“Dazed and Kickass” from Kick Ass Kandy

Kick Ass Kandy has released a new video called Dazed and Kickass. Check out more information below.

LADY JADE, THE WORLD’S MOST ELEGANT SPY, TEAMS UP WITH THE GYMNASTIC BLACKBELT ERICA FOR TOTAL KICKASS ACTION. After interviewing Erica about the exploits of a world class kickass queen Jade dreams of kicking ass for herself and, after seeing the look in her eye, Erica makes her dream come true. The flexible and powerful Erica shows off to her new protege by brutally demolishing a bunch of bad guys, using her extraordinary high kicking and lethal karate.

Jade can’t wait and steps into the action and, of course, is a natural. The most elegant, graceful, lady spy on the planet kicks, punches and karate chops her men into submission. Wearing a little dress and heels and then her kandygirl uniform of boots and corset she has a constant smile on her face as she unleashes her cute but deadly skills.


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3 Responses

  1. SHBeater says:

    Would love to see her on the end of a beating in that dress and heels.