“Hotshot v Malicia Divine” from NGC Championship

New heroine Hotshot makes her debut in the Championship and it’s a tough one against the mean Malicia Divine. Hotshots power allows her to occasionally land very powerful strikes against her opponent which can turn the fight in her favour. Malicia as ever also has tricks up her sleeve in the form of magic artifacts that bring Hotshot to her knees.

The Announcer makes this a 3 round battle with KO’s and Submissions allowed. Hotshot in her wet black catsuit starts strongly but when Malicia places her under the spell of a charmed necklace things quickly turn out better for the villainess. Will our inexperienced new superheroine be able to cope with her dastardly foe?”


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28 Responses

  1. Deckard says:

    I hope I’m not too late to post a comment about this video, as it was released in December.
    This is my own personal opinion for all it’s worth but i hope it can reach interested ears. I hope my tone will not sound too harsh or aggravating, because my opinion is mixed, i have good things to say but also some criticism as well (hopefully of the constructive kind).

    Overall i quite liked this video. It was a nice debut to Hotshot, who made quite an impression on me. This is both the video’s greatest quality but also part of my criticism as well. I praise it for introducting Hotshot but i’m not completely convinced that, overall, this was the best way to do it.

    The Pros:
    The production values are of NGC usual high standards.
    Malicia is a hoot. She has a Cruella De Ville vibe about her, which is no bad thing at all quite the contrary – theatrical and alluring, and i imagine the actress must have lots of fun playing the character as it shows.
    But the mot striking thing about the video is the debut of Hotshot. I think she is a keeper and i hope to see more of her in the very near future. I know for sure i’ll buy every single video she will be in.
    The actress that plays Hotshot is a darling and i think she is quite good at selling punishement and punches to the face. Ironically this same praise segues directly to my major gripe about this video

    The Cons:
    The video is too short. As good as it is in serving as an introduction to hothsot, it still does her a disservice by beong so short. I have no idea if there was real life reasons for the screentime be so limited – like having a very limited time to shot at the location, something like that. But it does feel the video is too short, should had been longer.
    And i think the real reason for the short time is the rounds are too short. Or to be exact, the rounds where Hotshot gets beaten by Malicia.
    I’m OK with the first round being so short, it actually serves to establish Hotshot’s credentiasl as a badass and aslo plays on Malicia in her pride having understimated Hotshot Its in character for a villain like hers.
    But the two last rounds being so short is a problem. Related to that is the fact Hotshot barely gets punched. All that Malia does to her is to put her into some wrestling moves and that’s it. Hotshot’s beating is too short in time and very, very short in punches.
    This lack of punches on Malicia’s beating on Hotshot also doesn’t work in terms of story and characterization of Malicia. One would expect that Malicia gaining control over Hotshot she would go to town with her, and made Hotshot pay all the punches she received tenfold. As it stands now, despite Hotshot being in control of Malicia, Malicia still received more punches. Storywise and characterwise it makes no sense. I don’t think Malicia would be one to pull punches not when she is on top and in control. Malicia would had given Hotshot 40-50 punches just for payback and the fun of making Hotshot her punching bag toy.

    Final thoughts:
    I enjoyed the video but i can’t helpt feel a bit frustrated that it so easily could have been better if only they just have made Hotshot suffer a longer, harsher beatdown involving dozens of punches to the face.
    I think Hotshot has the potential to be a great character of the type that receives great beatdowns in both fights she loses or wins, and her wins would be when she mannages to deliver a few hits with her full power. In the NGC Championship series i think Hotshot should lose all her fights, like Lady Victory.
    I hope in the next videos Hotshot receives dozens of punches, to capitalise on the actress’s great ability to sell them very well.
    And any new video with Hotshot in it will be an immediate purchase for me. Can’t wait to see more of the new heroine Hotshot. She is a keeper.

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    I took to re-watching this recently and let me just say that Malicia Divine is FUCKING. Awesome! Like out of this world awesome. She is hands down, without a shadow of a doubt the best villainess in the history of SHIP films. Period. God she needs to appear more often.

    • shevek says:

      I, too, enjoy Malicia’s special brand of villainy and bought an episode just based on her appearance in it alone. Big fan of the costume too. She’s up there with the Diana Knights of the genre.

    • Chaos88 says:

      I agree, Malicia stands out among the recent villainesses. I’d love to see her in another 2 or 3 part series for NGC. How about some sort of rivalry with Spectrum?

  3. Besugo says:

    When it starts to be interesting…it ends. The new girls takes how many hits? 4? 5? Can’t understand what you guys likes about this videos. There’s nothing. A couple punches (to the wrong girl, of course) a couple submissions holds, end of the video. The new girl looks very interesting, sadly I can’t even understand if she’s good or not at taking hits because she takes only a couple punches and a couple kicks.

