“Immortal” from The Battle for Earth

The Battle for Earth presents a new video called Immortal, starring Mia Malkova.

Contains: Male/Female Combat, Face, Body, And Belly Punching, Multiple Low Blows, Crawling, Groping, Use Of Blood and Bruising, Topless Nudity, Forced Fucking in Multiple Positions, Heroine Finished By KO From Exhaustion

Synopsis: Supergirl tracks Gore to a warehouse. She’s been tracking Gore for months and has every intention of permanently doing away with him. She engages him in a difficult battle. After a challenging face-off, she finds her opening and kills him. Satisfied, she turns to leave but much to her surprise, Gore rises from the ground laughing. His appearance has altered and his strength has increased. It’s clearly not the end of the battle. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

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58 Responses

  1. skarlettube says:

    Holy shiiiit…. I know I’m a little late. But, I just purchased this video, and Mia is truly HOT as hell.
    I liked the way she was abused throughout the movie, especially down at her crotch area. I’m a huge fan of low blows, and so this video definitely works for me!

    If you are a fan of perils and low blows, this movie is the best as far as it gets! No question asked!

    [Spoiler alert]: Mia’s pussy was completely and utterly abused, destroyed, and penetrated in this movie.

    She definitely sells her moans, and groans of pain very well. She is definitely an instant buy for me if there are future low blow movies involving her and her alone. Let her sell all the low blows and that would already blow my mind.

    Would love to see her in a Wonder Woman costume getting abused like how she was abused in this movie. Gosh! This has to be the best half an hour of my life!

    Good job TBFE!

  2. Bob says:

    Uh what the hell happened with SHG? I have to prefund my account to purchase? What happened to just paying digitally? Any suggestions here?

  3. Seer says:

    Quality everything. Great work!

  4. Steve says:

    Others have already said it but it’s worth repeating: this is an awesome video. Mia, in addition to being incredibly beautiful, sells this film with tremendous acting. The action is non-stop, the fighting terrific, and her expressions alternating between determination, defiance, fear and hopelessness are the best one will find in any Superheroine peril film. Great job to all involved, but a special shout-out to Mia for a truly amazing performance!

    • redmanx says:

      Could not agree more, Mia sells the beatings and sex scenes in a very convincing way, and yes, she can act too, showing a whole range of dramatic skills as her character is gradually destroyed by an overwhelming force. One of the very, very movies best you’ll see in this genre!

  5. super says:

    Brooke Fairchild for ur next movie and i will happily donate

    • Nixon says:

      The Brooke Fairchild from ring divas? If so she certainly is HOT! Has she done any work elsewhere? If so, please advise. Thanks

    • Steve says:

      I wholeheartedly support this!! Brooke is so incredibly hot and she sells pain better than any other ring-diva girl (or any other female wrestler for that matter) I have ever seen. Whenever Ring Divas issues a new match featuring Brooke it is an instant buy for me. Not sure she has done or would do a Superheroine peril film, but she’d be great in one!

    • Wrecker says:

      I would throw some money at that as well.

  6. Saxman314 says:

    So… This was really, really good. The man handling, roughness, her reactions, her growing lack of confidence, her fear, etc… Really well done. The beating went on and on too long for m , and I think she would have been pleading or begging or otherwise showing submission, but she did look like she lost hope, which is hot for me. While she didn’t submit really, she definitely was dominated. My favorite movie since Kara’s Penance.

    • Nixon says:

      Nice synopsis, Saxman314. I don’t have the knack for reviewing that some others, like yourself, do. But I fully concur that the roughness/edginess to the beat down was really good and probably the highlight, along with how she gradually lost all hope.
      I normally prefer such domination to devolve into begging and pleading. Hell, I generally prefer total submission by the end. But in the context of this film I kind of liked the fact that even though she was clearly out of hope, and perhaps because she was so fearful, she very meekly tried to resist/fight back almost to the end. Not too much tough. She was pretty much broken.
      The only thing I’d add is that I think the producers did take advantage of her flexibility, if not in exactly the way I imagined. She sure got rag-dolled and her bend-I-ness enhanced my enjoyment of the beating.

  7. Angleman says:

    Great job! My kinda movie! Mia looked damn hot in this one!

  8. Angleman says:

    Great job all round. My kinda movie! Damn Mia is hot in this one!

  9. The Battle For Earth says:


    It’s available!

    Thank you very much to the customer who financed this film! If you’re looking for an intense fight where the heroine goes from overly confident to completely defeated without substances or gadgets, this is your film. Also, if you like low blows, there’s a bunch! Thanks again to the customer!



  10. The Battle For Earth says:

    Should be Mon evening Tues early morning!


