“Wonder Woman vs. Gremlin 3” from Christina Carter

4 Responses

  1. Paperbag says:

    I would love to see Christina get hypnotized and manipulated in a trance. Much more than she did in Part 1.

  2. Laundry says:

    I could do with a little less lip flipping but. This is probably one of the best CC videos ever. Luv to see CC cross eyed,tongue out and big beautiful ass up in the air.

  3. rexx says:

    Looks funny , looks like her magic belt just disappeared before the ball hit her on her head that looks painful as hell and she could have died because she took the hit without her powers

  4. saxman314 says:

    Man, these videos are weird as hell, but Christina just looks so god damned good in them… I’ll probably buy this one when I get my PC back from the shop.