“From KickAss to Eternity” from KickAssKandy

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BigZee avatar
7 years ago

Hell of a beat down. Loved the costume. The athleticism of Hi-Kix never ceases to amaze me, especially the leg kicks.. Given the opponent was Superman, I was hoping for a bit more resistance. Nevertheless this is a great video.

JadeOwl avatar
7 years ago

This was an excellent video. I must say that the outfit suits Kix every well.

7 years ago

best video ever!

Orcaman001 avatar
7 years ago

Well to be honest I think thus would have been much hotter if they would have put her in more of a WW costume to actually visually sell the heroine vs hero BEATDOWN ?
My own preference I guess

chucky avatar
7 years ago

nice i love superheroine videos i hope the next one has supergirl