“Fractured Steel” from TheRyeFilms

TheRyeFilms has released Fractured Steel, starring Coco.

Fractured Steel (TheRyeFilms.com custom order)

Superior Girl faces Dr Necro and his abomination in a fight of the century! In a grueling super powered battle Superior Girl manages to get the upper hand but accidentally charges her foe with the power of 5 Superheroines! Superior Girl finds herself on the receiving end of a very humiliating beating at the hands of Necro’s creation. She tries to overcome the odds but ultimately fails. Superior Girl becomes Necro’s next experiment as he extracts her essence with a very painful and pleasurable method.

This movie includes a top notch MvsF fight, Beatdowns, low blows, bear hug, back breaker, back torture, forced orgasms, groping, upskirts, KOs, choking, and more!

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16 Responses

  1. boye2508 says:

    What I do not like about all the videos is that they always lose the heroines and they should put each actress for heroin and my favorite is Layla Rylan

  2. diego says:

    I sell costume of superior girl

  3. SHBeater says:

    And chance of a review of this with general timings? I would like to get this but am a bit concerned that most of the movie will be shot with Coco on the table which doesn’t interest me as much as the fight sequences.

    • Peter James says:

      If it is a fight you want, this movie delivers for sure. Maybe the best pure battle sequences Rye has ever filmed. SG gets placed on the table towards the end. Can’t miss with this one.

  4. Peter James says:

    This movie is amazing. Coco ….you are the best SuperiorGirl and Wondergirl I have ever seen.
    The costume looks soooo perfect on her!
    The action is awesome because it is a variety and SG is no match for the villain.
    But Coco needs her own series of shows with this character. She just plays it perfectly.

  5. RenNstimpy says:

    Coco and Rocks chemisty translating a beatdown into peril is unmatched by any other actors/actresses.

    Best duo hands down.

  6. Doug says:

    Love Coco but Alexis is still my favorite, are we going to be seeing any more of her in the near future? Noticed she wasn’t on the TBFE for customs anymore

  7. James says:

    Hey Rye

    Are we going to see the release of Barehanded one day?

  8. Jeff says:

    Love seeing Coco as superior girl, I don’t believe I’ve seen any actress look bad in that outfit

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