“Curvaceous Crusaders – High Voltage” from Max Frost

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5 years ago

I am a huge fan of these “Batman” style super heroine videos and I admire the efforts by Max Frost. The campy stories with the appropriate amount of self righteous dialogue blended with the “spot on” action (fights, captures, bondage, escapes) is well done. Moreover, Francesca and Hollywood are perfect choices for these super heroines. IN all honesty, my only complaints are: First, TIGHTEN the bondage a bit-I am not asking for pro rigging but I think most TV shows have better and more realistic bondage than these movies. Second, can we please find a gag and the occasional blindfold?… Read more »

Jeff avatar
6 years ago

I would’ve said there was about one thing missing and now from the preview photos I think I see it now! Thank you very much!