Heroineburgh Customs #1 and #2 available!

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8 months ago

Hey I know I made fun of this Heroineburgh stuff before but I was thinking about giving it a chance but I was just wondering if anyone could anwser. I sort of like my superheroine stuff more on the sexual arousel side.Like they don’t alwasy have to show tits and ass like Blair Williams or Cocoa or tbfe stuff. But I like some sexualized perril in my movies. I think some of these Heroineburgh girls are hot, but it maybe seems like their movies are more dorky nerdy stuff. I like that Green Garden lady and that Irish warrior costume… Read more »

9 months ago

I have purchased custom n° 1, and it’s a nice movie. It’s well filmed and played. Good actresses. Alicia and Sasaya are gorgeous with their superheroines costumes. Nice fight scenes and I like the way the film ends. About custom n°2, I’m totally satisfied. Heroineburgh made an excellent job. It’s also very well filmed and played. Tiffany and Casey looks gorgeous and they are great actresses. They perfectly express the feelings of their characters. Stellara is ruthless to perfection, and she inflicts on the noble and courageous Darbouka the worst humiliations that a masked heroine can suffer… that’s exactly what… Read more »