“Heroines of FURY – Part 3” from Secret Identity Films

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  1. cody says:

    I like your all movies very much. I like lady victory movie most among all. Lady Victory actress is very beautiful and her reactions to hits are very good . I want more movies like lady victory. Thank you .

  2. midi2016 says:

    @YA Happy ending.

  3. YA says:

    Happy or Bad ending? Survive or death?

  4. ME92 says:

    Part 1 was one of, if not the best Superheroine video of the year, perhaps even in several years if you ask me. Everything about it was executed so well. Sure there could have been more or different types of peril in it, but as far as nailing what it tried to do and keeping most of it sincere (as to Fighting vs peril), I think it was perfect.

    Now part 2 was also great in doing what it set out to do and nailed many of the same categories as Part 1 did, however, it still felt like a shortcoming compared to the first part in certain situations. I would probably have kept it in high regard still if the “peril” of the video adjusted more to my liking/was more like part 1 (I prefer f/f but can do without).

    So if part 3 is at least some place in between Part 1 and 2 in terms of quality (strictly speaking of taste/peril, not actual quality which I’m sure is even better than both previous parts), I’ll probably end up enjoying it a lot. Downloading as we speak, maybe I’ll add something later on as well…

  5. curious2133 says:

    Who is the heroine in the black with red trim costume with thigh high boots and does she get nude lol, she’s hot!

  6. Mr. Hero says:

    @ Booya
    Im not sure. I dont have anything to do with payment on SHG. I just point to their contact page to ask questions. Sorry that I dont have a better answer


  7. Booya says:

    Is it me or did you guys remove CC as an option for payment?

    It’s strictly paypal or money order.

  8. ryorb says:

    thanks for the response Mr Hero. I will definitely be purchasing. I cant get enough of Mercedes!

  9. midi2015 says:

    This is great! There are multiple fights with multiple peril scenarios. The part when the scarlet is hit by kryptonite bullet is especially sexy! The runtime is well worth the price tag for the video.

    One thing I wonder is– since SHF has created heroines with pantyhose, would it be a possibility that in the future there will be perils with debooting or torn pantyhose?

  10. Mr. Hero says:

    @ StaggerLee

    Cosmic Girl is not in much of the video. At the end of her last video, Spyder freed her and youll see what happens at the end of the video. Not much in the way of peril with her

  11. StaggerLee says:

    How much is Cosmic Girl in this? Doesn’t seem to be a big part of it based on the previews.

  12. Mr. Hero says:

    Hey all. Ill fill in some of the gaps

    TRT: 35 min

    Belly, face and low blows to multiple heroines. Including Mercedes.
    Nudity from three of the heroines including Mercedes. And a 4th nude girl who is more of a “prop”
    Mind control of two of the heroines including Mercedes. Fighting between the two and a forced O.
    Lots of sexual peril between multiple heroines including Mercedes.
    Multiple scenes of heroines getting their power/youth sucked out of them
    AOH torture
    Crawling on the floor with a girl who has one of the best asses Ive ever seen!

    I hope all this helps. Im sure some people will like this video while others dont. This was an experiment where I wanted to make a three part series starring multiple heroines that all told a entertaining story.

  13. sleeperfan says:

    One good, one bad review, but sadly not enough given in either case. Like ryorb I am curious as to how long it is. I didn’t see a running time posted anywhere. The spot for it was blank on the website along with the running times for most of their recent releases.

  14. ryorb says:

    how big a role does Mercedes play? a bit more info on this one would be appreciated, from either the producer or somebody who has seen it. How long is it, what kind of peril etc.?

  15. rangerian says:

    Purchased and viewed, sorry but it does not live up to the hype of all these ‘reviewers’

  16. rayman says:

    It really is a fantastic video, for me worth buying just to see Lady Victory again I am smitten by this actress and love the character but the Starlet scene later on with the thugs and weapons just amazing!

    At the price this has to be a must buy for any superheroine fan

  17. hipsterboy says:

    review anyone ?

  18. Geno says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Now you’re talking

  19. Markko says:

    Wtf I’ve just lost the count of hot girls in there… must have costed the producer an arm and a leg to make this ^^;

  20. rayman says:

    I need more Lady Victory in my life!

  21. blx says:


  22. Darklord says:

    Looks epic. Thank you for showing other producers how to make a peril video, instead of the same ol formula

  23. Spartans48823 says:

    Looks promising. Multiple fight scenes and a ton of peril. Can’t wait.

  24. thevoice says:

    thought this was great. eant to see more of the bookie if possible 😉

  25. sabrejack says:

    That’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen…

  26. LordSnot says:

    Just drooled on my keyboard.

    P.s. you owe me a keyboard.

  27. ron says:

    omg the line up is impressive!