Editor’s Picks: Our 10 Favorite Heroine Clips for October

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shzam avatar
28 days ago

Co-opting this thread for an unrelated question…

Anyone know the video of the add on here with Kenna James for clips4sale in the red costume and black mask?

Clicking on the link just takes you to the clips4sale superherojne section but would love a link to that specific video!

Notthebees avatar
1 month ago

Are you aware that squirting is 95% piss ?

DarkStar avatar
1 month ago
Reply to  Nic cage

You shouldn’t have to look far on the internet to know that a lot of people are into that. Besides, this is really the last place you should go to kink shame, isn’t it?

Notthebees avatar
1 month ago
Reply to  Django

Fair point , I know pie isn’t that well loved in this community

depo man
depo man
1 month ago

i like this concept… hope this continues and other ideas sprout in relation to highlighting the best of the best or giving a forum to discuss more general topics (i.e. best actress, etc.)