“Curvaceous Crusaders: Amazon Hot Foot” from Max Frost

Max Frost productions presents Curvaceous Crusaders: Amazon Hot Foot, starring Hollywood and Francesca Le.

Part 1

Having driven the Black Widow into hiding, Wonder Womyn, played by the glamorous Hollywood, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sizzling Francesca Le, are back on the case and set out to bring in her top henchman and his new crew. They encounter the felons in their new lair and proceed to open a can of super-heroine whoop-ass on the inept imbeciles, knocking them across the room and forcing them to run for their lives. The confident crime-busters take off in leisurely pursuit. What lies ahead for our glamorous duo? Let’s find out!

Part 2

Tracking the fleeing felons to another location, the sexy super-heroines search for the hidden hoodlums, only to be caught off guard by one of the devious dastards and find themselves trapped in a sealed room. Over an intercom the top henchman proceeds to taunt the heroines and calls on them to surrender or be at the receiving end of the ultimate hot foot, explaining that they are locked in a specially-designed heated floor chamber with no way out. Of course our heroines steadfastly refuse to surrender. As the floor heats up the booted babes hop to it. Will our maidens of might escape this chamber of horrors? Or will their feet and delectable legs be baked to delicate perfection? Stay tuned and see!

Part 3

Once again our heroines utilize their super-heroine skills and resourcefulness to escape their predicament and attempt to bring the felonious fiends to justice. They burst in on the group and quickly dispatch the bumbling buffoons and drive the top henchman into the corner, standing over him and demanding he surrender. However he turns the tables on the over-confident heroines, blinding them with an electro-magnetic flashlight. Temporarily incapacitated, the dynamic duo is quickly captured by the heinous hoodlums and taken away in a net. The heroic pair is then strung up by their wrists, with two pistols attached to a timer and aimed at their hearts while they struggle and squirm helplessly in their bonds. Will our heroines manage to escape this dastardly fate? Or will they finally meet their maker at the business end of this fiendish firing squad? Only one way to find out!

This video is for those who love super heroines in peril and fans of the 1960’s Batman TV series. The video features free moving camera work with multiple fight scenes as well as plenty of bondage and struggling, as more than once the overconfident heroines gain the upper hand only to have the tables turned and find themselves in one peril or deathtrap after another. Other fetish elements include rope bondage, panty hose, bare legs, high-heeled boots, super heroines rendered helpless and then carried off.

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6 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Sweet site!!! Right up my alley!!
    Looking forward to delving deeper into this site and videos!!

  2. Allen says:

    The Crusaders are the best. This is great fun.

  3. Maxfrost says:

    Hey there C13,

    Thanx for the suggestion. I have actually gotten other requests for this type of peril as well. I plan on working this element into the next movie. Keep the ideas coming!

    • C13 says:

      Love it! Just my 2 cents, you gotta include some mind controlled dialogue. Hollywood does a great monotone, brainwashed voice!

      Looking forward to buying it!

  4. C13 says:

    I’d love to see Max Frost do one of these movies with a hypno-styled peril. He has a great touch for that old fashioned superhero vibe and I could see Hollywood and Francesca making great mind-controlled heroines mindlessly fighting each other, working for the villain or obediently walking towards their own doom.

  5. Jeff says:

    Lovely! Glad to see these two ladies back