Heroineburgh Season One Transformation Montage, and Youtube Feature!

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  1. ODILE says:

    Yes, all the heroines and villains are absolutely interesting and perfectly played by those wonderful actresses ! Each character is very well thought, built, with a specific personality progressing in an original and captivating story. I highly appreciate to see the heroines and villains in their normal lifes before the action, they all have strong motivations to act, and consequently the stories are so much more interesting ! All the heroines and villains wear fantastic costumes, and yes, a transformation scene is an important moment in a superheroine movie. I love to see Vendetta putting on her gloves and boots for example, and I would appreciate if in a next issue we could see her putting on her mask, and in the same way the other masked heroines… the protection of their secret identities is absolutely crucial ! By the way, I would like to say that X-Machina has beautiful boots… and great costume ! Well, as I have already said, I can’t wait for watching the 1st episode of the second season. One month to wait ? Aarrhhh ! you could also say an eternity ! To summarize: great actresses, great characters, excellent movies.


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