“Deceptress v Spectrum” from NGC Championship

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This FRIDAY at NGC Championship we’ve got a true battle for heroine supremacy… in boxing gloves! Deceptress v Spectrum – And you can vote for who you want to win right now. Just visit the site now and cast your vote at the bottom of the main page!

Deceptress v Spectrum

Two of NGC’s most powerful superheroines square off in the ring but this battle shall be conducted under Marquess of Queensbury rules… sort of. The two heroines batter each other from ropes to post in this knockout of a video!



Early Bird Gift: Virtue v Qaran Casus – UNSEEN

This week we hark back to one of the earliest and so far only intergender Championship battles between Virtue and Qaran Casus. We’ve got 2 and a half minutes of unseen action as Virtue goes up against the giant man over a foot taller than she. It doesn’t go so well. This gift will be deleted 48 hours after the release of Deceptress v Spectrum.

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27 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is NGC affiliated with the Progress wrestling organization? Have NGC actors/actresses been in the ring?

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    So this is probably my second or third favorite championship match to date. A lot of that probably has to do with Spectrum and my own biases and believing that she’s the greatest thing ever to grace NGC.

    Before I give a review though I’ll just like to say that all of you who voted for the winner: you suck! I’m not quite sure you understand the gravity of your decision here and what it possible means for the loser going forward.

    You. Guys. SUCK!

    Secondly. Disclaimer: Spectrum is my favorite heroine/actress. Erica is probably my second favorite so again biases may be at play here.

    So first the action: It’s a boxing match so it’s all hand to hand with the exception of a head-but and shoulder thrusts, but going into it I thought it was going to be gimmicky. This is also a heroine v heroine match and I don’t tend to like those as much as heroine v villain. Therefore, I came into this one with a healthy degree of skepticism. So how did this one fare? Pretty darn spectacular I’ll say. Both girls really brought their A game when it comes to delivering blows. The fight chorography was good. Nothing ground breaking here and it’s not overly complicated but the action flows nicely and allows for some great reactions and moments that I found enjoyable. You’ve got face punches, stomach punches, hook punches. And knockouts. Boy are there are a ton of knockouts. Well ton is an exaggeration but each girl suffers several knockouts throughout the course of the match and look exquisite being laid out on the mat.

    Spectrum: Honestly going into this video I had some doubts about her ‘selling’ ability. I saw the preview pictures as well as the preview video and I sort of cringed when it “appeared” how over the top Spectrum’s reactions were. Then I watched the video and I thought “oh my god. Spectrum is an amazing seller!” The sounds, the facial reaction, the body language were just wonderful. The way she sold being bounced off the turnbuckle or punched was awesome as well. Plus there’s the disoriented/dizzy look she has throughout various stages of the match which were good as well. And again, it’s not just her selling ability. Her acting ability is top notch as well. The way she knocks the gloves together, gloats and prances around the ring thinking she got the better of Erica was really good. Also, she’s gorgeous.

    My favorite part though was the Spectrum lose ending. To see Spectrum, who was gloating after thinking she got Erica down for the count, get attacked from behind, be completely at the mercy of Erica, head slammed into the turnbuckle, uppercut punched repeatedly in the corner, sent to the middle of the ring dizzy and then Erica delivers a superman punch that knocks out the Lightsider is about as great as it gets. And then Erica resting her foot on a defeated Spectrum, mocking her: AMAZING. And then after Erica leaves the ring Spectrum tries to get up off the matt but collapses back down. Yeah that was too much.

    Here’s the thing though. I love practically all things Spectrum. I’m biased. Probably extremely so though I’d like to think I can provide some measure of objectivity. This was a great championship match in my mind and is one of the best. The fighting was really great. Not “Déjà vu part 2” level great but still really good. The pacing is just right so that there’s a chance for both girls to get their moment in the sun and Spectrum took that moment and sprinted away with it. If you are a fan of Spectrum like I am and you like hand to hand combat (albeit with boxing gloves) there’s literally no excuse not to get this video. None.

    And again, you guys who voted for the winner suck!

  3. Darkwrath016 says:

    So without revealing who actually won, care to share what the final vote score was NGC?

  4. Art says:

    Great there’s a sale on TBFE and we got this coming out too. Guess I’ll buy both….

  5. F L says:

    I’m so torn with this one. Erica is probably my favourite NGC heroine but the boxing fetish is nowhere near my alley. But i also would love to see the extra content of Virtue packed with this release
    Would it be possible in the future to be able to pay a little fee for the outakes if we have no interest in the particular release that includes them or it would be too much of a hassle?
    I might still get this one tough, the extra content and the presence of erica and spectrum might be too much too miss

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      No I’d never do that. The point of the member gifts is to secure early sales of new products so that I can go on making films. I hope you buy anyway and I think you’ll enjoy it. In general my products are among the most affordable in the genre, so I’m doing as much as I can.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        At the risk of bringing the ‘Price Wars’ to this post, that affordability bit is a huge part of why I buy virtually all NGC products. Not everything that I’ve brought I liked but because on average they’re between $10-16$ I’ve never really regretted buying. So I’m out lunch money a sometime next week. No big deal really. Worth the risk. And usually there’s at least one thing in it that I like whether it be a particular sequence, just seeing the actresses, the story or even the brief moments of levity.

