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Heroineburgh Livestream 8/22! & New Frija

We have exciting news!

Heroineburgh was featured on the livestream of the Super Geeked Up Channel this Wednesday Aug 22 at 10 pm. The channel discusses pop culture and superhero/sci-fi material and features hosts from both the East and West coasts. They talk a lot about female superheroes so it should be right up everyone’s alley.

Talented actresses Steph W (Dysphoria from Episode 8, shown in this outtake below) and Maura (Etherea from Episode 7) played geeky games with superheroine themes, and were interviewed about their roles in Heroineburgh and their amazing lives in general (they play in rock bands).

Here’s the link to the Super Geeked Up livestream with Heroineburgh: And here’s the livestream, archived on the Super Geeked Up Youtube channel.

At one point, the topic did get racy. The discussion turned to what some of the best ways are for superheroines to get their powers, and let’s just say that the example from the comic book Sex Criminals was mentioned!

Here’s Super Geeked Up’s fabulous website: http://www.supergeekedup.com

And we’re also proud to announce that actress Sarah S. is joining the Heroineburgh team as the new Frija. The character is a millionaire Republican entrepreneur and German immigrant who runs a chain of fitness gyms and nutrition stores, and she becomes the most powerful woman in the city, with super-tough skin and the strength of forty men! Think Jane Foster Thor meets Arnold Schwarzenegger, with a bit of Hans und Franz. She’ll compete with Latina heroine Poderosa for the leadership of the newly formed Pittsburgh Heroine League.

Here is Frija’s intro video below. We begin filming with Sarah on Friday, and with her nemesis Fenneca the Silver Fox  as well.

This will be our last update for quite a while, until we have our episodes ready to release in November. Until then, subscribe to our Youtube channel for 1) outtake clip reveals from Episode 13 and 2) more unseen outtakes from the previous episodes in preparation for the Season 1 finale.

And of course, if you haven’t checked out our series yet, download Episodes 1-10 from the Video Store at http://www.heroineburgh.com

Heroines Assemble!

4 Responses

  1. Heroineburgh says:

    Heroineburgh also got two great write-ups recently! There was a news piece in the Massachusetts comics/pop culture site Comic Crusaders thanks to writer Alexander Perez.

    And today, we got a nice write-up / interview in Bounding Into Comics. This time (unlike on Super
    Geeked Up which featured the amazing Steph W and Maura as Dysphoria and Etherea), yours truly did the talking. Many thanks to writer Jorge Arenas for his excellent consideration. The site is a great source for comics news and pop culture information, and often features articles about superheroines. http://boundingintocomics.com/2018/08/24/heroineburgh-interview-shevek/

  2. Goon4hire says:

    Tout à fait d’accord Odile! I would have loved to have seen Vendeta unmasked in this film…it seems the heroines always win in Heroineburgh! It’s still a very well put together film though.

  3. Heroineburgh says:

    Thanks so much Odile! Poderosa’s debut (in two episodes! 12 and 13) will be out in November.

    And thanks for the good words about Vendetta – we’ll pass it along to the EP4 actress, Catherine (a new one, Rachel, will be taking over the role in EP13, but don’t worry – same great costume and mask).

    As for an unmasking, there’s a possibility that could happen in Season 2 next year, when we plan Vendetta’s next adventure ( and this time she’s got a diabolical villainess to face). I can envision such a scenario being included in the script. We’ll have to wait and see!

  4. ODILE says:

    I have purchased the episode 4. It’s very well done. Very well buit storyline and characters, good actresses and actors. My favorite character is Veronica/Vendeta: beautiful woman and superheroine, good actress. I love her shiny red costume and her black mask. It’s a good idea to show Vendeta in the normal life and to explain why and how she becomes a superheroine. This movie is really fun and interresting, but, to be honest, I finally appreciate when a superheroine looses at he end, when she’s defeated, humilated by the villains, and, in the case of Vendeta, when she suffers an humiliating unmasking and when her secret identity is exposed… of course, I understand why this dramatic scenario was impossible to do in the first adventure of Vendeta, but I hope we will see this kind of situation and peril element in the futur… but, I say it once again, and I insist on this point, this movie is excellent. And I can’t wait for the issue with Poderosa !


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