  4. Dr Mabuse says:

    Got the new video (of course) and had a chance to watch it. Overall… pretty good. I really like the new heroine (Hotshot) and Malicia is her usual (spectacular) self. I was optimistic about Hotshot based on her look (hearkening back to the sorely-missed Catherine Marks, albeit without the mask–why don’t more heroines wear masks?!?) and I’m pleased to report that she’s a very good actress, has attitude to spare, and is great at the “peril” stuff for her first outing. Moreover, it sounds like there’s more to Hotshot (the heroine) than just “she can punch really hard” based on how she describes her abilities in the video. I’m looking forward to seeing a heroine who has skills as well as powers.

    Of course, I’m a huge fan of Malicia Divine, and can’t say enough about her outfit. Long may she terrorize. Seriously, anyone who has enjoyed Malicia’s previous appearances should definitely get this one. She’s perfect for the Championship.

    My endorsement is dampened a bit because I was expecting something a bit different based on the description. It says Malicia has “tricks up her sleeve” and that at some point she “place(s) (Hotshot) under the spell of a charmed necklace.” Malicia does indeed produce a necklace during the fight, but I don’t see what it did other than make Malicia a better fighter/stronger than Hotshot. I guess if the necklace reduced Hotshot’s abilities that might qualify as putting her “under a spell” but it wasn’t what I was expecting from that language.

    I don’t like to criticize, particularly because this one seems awfully petty, and because a lot of the “faults” I find with videos are virtues to a lot of people, but this falls in with a persistent shortcoming of videos from NGC (my favorite producer) for me. Often, battles come down to slugfests when something else would be more interesting and/or make more sense. Frequenty, heroines/villainesses powers sound like they’ll be something unusual or exotic, but it ends up meaning “they fight better.” Malicia in this video is an example; her amulet could’ve done a bunch of things to Hotshot (entrance her for an instant leaving her off-guard, freeze her momentarily, blind her or make Malicia invisible to her, etc.) but all evidence suggests it just made Malicia tougher than Hotshot. It was just “add necklace, now I’m winning!”

    Another example is the recent debut of the Equalizer (Candy Race), whose power is to acclimate to an enemy’s attack. She fights a cyborg who uses gas to weaken her, until it stops working due to her power. The “win” ending turns out about how you’d expect–the cyborg runs out of tricks and gets defeated. In the “lose” ending, though, after the cyborg learns that Candy has adapted to his gas attack, he just fights better and beats her. So, the cyborg’s “adaptation” to beating her is… be tougher than she is.

    Something similar happens in the middle of Spectrum’s cyborg battle. Spectrum calls up her defense power and the cyborg’s strategic reaction is… pound her harder until she gives up and turns to an offensive power. Seems like that would’ve been an opportunity for the cyborg to utilize an attack that makes her physical imperviousness irrelevant, like an energy or gas weapon, or restraints (then she’d have to switch powers in order to recover or free herself.) If the key to beating Spectrum in defense mode is “hit really, really hard” it doesn’t seem like much of a power.

    I know I’m probably talking into the wind, since people love slugfests (and I suspect Spectrum’s latest battle was written to be just that kind of video) but I hope my comments are seen as constructive.

    To end on a positive note: love the gloves of Hotshot! Let’s hope she’s better about wearing them than Shadowstar was.

    • C13 says:

      I totally get this. And its not a jab at NGC, they’re pretty much the only producer I buy from now. I also get that this was a Championship match so there isn’t as much room for creative peril (I suppose they’re meant for the slugfest fans!). I was hoping Malicia would be using her more obvious powers in this, but oh well.

      Still glad I bought it, and Hotshot is super likeable! Just wanted to confirm you weren’t talking to the wind!

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I kinda understand what you’re saying Dr Mabuse but to be honest what you’re saying about NGC’s videos isn’t true. Or rather I should say that NGC produces a lot more videos involving special abilities that do more than make the heroine or villain fight better than you think.

      First let’s take a look at the NGC championship battles. So perhaps the hotshot battle came down to fighting better. And let’s say for argument sake that the Iron Heroine battle prior to that is also similar though as I recall, the initial first two pins in that battle required powers. However, Starshot v Dominator involved the use of Erica’s cloning ability. Hell, Starshot’s win ending in that one rest entirely on the Dominator being tricked by the clone. Virtue v RedGlory also involves the use of powers too. Red Glory winning only happens because she was able to use her gravity powers to slam Virtue’s head into the matt repeatedly. Next up is Spectrum v Wonderstrike. Both win endings involve the respective heroine using their powers to gain an unfair advantage at the end allowing them to claim victory. Heroine Massacre involves all three heroines using their powers and subsequently having it nullified by Myanna. Granted, the nullification of Red Glory and Virtue’s power don’t quite make sense and Myanna achieved victory via superior hand to hand combat but still, powers were in use here. Now we have to skip the previous two battles prior to heroine massacre but the Virtue v Lucy battle is ALL ABOUT powers and the use of them.

