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Steve Noir’s “Gang Thang 5: Tool Girls”

The latest installment of Steve Noir’s Gang Thang series features the return of the lovely Star and the largest female gang yet to dish out punishment in a Gang Thang video (nine girls!). Gang Thang 5: Tool Girls is now available!

Agent Star has all the evidence she needs to put away the all-female “chop-shop” gang that is stealing the cars of the rich and powerful in her city. Unfortunately for her, that gang is onto her — and they send a crew of nine of their toughest, meanest car thieves and mechanics to destroy the evidence. And destroy Agent Star.

Star has some moves, and holds them off for a few moments, but she can’t escape before the crew of nine “tool girls” overpower her, and start doing a little bodywork on her chassis. Brutal body blows, with fists, heavy boots, and rubber hammers, plus a liberal dose of verbal intimidation and humiliation. Gang Thang 5: Tool Girls drops the hammer on Agent Star, once and for all.

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40 Responses

  1. Richard Polly says:

    Does anybody have this video and is willing to share it?

  2. GangThangFan1 says:

    Hey Bob, are you talking about an outfit similar to the one she wore in heroine “in the gut”

  3. Bob says:

    This Star lady is an awesome heroine…She is attractive…Georgeous…She plays an awesome victim in the Gang Thang series…I think for the next one…she should return as victim in an office beat-down…she in a blazer, shinny blouse, and skirt and the gang of 10 pummel her for getting ready for blowing the lid off their embezzlement ring!!

  4. steve noir says:

    No, she doesn’t die. Sorry. She just ends up gasping on the floor. I apologize for the “once and for all” line. I was just trying to sound dramatic.
    Shoot me an email:

  5. dkm says:

    Anyone knows if the heroine dies in this one? Seems implied by the synopsis, so I thought I’d ask.

    Also: How can I reach Steve Noir to order my own Gang Thang? I’d like to do an all male beatdown of a superheroine (who the assailaints discover is a superheroine upon beating her down and tearing off her plain clothes cover.)

  6. Fight Lover says:

    I could see it where the heroine has the advantage at first, takes out 3-4 thugs, make it seem like the heroine is going to win, then the rest bum rush her, and the thugs get the upper hand. The heroine fends them off for a little bit, not without getting her butt kicked all the same, but eventually, the KO’d thugs get up and join in on the beat down and the heroine loses. I’d be cool with something like that. As long as the KO’d thugs stay down for a considerable amount of time while the others. I get the total beat-down of the heroine from 9-10 girls.

    I just feel like it would make the scene even more exciting, as the heroine is ‘expected’ to win, and even takes a few thugs down, but there’s too many and in the end she loses.

  7. GangThangFan1 says:

    For all you fans who like guy on girl action just go to the top of the page, click on video down loads in the middle. Then look to the right under “List by Studio” in the red bar and click on Steve Noir. It has a few guy on girl videos especially “In the Gut” which has Star against 4 guys. This video it is what inspired me to do all the GangThang’s over the last year. It would never have happened unless I came upon this awesome site which I did by accident while internet surfing back in Dec. 2012.

  8. M says:

    Any low blows in this one?

  9. GangThangfan1 says:

    Fight Lover- I think you also would have to look at the perception of what you are trying to sell. I dont see these types of heroines knocking out anybody anytime soon unless it were superwoman. Then only kryptonite would be able to defeat her. Besides the thugs might try and wake up there companions during the fight. Also it is about attacking in numbers to where they wont get knocked out unless it was 1 on 1 at a time. I like to try and go for maximum violence. These gangs in these customs always seem to be on the same sadistic page of music and love to beat up one lone unsuspecting girl who is always caught by surprise. If they thought any one of them let alone a couple can be knocked out they would probably bring more thugs with them to avoid it. That is why you never see a GangThang with only 2 or 3 or even 4 girls against the heroine. Since I am a big kung fu movie fan still, this would be great to have a heroine standing in a room full of unconcious bodies, if it were about the offensive fighting and the laying to waste of the gang of villians. But in these I guess you can have a couple of shown getting knocked out and then later get back up and join their friends in the beatdown of the heroine.

  10. Fight Lover says:

    GangThang1 – I agree, it would be hard to pull off if the room they’re filming in is not very big. What I’ve seen in GIGA/Zen Pictures Female Combatants movies is having the defeated henchwomen slumped over a table or box, this way, they’re still level with the camera, there’s no need to angle up or down. The new Picture Palace of Peril store did that too. It might look silly if ALL the thugs fell slumped over the side of a table/counter/box, but a couple of them like that, and a couple of the on the floor, with the camera keeping them in view, at least sometimes (they don’t have to be in every shot), and I’d be pretty satisfied.