        • dbud says:

          Agree with DW016. I don’t buy every NGC video that comes but try to buy them regularly. Obviously I have my favorite actresses and set ups as well but there is a bit of supporting the producer in it too. If you like a particular producer we need to regularly buy vids to make it worth their time to keep making them, even if that means buying a few here and there that aren’t 100% what you’d want.

          If a producer sees a 50% drop when he tries something new and doesn’t use the tried and proven actresses or plots then it just encourages them to experiment less and go with the known and proven sales leaders. Then all the customers complain everything is the same and they don’t try new things. If you want the good stuff then you sometimes have to wade through stuff your not as into to otherwise you can end up with nothing.

          • Dr Mabuse says:

            I also agree with Darkwrath. I get virtually everything NGC produces for just the reason he gives, which is that even if the scenario or actresses or whatever don’t immediately appeal to me, there’s almost always something in every video that I like enough to justify the buy, given the prices. Naturally, everyone’s tastes and price sensitivities are different, but NGC make a high-quality product and keep things interesting, so there’s a good chance that something in a video will be appealing even if it’s not in the previews.
            Also, like dbud, it’s worth it to me to encourage producers to mix things up.

          • F L says:

            Oh, i’m an avid NGC colector, at this point i can assume i own between 70%-80% of all their releases (a 60 GB folder on my PC and growing ^^) and much of that is a result of both accesible prices and matching my tastes, i can’t complain in those areas, maybe i sounded too negative about this boxing release.
            Sadly my country can be a little bit picky on how much foreign currency you can spend, specially until recently, so i have to be way more picky than what i would like. Some other producers who charge $35-$40 per video are just out of the ecuation for me on most months.
            Finally i can’t argue against the logic of having the extra content there to secure more sales and tempt buyers, that’s the point of its existence!!

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      The boxing thing isn’t for me either, but a previous match had a boxing portion (Red Glory v Lucy Zillion) and it didn’t put me off as much as I feared. From the trailer above, it looks like both actresses are game, and they’re absolute knockouts (*zing!*), so it’s hard to go wrong.

  6. dbud says:

    Hey NGC, why don’t we see Bluebird in these championship fight type videos more? Just curious. While Deceptress is my (and it seems like most) fav, BB is a very close second.

  7. C13 says:

    For those of us who don’t always want to see heroines lose against a villain in the rink, these heroine v heroine battles are super satisfying. The outcome is much less predictable and it’s fun seeing a different kind of chemistry between the girls.

  8. Shaun says:

    I want Spectrum to lose, somewhat like this:
    [slow motion punch to the face, spitting out blood, or perhaps water (lol)]

    • shmarbles says:

      spitting out water or a bit of drool would be cool im hoping deceptress gets beast down but hope its a back and forth match for a bit

  9. Tim Caine says:

    I’m hoping that half way through this battle The Dominator and/or Miss Suppression run in and beat the bejesus out of both of them.

    Since that’s probably not the outcome, I’m voting for Spectrum to win.

  10. shmarbles says:

    I really hope deceptress loses as well as takes some good shots to her crotch!

  11. Kirtastic says:

    How much do I gotta throw down to see a debooting happen again? lol

  12. Darkwrath016 says:

    The return of my favorite heroine, Spectrum! And also the return of Erica, arguable my second favorite heroine. Love these two girls. That said, I’m hoping that Spectrum wins this one and manages to secure at least one victory in the championship.

    **whispers quietly to everyone**: “please vote for Spectrum to win”

  13. Next Global Crisis says:

    Voting for this one is very close, make sure you cast yours if you haven’t already! In other news, as it was our week off, we’ve just put this on general release: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/2018/02/lady-victory-photo-release/

  14. Maar13 says:

    Awesome! Welcome back Spectrum! And Yes!!! More Deceptress everyday!!

  15. Mr.Bleh says:

    I see these two as fairly “equal” adversaries, so this ought to be fantastic!.
    I’m sure “Mr.NGC” has probably read this a few times already, but I think there should be a match between Dominator and Red Glory, where Dom basically uses Glory as a “plaything” and garners her 5h victory.
    This then sets up a 3-way BATTLE ROYALE between Dominator, Wonderstrike and The KO Queen, but here’s the twist….3 different endings with each fighter winning in each of the endings!
    Which one is the “canon” ending?……..which indeed!…….

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