaching ten in order to dish out more punishment and say something like “I’m not done with you yet” or “you’re not getting out of it this easy” and laugh? I think many people who are fans of this type of match will like that and it really adds to the humiliation of the jobber/heroine.

  2. Exodus77 says:

    NGC’s content keeps getting better and better! Love the actresses and fight scenes and camera angles. Sad to see that the PG videos are harder to come by especially with thesuperheroines.com closing this month (again, but they swear it’s for real this time). At least they have good sales whenever they do this! I only follow a few producers. Would love to see more acrobatics. NGC is one of my favorite producers. I’ve been a fan for years and rewatched a few of the first few clips I got from them. I still enjoy them! Would love to see an evil alter ego type come into play especially to see some of these good girls be the seductresses!! Keep em coming! Maybe some more 2 piece costumes too!

  3. Dr Mabuse says:

    First, an announcement. In addition to this week’s video and the members’ gift, the email list got the opportunity to buy a new photoset featuring Miss Freedom dressed as Supergirl. It’s a great photoset for the price, with a fantastic costume and an excellent showcase for Miss F’s considerable charm. It’s labeled “part 1” and I can’t wait for part 2.

    On to the video! I really loved it. It’s first rate in terms of what NGCC videos typically deliver and the leads are both spectacular. Although it took awhile for me to take a shine to Wonderstrike in the main continuity, she’s always come off well in the Championship, and Comet Girl has been a favorite of mine since her debut.

    As I expected, Comet Girl is an absolute delight. She’s known as a speedster, but she should also have “super adorable” listed among her powers. She’s still new-ish to this series, and I really hope she continues appearing in it. Still, Wonderstrike has a really interesting arc in the Championship storyline. Hear me out…

    Whatever you think of Wonderstrike’s winning streak, it’s become an important part of the NGCC ongoing story. KO Queen had a similarly impressive run, but that was mainly because she was a villainess facing heroines everyone wanted to see on the canvas. Wonderstrike has also benefited from heroic opponents that voters wanted to lose, but over time her string of victories has become something of a success story/rallying cry, so it seems. It’s also changed how I perceive her over the course of time.

    Wonderstrike’s first appearance (against Lucy Zillion) depicts her as a confident, fresh-faced, golden-haired go-getter, humbled a bit by getting pinned in her first minute in the ring. She comes out ahead, though and she’s next forced to fight her friend Starshot, garnering a bit of sympathy when at first they both refuse. However, WS is less conflicted in her win ending than SS is in hers, revealing a difference between the two.

    WS’s next win against Lady Victory is the crucial one that results in LV’s demotion to jobber, and WS seems not at all remorseful about it. Her attitude is prideful and mercenary, as if she lived for these fights. Her next bout against Spectrum is pretty much a heel turn, as she violates the agreement not to use her powers in order to win the match. By the time she faces Red Glory, WS enters the ring as the undefeated favorite, and although she initially refuses to fight her “best friend” RG, she puts an absolutely ruthless beatdown on her after being “turned evil” by the MC (who claims her personality twist merely surfaced a subconscious desire). WS even says she “likes” her villainous transformation. I liked it too.

    In short, I feel like WS has gone from being another captive good girl in the grip of the Championship sponsors to a sort-of villain, or at least a heroine with “mean girl” tendencies. She’s kinda like the Taylor Swift of the Championship, relatable and sympathetic at first, but increasingly fitting the mold of a powerful force with a will of her own, capable of selfish or even cruel turns. She even says “look what you made me do” after seeing Red Glory crumpled in the corner from the beating she gave her.

    Where does this story go in the new video? Well, it depends on the ending. I’m not going to spoil it, but each one represents a new twist on WS’s evolution into the Queen Bee of the Championship.

    I feel bad that such a long post says so little about this weeks’ video itself, but as Championship matches go this one is on the longer side and gets right to the action. Both heroines get lots of punishment, and the girls are both at their best in acting terms. Seriously, this is one of the best Championship vids on purely technical qualities in awhile.