    I’m sure I’m in the minority with all that, but being a fan of action movies and kung-fu movies, having the defeated henchmen and henchwomen lying around while the action continues around them goes without saying, and the cameramen usually keep them in view while the fighting continues. The movies featured on this site are not far off from action/kung-fu movies (except budgets I imagine). I’m hoping the producers here can add that element to their movies.

  11. GangThangFan1 says:

    Well Fight Lover I guess with that you would need the overall shooting space to just have 3 or 4 thugs laying unconcious on the ground. You got to have the camera placement and enough space for the girls to move around withought stumbling over all the bodies and ruining the takes. Also trying to get the bodies in the picture you might have to shoot low or aim to the ground distracting from the action. Having the bodies and the action continuously in the same shooting you have to pull the camera back in which close ups might be missed. Unless you are talking about just a few seperate shots here and there of the KOed thugs on the floor.

    Agreed Chris-Trust me they have been trying to get bigger girls for my customs for a while because I want them for that reason also, besides they can hold more securely, deliver harder punches and be big and strong enough to do holds like torture racks and hold the heroine upside down from her legs. But you have to use who you can get by the time of filming. I guess they are hard to find. Unless you find one walking down the street and offer her a job. Then there is the fact they might say no. I AM ALWAYS WANTING BIG GIRLS FOR ALL THE GANGTHANG VIDEOS.

    This was the first video to have the heroine fight back. I love that look and want to even push it more in the next one.

    Tpsh-I think the clothes help also make the victims look. I love that dress Star wore. I was wanting a more femine look this time from the victim. I do agree with you on the others who use ridiculous costumes or wear supertight underwear all the time. They add nothing to the product. The going to work in or out clubbing on a Saturday night look I like those looks. I like to use different looks for the girls in every GangThang custom. They can add to the story of what is going on. Here we have a lawyer getting beat up in GT1 by her clients thugs, Agent Star getting hammered after breaking in to a criminals home in GT2 and then they break into her home and jump her when she comes back from a date in GT5. The random act of violence in GT3. The tight yellow shirt outlined her body perfectly. Even Catwoman’s was great in GT4.

    Ric_Flair-I did not think that the dress would ride high or anticipate that it would. That was accidental and unintentional. But anything can happen when filming. I like that dress because it is one sleeve. That looks adds to the womens upperbodu hotness. I do always love when the girls taunt, talk trash. It adds fear to the victim of what she is in for. I always want to add something new to the video. Not sure specifically what you mean on humiliation, but making it hotter would be fine.

  12. Fight Lover says:

    Yes, but the heroine should knock out at least 3-4 thugs before the stronger ones start taking her down. Since she’s a superheroine, I would expect the KO’d thugs to stay down, and should be seen KO’d in the background.

  13. Chris says:

    Ok since you refuse to do the male gang vs female video, then I have some other input as well.

    First off, I totally agree with Fightlover and Ximi on the heroine actually fighting back a little bit and actually holding her own for a while during these videos despite the odds, but eventually losing.

    Also can we get some bigger villains? I want to see some bigger women push the heroine around. Big women hate small petite women anyway so it makes a nice little trope.

  14. Tpsh says:

    @GangThangFan1: I have to say, I have a much similar taste to yours. I couldn’t be as far off the canonical “goody two shoes” ideals, but I do agree that a whole huge gang of male thugs beating on a girl would feel somewhat weird, wrong even. Subconscious conditioning, maybe.

    I also prefer to leave explicit sexual elements out – there are countless porn videos out there for that.

    Last but most importantly, it is great to see a video featuring a girl in a nice outfit. I have been saying this since long time: all the stuff most producers put out has the women either in costumes that are borderline ridiculous (with the notable exceptions of NGC and TBFE, plus a handful others) or in various states of undress; Not to mention a specific south American producer that seems to always put the girls in underwear that’s a couple of sizes too small. Stumbling on a clips with the lady in peril wearing something she could be going to work in, or out clubbing on a Saturday night, is a really rare event.

  15. Ric_Flair says:

    @GangThangFan – Just a thought, I know you stated above that you don’t want to go the stripping/ravishing route with a girl/girl vid, but I think some humiliation and taunting would go a long way as far as highlighting just how overwhelmed the beatdown victim is. For instance, in this vid (which was great, btw) I noticed that her skirt rides up during the skirmish. This would be a great opportunity for the antagonists to poke fun at her panties, even some wedgie action, etc. I, for one, find this totally hot. If you don’t share my sentiments, no problem, but some humiliation along these lines would exponentially increase the hotness factor of these vids, IMO. Thoughts?