      One can see a similar thing if you analyze the main NGC video set. Take season 4 for example (I choose season 4 because I have 98% of that season’s video). EP3 has four characters and all four of them use their respective powers. In the lose ending, Harbinger uses her mind control ability (which is NEVER fully explained by the way) to force the heroine’s to choke themselves. Strictly speaking EP4 doesn’t involve the use of powers (just now came to me as to why Virtue didn’t use her own ability) but Filth’s black stuff that covered Virtue’s body clearly had an affect on Virtue causing her abilities to deteriorate and eventually leading to her defeat. EP5 has both heroine’s use their powers though that was done in a losing effort and the villains simple outlasted them and fought better than them so depending on you look at it, that may not count. Let’s skip over EP6. You could argue that either way. EP7 is one of the more power heavy episodes of that season in my opinion. All three characters used their powers in that one to gain advantages over their opponents or to by time. Myanna’s victory of the Harbinger is due to her being able to control the Harbinger’s body. EP8? Hmmm? Spectrum uses her powers but she still lost in the end and the Harbinger and Myanna only won because they double teamed Spectrum and fought better. Hmmmm………skip! Ep9: Six heroine’s involved in that one and the only ones not using their powers to gain an advantage were Spectrum and Wonderstike who did so because they were holding it in reserve. Ep10 is really the creme de la creme. Spectrum went from using no powers in the previous episode to having to use ALL of them. And for good reason too because in each case things would have probably gone horrible wrong for her. Also, her orange power is instrumental in stopping Myanna via Miss Freedom. Infinity girl’s power was helpful in setting free Starshot and Starshot’s entire premise of surviving atomization was the use of her own power. And then there’s Wonderstrike’s Wonderblast, countered rather brilliantly by Starshot’s teleportation ability.

      So I know this post made me seem like a know it all suck up coming to the defense of NGC but many times I see people make statements that run contrary to what’s out there. Usually I agree with a lot of what you have to say Dr Mabuse but I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one.

      • DrMabuse says:

        Glad to read your response, Darkwrath, but I don’t think you’re responding exactly to the comment I made. My criticism wasn’t that there weren’t enough videos where heroines use their powers. If I were going to make that critique, NGC would be the last producer I’d lodge it against, since a lot of other producers make videos without heroines using any kinds of powers except fighting ability all the time. So, on that front, I totally agree that NGC is in a class by themselves. That’s why I bothered writing what I did at all. For a lot of producers, the response to “the heroines don’t use their powers enough” is “yeah, that’s the point–these videos are about heroines fighting and losing!”

        Your poll of Season 4 uses the video as the unit of analysis, but by that standard, both of my examples above would qualify as “powers” videos. Candy Race acclimates to the cyborg’s gas attack, thereby utilizing her power, and Spectrum uses several powers in the course of her cyborg video. By your criterion, these would both be “powers videos” but I still found both falling short and explained why above. Also, notice that in both of my examples, my complaints were about the villains relying on brute force instead of something else, not the heroines.

        My examples were directed at specific moments where the villain relies on punching when another type of attack would’ve been appropriate. I won’t say “more appropriate” although that’s the impression I give above. I recognize that one of the realities of this genre is that the scenarios/plots are intended to create dramatic opportunities for things to happen that people want to see: fighting, wrestling moves, submissions, KOs, bondage, etc. involving costumed women. My preference (stated many times before) is to see less combat (not “no combat” which is not only never gonna happen, but I do like some fighting and physical combat) than we often see and more tricks, traps, non-violent attacks and KOs, etc. What we actually see is (I expect) a combination of what the producers want to make and what they think their customers want to see. So, what the heroines/villains do in videos to meet the challenges before them are choices based on what people want to happen. I’d like to see more of the stuff I like.

        That, really, is what I’m saying. I’d like to see more of the elements I described above and I see opportunities where that could happen, but we get more fighting instead. That’s why I wrote above that I was probably “talking into the wind” since I expect a lot of people don’t see these as “missed opportunities” but as opportunities fulfilled. Also, my comment was directed at NGC because they’re just about the only producer where I actually do see heroines and villains using powers that result in creative perils rather than “the heroine gets pummeled/tortured for several more minutes.” My criticism was directed at NGC because Andrew and company *actually do* the kind of stuff I’d like to see more of. So, in that sense, I totally agree with your response. NGC are victims of their own success!

        Glad to see someone else stick up for Next Global Crisis as well. Sometimes when I post here, I suspect that I come across as a hopeless NGC fanboy, since most of the time I’m praising their stuff.

