“Halo: Destroyed” + New Feargirl Content from Steve Noir

Time for a new FearGirl.com update, which includes some new character artwork, a new website feature (The Panopticon Searchlight) and a new FearGirl video, HALO: DESTROYED.

As the lovely NIXI returns to play the lovely HALO, it seemed the perfect time to highlight HALO with the first Panopticon Searchlight, a feature which draws your attention to (and contains links to) all the appearances of a particular character, in stories, comics, videos and artworks. HALO Searchlight link

The new video HALO: DESTROYED features beautiful Halo already caught in the nanoplasm clutches of a CLOAKER as the story begins.


Inside the shadowy virtual void of the Cloaker, Halo meets The Demoness Program, a lusty and murderous AI that informs her that a “toll” is the price of escaping a Cloaker — namely, a portion of your life force. Halo struggles in vain against the Demoness Program, who snaps her neck, smothers her, bearhugs her (twice), and mind-controls her to smother herself, each time ragdolling and groping the limp heroine before re-spawning her to torment her again. Finally worn down, Halo finally agrees to pay the “toll”, which turns out to be a sensuous virtual Kiss Of Death. This video features heavy groping of crotch and breasts, heavy ragdolling content, heavy limp/sleepy content, and multiple virtual ‘deaths’…

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Enjoy. And please check out all the videos, stories, comics, and artworks that FearGirl.com has to offer!

4 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Loving the sensual defeat so much!! Thank you!!!

  2. kevin says:

    This looks spectacularly erotic. Well done!

  3. Wrecker says:

    Always great to see Nixi and she’s looking exceptionally sexy with the multicolored hair, I must say.

  4. blx says:

    Hot af