  16. GangThangFan1 says:

    Those are good comments there ashuk. If you look at some of the preview pictures above there are some wide shots during filming. I guess when you shoot wide you would have to look at the picture quality to. Are the faces clear to! If you have a modern computer with like a crystal clear quality screen and maybe high def that would look amazing. I guess computers can even hook up to flat screen TV’s. That would probably feel like your in the room with them.

  17. ashuk says:

    Just one more small-ish thing…with 9 girls (10 total) in the making of this video I would have liked to have seen them all at once during the surrounding and beating the hapless victim. In other words more wider camera angles just to get a sense of the enormity of the situation. For instance you could hear lots of gloating, verbal humiliating and evil laughing off camera, would be nice to actually see this verbal bashings as the same time as seeing the pummeling. Minor issue, but just my two cents..

  18. ximi says:

    22GangThangFan1: yes having the victim girl fighting back is a great idea, that’s why I like this one better than the previous. Of course, fighting back again and again only to get beaten down more and more 🙂

  19. GangThangFan1 says:

    First I want to appologize to G. You are right. That is Stella. But I have noticed she goes by a different name for the Heroinemovies.com site and the GangThang videos. I have seen her use Stella in other superheroine sites that she has performed in. I guess we were both right on that one. The longed blond haired villian is Steffi. I had to go back to an email Steve Noir sent me to to reverify the names. And the beautiful Selene was the lady who portrayed catwoman in GangThang Gotham. Stella, Starli, Steffi & Selene. Try and keep those names straight.

    As far as Fight Lover goes wanting the thugs to get beaten. This was the first video to have the heroine in this case Star get some offense in. It was great to see how it looks. I personally like the idea. I think all that does is just piss off the thugs/gang members even more and makes them beat the heroine/Star even more and worse where in this case bloody. I definatley want to use that concept for the next video. The more offense from the heroine the worse beating she gets. And Fight Lover if the heroine loses I dont think she would be taken any thugs down with her. Those thugs would have gotten back on their feet to help there thug buddies beat the heroine down.

  20. Fight Lover says:

    How about the reverse? The superheorine beats all the thugs, but after knocking out a few, the stronger thugs get the upper hand. Eventually, the heroine wins (or loses, but not before taking a few of the thugs down with her).

    If there was something like that with these kinds of films, I’d buy it immediately.

  21. bpfempro says:

    Totally agree with GangThangFan1.
    About the reasons a f gang would wanna beat up a girl that pissed them off for any reason or other.
    And there are definitely other MvF sites out there and this niche market is very successfully tapped like AshUK said.

    As long as GangThangs keep coming, TAKE MY MONEY!!

  22. Lale says:

    Does this contain many face blows? I’m sure there’ll be one or two but I like to see a few to balance the stomach punches.

  23. AshUK says:

    Hi there,
    VERY big fan of your work, have purchased every episode. Genre was crying out for a gang theme such as this, congrats on being the pioneer of a new sub-genre, niche market successfully tapped. I too prefer FvFffffffff beatdowns, although a mixture of MF baddies could also work I guess. I too would support a heroine-themed episode, such as supergirl or wonderwoman destroyed by a bunch of leather-clad villainesses and gench women, maybe a queen vampire and her minions? either way the more leather-clad the better 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  24. G says:

    Stella is the dark and curly haired one. Idk I don’t feel like debating, I just think I’d be cool to see things get mixed up for at least one installment.

  25. GangThangFan1 says:

    First of all G is Stella the one with the long blond hair who is always the villain. I think i read something about this sexual tension between Stella & Star for the GangThang 2 description. I don’t know why that is. i never noticed anything like that in any videos and I sure did not script it. Unless there making out or doing some long breast & crotch fondling I wont notice any accidental sexual stares or touching. I am so totaling only into the beating and the victims reactions. So hypocritical is a strong word to use.

    Also G like I said I like the realism look, that is why there always in plain clothes. I even read a comment I believe for GangThang2 that the fan would prefer the superheroine look than the plain clothes because it looked to realistic for them. I always try to go for realistic not fantasy because there are plenty of sites for superheroines but only one for realism in the GangThang genre. But i did try the GangThang Gotham, just to see how it would look. I always like to learn something from a video to use in the next one to try and out do the previous one.

    Also i said “Personally I think it is poor taste, but to each their own” There are going to be fans out there both men & woman who are into guys beating up on women. i am just not one of them. I am just not into the guys punching girl stuff. I have actually thought about myself in a video where i hire a bunch of girls and watch them beat the crap out of her for whatever storyline reason but never myself actually having any physical contact with her. Keep the comments coming. I want utter honesty from everyone.

