Episodes 5-7 from Heroineburgh

Now available: Episodes 5-7 from Heroineburgh!

Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA. The first season (12 episodes) creates an entirely new universe, revealing the origins of 16 superheroines who gain their powers from a dark-energy meteor bombardment. Eventually, they form a League to battle forces arrayed against them in the city and across the nation. The superheroines represent various ethnicities, professions, sexual orientations, subcultures and neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, with many real locations used for film shoots.

The first seven episodes are now on sale at HEROINEBURGH (http://www.heroineburgh.com) in the Video Store.
Price is $7.99 each, and the videos range in length from 28 to 40 minutes.

Here is the trailer for Episodes 5-7. Short descriptions of the episodes follow below.

Episode 5: “I Will Follow” introduces the Irish heroine Fianna.

Fallon O’Shaughnessy is the daughter of a veteran Pittsburgh police officer. She just received an acceptance letter from the police academy. During the night of the dark meteor, she dreams about Celtic warrior queen Boudicca, and receives extraordinary powers that transform her into Fianna. Meanwhile, her father is put in mortal danger due to a stray bullet during a gang bust. Can Fallon defend her devoted girlfriend, Carrie, and her dad from the Greenfield Irish Gang, and will she follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming both a cop and a superheroine? And who will be the city’s new superheroine liaison officer?

Theme: LGBT Acceptance & Irish Pride
Elements: Tight Costume with Skirt & Boots, Masked Heroine, Erotic Transformation, Superpowered Transformations, Super Strength, Banshee Scream and Force Blast Powers, F/M Combat, F/F Domination, Lesbian Relationship.



Episode 6: “Cold Life” introduces the heroines Arctica and Spectrina.

Greta Bjornsdottir and Katrina Spector are scientific lab partners, working closely at the Innovation Center on a project using low-temperature superconductivity and laser spectrography to discover a source of almost unlimited energy. But they are running out of time and funding due to their uncaring supervisor, Dr. Chiang. And their experiment
backfires when they accidentally release an interdimensional being, Morphia, who is a shapeshifting energy succubus. Due to the meteor’s rays, Greta acquired powers of extreme cold as the heroine Arctica, while Katrina controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum as the ambivalent Spectrina, who also has an unrequited crush on her labmate. Can the pair contain Morphia’s voracious hunger, while regaining support from Dr. Chiang to succeed in their experiment?

Theme: Scientific Research
Elements: Tight Spandex, Super Powered Transformations, Ice Blast Powers, Spectral Powers, Shapeshifting, Knockout By Freezing, Chamber Confinement, Ice Entrapment, F/F Combat, F/M Combat, F/M Domination, Lesbian Flirtation.



Episode 7: “Four Sisters, No Mercy” introduces the goth heroines Arcana, Lunessa, Etherea and Industria.

In a story featuring characters and music from Pittsburgh’s gothic-industrial subculture, rival DJs Arielle Kane and Vanessa Luna square off when, on the night of the dark meteor,
they acquire opposite powers that transform them into Arcana, sovereign of shadows, and Lunessa, mistress of moonlight. They join forces at goth mecca, the Captive Club, with newly arrived Utah transplant Esther Fraser, whose pheromonal powers manifest as the blissful heroine Etherea, empress of emotion. Forming the superpowered DJ team The Dark Dominion, they promote the city’s most popular dance night, but they are challenged by a formidably shocking upstart who robs the venue and calls herself Industria. Can the trio reclaim the club owner’s money and thwart Industria’s attempt to usurp their DJ thrones.

Theme: Goth-Industrial Club Scene
Elements: Tight Spandex, Masked Heroine, Super Powered Transformations, Shadow and Light Powers, Bliss Powers, Electric Shock and Earthquake Powers, F/M Mind Control, F/F Mind Control, F/M Bondage, Female Domination, Knockout, F/F Combat, F/M Kissing.

Videos on sale at HEROINEBURGH (http://www.heroineburgh.com)

Also, below we’ve got our second comic book graphic by DC artist Jason Wright (currently the colorist for Hal Jordan Green Lantern and Detective Comics) depicting the heroines from Episodes 5-7. The graphic (and the preceding art from Episodes 1-4) is available on T-shirts in Women’s S / M, and Men’s S / M / L / XL by contacting us at info@heroineburgh.com. Get one shirt for $15 or both for $25. How often do you hear the phrase “watch the video, buy the T-shirt?”


Live original character superheroine video series from Pittsburgh, PA. Action, comedy, drama and spandex. Download episodes from our Video Store at https://www.heroineburgh.com. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsaJNsX8AgErJh5aTsjnGxQ Deviant Art: https://heroineburgh.deviantart.com

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