“Firestar Captive, Episode 2: The Conclusion” from Sleepy Superheroines

Sleepy Superheroines presents Firestar Captive, Episode 2 The Conclusion starring Misty Lovelace.

Firestar Captive! Episode 2 The Conclusion

Firestar finds herself a captive of the evil Trickster. Weakened from the chloroform and freezing spray, she is hardly a match for the
Trickster. Can she hold him off until her powers return? Or will Trickster continue to play with his prey and eventually deliver her to the mystery man that paid a king’s ransom to have her identity exposed? Find out in this double sized conclusion. If you like your superheroines sleepy and defeated, then this episode is for you true believers!

Video contains multiple chloroform scenes, multiple over the shoulder and cradle carries, tranquilizer gun KO, butt spankings, pans of the unconscious superheroine and POV shots.

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1 Response

  1. F L says:

    Has anybody bought this and the previous one? I’m not a fan of sleepy stuff but the heroine looks gorgeous and is a favourite of mine. Which part is better on non sleepy stuff? (If i like it i can buy the other one too but i’m still undecided)
    Thanks in advance!