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Egon Spengler
Egon Spengler

Are there any Low Blows for the lady or cuntbusting???

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This looks really hot; Lauras a sexy lady and fighting and losing in those boots, OMG!

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Just purchased this one. Needless to say I liked this one. Love it the way how the heroine ( if she is that is ) loses. Non-stop beatdown. I really like the assorted positions that she’s shown, camel clutch, backbreaker and punched at the same time. Really considering ordering a custom from them. Wonder if they do slow motions actions as well as voiceovers. There’s closeups action in this one, but a little too short in my opinion.

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I’ve been seeing a lot more customs with Lora on the site, which is great. Glad people are seeing how great she is. Even better is their customs are very affordable, with a super quick turn around time. Highly recommended.

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I ordered this custom, they did a fantastic job, included all the moves I wanted and added some more, great job all round! Highly recommend customs with these guys!


This looks beautiful. Are the Paypal issues resolved so US customers can buy it?

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Yeah! they got to resolve the PayPal issues, all is working OK.

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I’m not a big fan of mixed fighting gals vs. guys when the female gets hurt, but I loved this video, Lora is an excellent actress, so I sent her a script for my custom video and will include some peril scenes but Lora will win.

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Let us know when its released