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      Interesting thoughts Dr. What struck me watching this was that in the early Championship bouts the heroines were unwilling combatants (especially Bluebird vs Athena) but in this fight both characters seemed to enjoy the battle and they both put some vicious moves on each other.
      I wonder if these characters are a not quite what they seem…

      The members gift was superb! I especially liked the blooper at the end!

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        Yeah, Rob_Hinx, I remember heroines pushing back more on their new captivity and being forced to engage in these contests when the series started, but over time that subsided. They still occasionally complain about living conditions, but the heroines don’t defy their Unseen Masters anymore.

        I’ve mentioned this before, but I was disappointed at first that the Championshp series didn’t have more about how the heroines try to resist, how the UMs control them, etc. Really, I wanted it to be more like the Fail-Safe Sisters, but it’s not intended to be the same, so I got over it. In fact, my thinking has evolved in a similar direction to what you write here. The Championship has shown us that a lot of heroines are really motivated by winning, being the best, and not so much the ideals they’re fighting for. That’s what I was getting act specifically about Wonderstrike above.

        Unless, you’re saying that maybe these characters aren’t the same heroines we see in other NGC productions. That’s intriguing…

        • Rob_Hinx says:

          Well it is intriguing that Comet Girl ‘came back from the dead’ just recently….
          But that’s just me with my fan-boy head on really.

          It is interesting that,as you say, a lot of the heroines want to be the best and that reminds me of the early NGC training room videos where the heroines competed against each other (which, as Bluebird says in ‘Enter Bluebird’ stopped them from forming alliances with each other).

  4. Ultra says:

    I’m not even done watching the thing yet, but I just had to pop in here to praise it. I dunno if NGC has multiple directors, but it feels this time he got everything right as the both girls have turned their acting chops up to max. The choreography feels real and there’s weight behind most of the moves. Most importantly, the actresses make it feel like the entire fight is actually one entire fight. What I mean is that sometimes the actresses look like they are just acting out one move and then another move, with no real connection to the several punches they just took a second ago.

    The flow and energy keep going through the whole fight, and the “special rules” of this fight really help to make things feel rapid. However NGC is trying to make their movies, keep using this formula!

  5. Dr Mabuse says:

    Both heroines look great in these preview materials, and the alternating powers spin is a cool way to mix things up. Inventive twists like that keep these matches interesting.

    I have a guess as to who’s going to win, based more on how the vote will go than on which heroine is tougher. In terms of ability, you’d think Comet Girl wouldn’t have a chance. With Wonderstrike’s blast, all she needs is one moment with her powers against a defenseless CG and it’s over. At first glance, pitting the 5-0 board leader against a 0-2 fighter with a big gap between her first and second bouts seems like a setup.

    Look a little deeper, though, and Wonderstrike’s 5-0 record doesn’t look so intimidating. The only person she’s faced who currently has a winning record is Red Glory. Lucy Zillion is the only other heroine she’s fought who’s won even one match. WS has more victories herself than all of her opponents so far combined. She may have the best record in the championship, but it’s not like she’s gone through a murderer’s row of opponents to get it.

    So, my bottom line is… go Comet Girl! You can do it!

  6. mid2018 says:

    Let Wonderstrike lose and get her debooted! I loved her feet in A Game Of Two Halves!

  7. Yop says:

    Holy moly

  8. Mike3 says:

    Loving this matchup! Both became instant favorites of mine just from their last videos alone. I’d like Wonderstrike to remain undefeated only because I love the idea of (i.e.) her being such a powerhouse in NGC championship, and then losing so badly to Alaric in the main storyline. It gives that feel of the heroines sending in their best, only for her to end up getting decimated which sends the heroines into further despair.

    But whatever the result, this will be another must buy for me!

  9. kevin says:

    Comet Girl looks stunning, wow. Looks like she got some sun!

  10. Jeff says:

    I really love the match up between CG and WS AND the members gift! I really enjoyed that film but it always seemed to escape me to save it the way I save films I purchase nowadays from sites like C4S if no one minds me saying so. I just don’t know why I didn’t realize to do that :-/ anyhow it was definitely a good win or lose ending for B.B. I think! Thank you NGC for this awesome team of videos for the weekend, I will most definitely see if I can buy them!!!