“Heroines of FURY – Part 3” from Secret Identity Films

Secret Identity Films returns with a brand new video: Heroines of FURY – Part 3. Check out the details below.

Lady Victory has been captured and Cosmic Girl has been forced to fight for peoples pleasure. Things are not looking good for the heroines of Metro City. Agent Omega of F.U.R.Y has sent out a call to other heroines in hopes that they can figure out who is behind these terrible acts. Sunder and Starlet question the Bookie. A villain who can control the heroine’s very bodies and force them to do whatever he wants. Dusk and Spyder investigate Lady Victory’s Mansion and meet Lilith. The 1000 year old demi god who steals the youth and powers of heroines. Through in countless masked goons and things are looking grim for these young ladies.

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