“Dumb Luck” from TheRyeFilms

Aubrey Sinclair stars in Dumb Luck, a RyeFilms.com custom order.

Dumb Luck (TheRyeFilms.com Custom Order)

18 year old Kara Lee goes undercover to infiltrate Kristoph’s Superheroine trafficking ring. She attempts to get to close to him by initiating a role play but as things progress Kara’s worst nightmare comes true. Kristoph getting into the moment pulls out as massive chunk of Green K and Kara’s knees almost buckle. She tries to end the encounter but the more she resists the more Kristoph gets into the role play!

The young heroine is stripped to her bra and panties and sexually taken for her first time. Kara wakes up and tells Kristoph he made a big mistake just before grabbing her belongings and storming off. Kristoph is thrilled by what believes was one of the best role plays he has ever experienced.

Ready for payback, Superior Girl busts through the celling and proves why she is second to none. Kristoph is enthralled with her raw power but keeps his mind clear enough to turn the tables by attacking her most vulnerable and sensitive area! Superior Girl is weakened just enough to be overpowered by Kristoph’s Cyborg so his sexual attacks can continue. Superior Girl uses all her remaining strength to break free but while she deals with the Cyborg, Kristoph slams her over and over with a sledge hammer that takes down the young heroine in her weakened state.

Superior Girl no longer has the strength to cause any meaningful damage and accidentally tips off her foe that his new favorite customer was her! Kristoph wastes no time and forces Superior Girl to orgasm and ends their encounter with flurries of punches to her stomach and face sending SuperiorGirl to slumberville…

Includes Groping, belly punching, low blows, forced orgasms, simulated sex, KO’s, slaps, Secret identity peril, choking and more!

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26 Responses

  1. Sugarcoater says:

    Rye, any way to let us know if there will be more of this model as SG in the future?
    And by the way, love the missing miniskirt look. Much nicer to see more of the heroine.

  2. Gary says:

    This is one to get.

    Hot model, she looks delicious in that costume. There definitely needs to be some in costume, AOH forced orgasms and simulated sex with Aubrey, ASAP.

    Rye: Is Aubrey Sinclair still available for custom movies.

  3. Señor Descartes says:

    Would totally pick this up if there were more sexual peril while she was in costume :/

  4. Wrecker says:

    I;m typically more into physical peril than sexual peril, but I picked this video up on a whim based sole on how gorgeous the actress is and I was not disappointed. She gives an amazing performance with great reactions to everything. The sexual peril is really hot and done in a rather creative way and what physical peril there is is absolutely great. I’m really hoping to see a lot more from this actress in different situations. Great job all around.

  5. Brad777 says:

    Wow, totally hot peril elements! The actress is gorgeous performing some hot choreography fight action. She looks so fantastic in costume . Excellent acting by all. I hope see more hot Superior Girl movies with this brilliant actress. Fabulous Work Rye!

  6. Jaghtastic says:

    Id like to say ive been loving the recent videos especially the debootings i’ve seen. I know it’s not that big with y’all but it’s so nice to see from you guys. If any chance that happens more often i’d be purchasing a lot more especially from this actress.

  7. Agent 47 says:

    Are there ever any sales on these videos? I was hoping for a Black Friday sale on some of the previous videos, but no luck. I’m new to this genre and see several films I would like to buy but can’t afford very many due to the price. Has there been any Cyber Monday or year-end sales in the past?

    • JBC says:

      For the most part, there’s usually a sale for every season of the year. I’m holding out hope for a Cyber Monday one today, but the next one likely won’t be until around X-Mas. Usually the two most recent releases are not part of the sale.

  8. Mike says:

    How many low blows, how are they delievered/reaction? Lately I have beem disappointed.

  9. James says:

    Any inner dialogue?

  10. Jeff says:

    Looks pretty good! Thank you RYE, I look forward to it!

    • Redmanx says:

      I agree, and Aubrey Sinclair, who is new to me, looks pretty good too! Over the last couple of years, Rye and TBFE, two of the best and most creative producers in the genre, have, in my opinion, released some of the best work this genre has ever seen featuring some of the sexiest, talented and most convincing actresses to have ever donned a cape, mask, leotard, basque and boots to fight evil! It’s a great time to be a fan of super heroine peril and all it entails!

      • SHBeater says:

        The big thing for me that has been most evident in The Rye and TBFE productions is the actresses who have actually sold the peril and made you believe they’re actually experiencing it for real.

  11. Señor Descartes says:

    Is there non-con sex once she’s in costume? Looks like most of the sexual peril is pre-transformation..?

  12. Sugarcoater says:

    This new model is yet another stunning find by Rye. Absolutely loved her first foray into the SuperHeroine genre and I seriously hope we see more of her as SG soon. She has that great blend of beauty and innocence that make the character. Hopefully more of her in sexual perilous situations along with the usual peril. Would love to see her bound and gagged and/or hogtied, as well as endure more sexual humiliation.
    Truly terrific find Rye!

  13. Blank1 says:

    Hey all anyone know who I should speak with about downloading issues?

  14. Ripper1 says:

    Hmm we seem to be running low on the titles for our poor heroines
    I will apology after I get this of course 🙂