Feline in “Almost Got ‘Im” from Sleepy Superheroines

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Because or the minitaure of a black haired girl in a silver suit and long black gloves i though she was Erica Lynn from NGC making a comeback in her catsuit for a second! She is my favourite heroine from them so i mean it as a compliment
Your costume choices always deliver!

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bought the video and loved it. agree the costumes can do with an upgrade, but the actress is gorgeous and I would support any future video she’s part of.

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Guys… why you don´t have real boots?

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On a unrelated note, I’m having a hard time seeing the list of all your videos. The list is so long (congrats on that) that I don’t think I can see the bottom of the pulldown list.

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The spiderwoman comic is an interesting addition and idea. Is that original work by sleepy superheroines?


Second time I can’t view the trailer. But I gave it a try. The costume could have fit the girl a lot better. You’ve been pretty good with costumes on all your vids but this one is not on the level of the others.
The comic is pretty good though.