        It’s worth repeating that even though I’ve spent a lot of text complaining in this thread, I recommend this video. Also, if you’re a member, get it quickly because the Member’s Gift this week is a few minutes of excellent outtakes from a fantastic Virtue video. Love to see outtakes from the follow-up (featuring Comet Girl!)

        • Next Global Crisis says:

          I understand the comments. It’s always possible to be more creative I guess, but with so many films being produced where powers are used we are bound to disappoint someone regularly. Sometimes the non canon alternate endings can be quite simple in terms of whatever the heroine or villain did to get the win in the main ending, is simply less effective as in the Candy video. As for the Spectrum one, we established that the Cyborg routed its power output through Attack, Defence, and Dexterity I think. When he’s at full attack to cause her some pain in Blue mode he is also very open defensively. To give him an added power makes him over powered in my opinion but I get your point.

          With any powers in the series, I try, and usually manage to come up with something fairly simple to understand that is useful for the heroine at changing momentum in a fight, but overuse can be a curse. I do aim to make each release interesting but like I always say, if this one wasn’t your personal favourite just wait a week and hopefully you’ll like the new one better.

          “I’d like to see more of the stuff I like.” – This is perfectly valid. It also encompasses 99% of all the messages I ever receive. Individuals are only interested in their individual tastes, I would be the same in your position, but in my position the safest thing to do is to make a video I think is interesting and vary the parameters from one release to the next. Usually that works out.

          • Darkwrath016 says:

            I see now what you’re saying DrMabuse. You were focusing more on the villains and the under utilization of their respective powers to turn the tide of battle. By that metric I guess my sample poll of season 4 would fall rather short then. Not too many episodes jump out at me that would fall into that category. Could also be that since I don’t focus on that stuff to begin with I’m somewhat ‘blind’ to it anyway and therefore won’t remember it. For me, I like my slugfest fights. I like it when the heroine is dominated physically, bested by the superior fighting skill of her opponent and not some trick but that’s just me I guess. Episodes like punch drunk and Villains network just weren’t to my liking whereas Kandycrisis13, Spectrum v Cyborg and Nowhere safe are on constant replay. To each their own I guess.

          • DrMabuse says:

            Yeah, my first comment didn’t express what I was thinking very well. Written quickly without a read-through. I don’t think you’re alone in liking the slugfests, though, Darkwrath. I really enjoyed “Nowhere Safe”, so there’s some overlap between what we each prefer. Also, I re-watched Spectrum’s Cyborg episode a couple days ago and liked it more, although it had a lot to do with how good Spectrum is. And I still think the “defense mode” moment was a missed opportunity, but I think I might be alone there.
            I totally get your comment, NGC, about the need to keep things simple sometimes. I also expect that a lot of people are well-served by that. As you suggest, whenever one of your videos is a disappointment to me, it’s usually a week or two before another comes out that meets or exceeds expectations.
            To each their own, indeed.

  5. F L says:

    Can anybody that has bought the vídeo tell me if it’s a back and fort fight or Malicia dominates? I’m really into one sided battles so even tough Hotshot looks great Malicia doesn’t seem to have the bulky physique (ala Hit Woman, Dominator or KO Queen) to apply the kind of moves i likes.
    Still it looks likes another top quality vídeo from NGC, keep it up!

  6. JadeOwl says:

    Have the emails gone out yet? I haven’t received mine yet.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      They went out roughly the same time you posted this message according to my browser at least. We always aim for 3pm UK time 10am East USA etc.. Hopefully you got it.

  7. Mr.Bleh says:

    Looks like another stellar video from NGC, but I noticed this in above descriptive…”Hotshots power allows her to occasionally land very powerful strikes against her opponent which can turn the fight in her favour.”…Is it just me, or does that sound an awful lot like The Steel Sister?
    I’m wondering if this isn’t the final answer as to whether she’s ever returning…hmmm…

    • I think probably that the Steel Sister was only ever in 2 videos 3 and a half years ago is a bigger indication, but I’m pleased you liked her. I don’t like to say that something is definitely never going to happen because we’ve had enough comebacks in 2017 alone that would defy such a statement. However, in the Steel Sister’s case I think it is very unlikely.

      Please enjoy this new video though. Now Live at https://ngcchampionship.com !

  8. C13 says:

    Well doesn’t this sound rather fantastic.

  9. mantower says:

    A nice one sided squash forthcoming I hope! And some heels on her boots would be plain delightful!

  10. Wrecker says:

    I have a feeling that the voting will be decidedly one-sided. Here’s hoping anyway.

  11. Darkwrath016 says:

    This poll is so unfair. A rookie heroine who we haven’t seen yet versus nearly everyone’s favorite and beloved villainess? Come on!

  12. Ahrling says:

    I hope there is finally a barefoot scene again

  13. Rover says:

    Well then.