“Feargirl: Targets” from Steve Noir

From Steve Noir: Greetings; I had a nice experience, releasing FEARGIRL: EXPERIMENTS through SHG Media (so much more personal than clips4sale!) so I am releasing a second FearGirl episode there, FEARGIRL: TARGETS.


Shot by HM, edited by one of my good friends (a mainstream feature film editor) I think FEARGIRL: TARGETS is the best FearGirl episode yet, production-wise.

And it is very unique, content-wise.

So give the trailer and photos a good look.

It is both the most glamourous, and the most bloody episode so far. FearGirl (CYANNA) wears two clingy black dresses, fishnets, and heels. The KO’s and multiple deaths come from strangling, stabbing, and dart guns, and you get to see a lot of darts stuck in that amazing FearGirl body. There is a limp stripping, and a girl-on-girl knife-fight and groping that’s pretty hot, pretty crazy.

Not your average video, but I’m super proud of it, and happy for you to get a chance to see it!



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4 Responses

  1. LtStrange says:

    Very beautiful model. I hope we get to see her in some more traditional Superheroines type videos. The blood and gore is not my thing.

  2. GRE says:

    More vids where Cyanna is strangled, she is an amazing actress in those scenes

    • Jacques says:

      Agreed. The special effects were pretty cool.
      Who is the villain, she was terrific.

      • steve noir says:

        The dark-haired villain is XLCR Moon. She is also in FearGirl: Experiments and multiple HM titles…