  26. G says:

    Excuse me if I’m mistaken but in the gang thang that Stella starred in, wasn’t there sexual elements like groping and fondling? I don’t see how that would be any different with men. Also I think you saying having men instead of women is poor taste is a bit hypocritical and doesn’t really make sense considering they’re doing the exact same thing?? I respect your preference to keep it all girls but after several installments maybe it’s fair that the people interested in having a gang of guys can have at least one installment? I know that’s what’s been keeping me from buying the gang thang videos no matter how good they look. I’d love to see a superheroine with civilian clothes on top get a classic gang thang treatment with a gang of guys. Instant purchase for sure, quite a few people seem to agree as well

  27. GangThangFan1 says:

    As all 5 of these GangThangs are my brainstorm ideas so I do read all the reviews as well. I am NOT into guys beating up on women for several reasons;

    1. Personally I just think it is poor taste. but to each their own.

    2. With men it tends to get sexually oriented. There will be groping of the genitals and breasts. Ripping of the clothes off and expose nudity. Then the simulation of sex. If you are looking for that then just go to a porn site.

    3. In order for the woman to at least fight back she would have to be either superwoman or a martial arts master. I prefer the woman just to be average. maybe athletic or at least can throw a punch.

    4. I really like to have a realistic storyline, look and atmosphere.

    5. I love the gang aspect. I have done 5,6 (twice), 7 & 9 girls respectively. Using guys would be over the top. 2 or 3 guys should be able to handle the girl.

    6. There are plenty of other sites that use guys on girl.

    7. Girls will always have a valid reason to beat up on one girl. Girl steals other girls boyfriend and that girl will call her friends and go after the one girl. Why would a bunch of guys beat up on one girl without having any sexual desires of taking advantage.

    I am not interested in any sexual aspects of these GangThangs.

    It is simple just a gang of girls just beating the holy hell out of one girl.

    Check out GangThang 5 when it is released. I think that is my best one yet, but I always want to try and top it with the next one.

    I do like that one comment about a girl having a superhero costume under her clothes which makes the gang just beat her up more. That comment might be on the other GangThang comments as well.

    Thanks for reading and replying to any of it.

  28. Harden says:

    Ohhh, Diana Prince. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  29. Chris says:

    Agreed with the above posters about a gang of men delivering a similar beatdown to this one to a heroine in her civvies.

  30. Angleman says:

    Nobody to my knowledge is doing m vs f where it’s an entire gang of men. At best you might get three thugs. I’m with the others here who’d love to see a heroine in civvies getting cornered and then taken apart, as they tear off her clothes to reveal her costume underneath.
    I’ve never bothers with these Gang Thang vids till now as they do seem all the same and the novelty if seeing gangs of girls picking on one of their own wears off pretty quickly. But I know many do love these set ups and Steve appears to do a knock our job with these vids so kudos to him.
    Give me a Diana Prince Gang Thang and I’m ready to hand over my cash there and then 😉

  31. Hero.smasher says:

    Keep the female gangs! Plenty of others doing M vs F.

  32. ximi says:

    This one seems a bit more interesting, seems the girl tried to fight back a little at least at the beginning. The other ones judging from the preview, the girl is just a passive punching bag.

  33. dkm says:

    I kind of agree with rangerian. These are awesome, high quality videos, and I hope to see a superheroine themed beatdown soon, but the other Gang Thangs seem pretty similar to each other, so I don’t see a reason to get them.

    That said, you get a superheroine beatdown (or the idea mentioned above of her in street clothes getting knocked around after it’s revealed who she is) than we’re talking.

  34. Harden says:

    A superheroine in regular clothing being torn apart is a hot idea! Especially if it was a gang of guys 😉 Stella as Invincible Girl in her alter ego vs 9 guys. Holy shit that’d be sweet

  35. tom says:

    Said it before and i’ll say it again, superheroine vs gang of evil dominatrixes and/or businesswomen if at all possible!
    Either way cannot wait for the latest installment, best series of its genre ever anywhere, and i mean anywhere!

  36. bpfempro says:

    No one does girl on girl gang thang like steve noir. Cause everyone else does guy on girl.
    You can find guy on girl anywhere. And I do mean you can.

  37. hero.smasher says:

    A gang of 9 girls! Looks awesome.

    You ever plan to send your gang after a superheroine? Especially if they were to find her identity and tear her out of plain clothes to her costume. Armed with sledges and crowbars!

  38. rangerian says:

    What’s different about this one?

  39. HolyMolyDude says:

    ^ Likewise

  40. G says:

    Say Steve, would you ever consider doing a gang thang with all guys instead of girls? Now that’s something I’d buy!