“Dark Vixen” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. Jack Puncher says:

    I have just had the opportunity to pick this one up and liked it. The confident and arrogant heroine finding herself in over her head as she is double teamed and worn down. The voodoo doll gives her no chance as it inflicts distress on our heroine severely compromising her ability to attack and defend against the muscle man.

    As a low blow fan I loved it that the evil doers concentrated on Dark Vixens poor pussy both with physical blows and suffering inflicted with the voodoo doll. Then at the end the large dildo being driven into the suffering Dark Vixen with a hammer!!!!

    More over confident and arrogant heroines need this kind of treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very well done to Ashley Lane for selling her suffering and distress so well. Congratulations to the evil doers who provided Ashley the action to play off. And thank you to who ever sponsored this custom. Hope you have more ideas in the same vane and the resource to make them happen.

    • Streetguy says:

      Agreed, absolutely loved this one.
      Speaking of low blows, do you know any other movies that have a lot of lowblows or some other standout movies in that particular fetish?
      I am trying to make a list of sorts..

      • Jack Puncher says:

        Hi Streetguy. If you have not yet checked it out the post of “Updated New Compilation Videos From Alex Bettinger” which currently appears on the next page here on Heroine Movies may be worth a look. Alex has produced a number of compilations of the best bits from films on his various sites. He has a number of Low Blow compilations and whether the heroine be a Face Wrestler, a Daring Adventuress with fighting skills or a Super Powered Vigilante battling for truth and justice their pussies take some really intense punishment. Good thing the heroines have the endurance and fortitude to last thru the battle and delay their eventual defeat for our viewing pleasure.

        And another good thing is you will see Alex provides a contact address and is often willing to do discounts on both single or multiple purchases. I have always found, allowing for different time zones, he responds by return to e-mail contact.

  2. sh_Mike says:

    Hot outfit. Great peril acting and reactions. Loved the dildo hammering. Just missed na ass fuck when she was down. The only thing i don’t like is when she agrees to strip. IMO it must be forced against the heroine will. But it was totally worth. I do recomend it.

  3. Chris says:

    I like the look of this one. Ashley is an absolute specimen of a woman and i love her porcelain skin. The outfit looks pretty sexy too.

  4. HeroineCrusher says:

    The 19th Image , the at the very buttom Left where she’s wearing that Black shortsleeve outfit , do you see that ? now from that exact angle , as she’s walking forward and camera moving with her , imagine someone showing up , wrapping HIS arms around her with her arms locked in and pinned to her own body in that outfit , and Squeeze her into KO , a bearhug like that, and I’m already having an explosive orgasm thinking about it , as HE squeezes her , her shirt goes upper and shows more of her stomach as the squeeze causes the cloth to be shorter from the bottom as her arms are being pressed tightly into her own body , and a pressure wave on her Arm skin shows the pressure level at which her body is being touched and squished , that , that kind of shit is what I think every time I see a shot like that , but I know it’s not happening in the video , I still probably buy it if it has other bearhugs tho but if you guys actually do that , some people just die for that kind of stuff , it’s not gonna make the video sell a million more copies but it certainly IS gonna increase the copies bought , some people just watch these videos for an opportunity to find those.

  5. Krishnam Jhunjhunwala says:

    Is there a backbreaker in this video???

  6. 民意 says:


  7. shfyd says:

    Liked Ashley in Ninja Girl so went ahead and bought this and was not disappointed.

    Ashley is brilliant. She has this beautiful girl next door look, but can really turn it on during the fights. She dishes it out and takes the pain equally well. When she is overcome by the voodoo doll, she turns in a very good heroine in peril performance. There is a nice stripping scene after which the villains take it out on her pussy/power centre. Have to say, Ashley has a very nice tight figure.

    The villains finish her off with a dildo penetration….nothing explicit, just simulation, but enough to excite.

    Enjoyed this very much, and once again have to say, Ashley ROCKS.

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      I was disappointed. But nobody’s fault. Just wasn’t for me. Your review is great though and sums it up perfect!

  8. Mid2018 says:

    Damn I love these long skinny boots

  9. Dragon1 says:


  10. wjj says:

    ashley lane never makes me down. especially the ninja girl, that is great. hope to see more

  11. yop says:

    Love Ashley but looks a bit violent for my tastes