  11. Chris says:

    I like the blood and the death. I want these heroine peril movies to be more gritty

  12. RenNstimpy says:

    We need malkova in alexis monroe’s ‘superia’ outfit… for real tho.

    But for tbfe, shoukd put her in the firebord outfit or the sunder outfit

  13. GeekyPornCritic says:

    Blood and sex do not mix in my opinion. I may skip this one.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Yeah, the blood just takes me out of the fantasy and makes it too real for me. But that’s just one man’s taste. Cool that those who like the blood get to have theirs, though I hope we don’t move more towards blood on a regular basis. I would actually be curious what the percent is in our genre of people who like and dislike the blood.

      • Rizo says:

        I like blood and death endings etc but I also appreciate the need for variety. You can’t get repetitive in this genre. What I like about NGC for example is he throws in some heroine fatalities every once in a while to keep things interesting.

        Personally for me, I hate a video that’s heavy into the sex. Some superheroine fetish videos on C4S for example are basically porn in supergirl latex. Pointless for me.

      • HolyMolyDude123 says:

        I prefer the blood as long as it overdone.
        And while i enjoy the sex part, i want it to be a short taking of the heroine after she has been completely beaten.

      • Mr.Bleh says:

        Good question, Sugar.
        I don’t mind a little blood.
        It’s a good demonstrator to show the “chink” in the heroines “armour”, if you will.
        Past that, I’m just not a fan.
        I could actually do without the sex, too, but I’m not going to fault the film for having it.

      • Skarlet Tube says:

        You can be sure that I’m part of the percentage of people who likes superheroines who bleed while getting beatings left right and centre.

      • Nixon says:

        Judging by most of the comments and the number of ‘likes’ dkm received below, I think a consensus is forming, albeit from a small sample size, Sugarcoater.
        Personally, I’m ambivalent about the blood thing. It’s not something I thirst for but I’m kinda glad TBFE is giving it a shot in this film, given that there doesn’t appear to be a lot of it and it all seems to result from the fight and isn’t sex-related at all (I’m willing to bet my investment in the download). I mean, the villain does have some wicked claws on him.
        And to be honest, lumping the small amounts of blood related to fight with the sexual peril is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. There is no indication the too are related.
        For those squeamish about it, might I suggest following Imagineer’s witty lead and pretending it is strawberry jam and our heroine is being punished – somewhat severely – for her poor table manners.

        • Sugarcoater says:

          Amusing strawberry jam idea, but unless that’s a fetish, I think it’s hard for the anti-blood people to buy a video with blood. I may save for the next great video by TBfE and pass on this one, but I like that TBfE is creating a variety of videos to cater to different tastes. Sure, this one isn’t mine but that’s just one video and it’s cool to see others get what they like.
          Thanks for the feedback and thoughts on this point by those who posted. I was a bit curious about the subject-matter. And now to make myself a PB&J…

      • dkm says:

        I’ve got the impression over the past ten years that folks like me who like the blood and death endings make up a (vocal) minority of people who purchase these videos; however, we also tend to be willing to pay more to get what we want because it’s so rare. (I’ve said this for a while now, but I’d pay twice the price on some of the videos we’ve seen over the years to get an alternate cut with the blood and death ending.

        In our defense, the fake blood is something we just don’t see anymore beyond a Superheroine World (Alex) production, and even then it’s always at the tail end of the video and not something that’s present for more than a minute. So while I appreciate the debate here, I do want to stress this isn’t something you’ll see more of in the future, and a lot of us are just excited because it exists at all in 2017.

    • RenNstimpy says:

      You gotta love her all month bro

  14. Darkwrath016 says:

    What a time to be alive! I’ve been secretly wishing for superheroine videos to have their heroines dressed in skirts that show their panties. Looks like I’m beginning to get my wish.

  15. Ben dova says:

    Love the upskirts!

  16. Mike says:

    Release this weekend?

  17. dkm says:

    Love the use of fake blood. I hope to see more of that and maybe some makeup to sell the bruising from the beatdown.

    • Skarlet Tube says:

      Would love to see that too. It would be more realistic to see bruises and blood on heroines taking the beating and raping.

      But.. Not too much of those.

    • SNFSU2 says:

      How is the fake blood used? Like, what causes the bleeding?

  18. Greatness says:

    She’s a porn star. You can’t get her naked? Really? She does have a great bottom I might add. I’ve always wanted a company like this to make two versions. Naked and not and see which one sells the most. Doesn’t have to be hardcore. Just naked. But if you are going to have sex do it. If not get that stuff out of here it. Don’t try and balance the line. It’s boring and a instant non-buy for a lot of people.

    • gyang333 says:

      I think the lack of explicit shots (aside from the momentary slips) is due to the sales method (shg-media) and legalities of selling pornography instead of “art” as it’s perhaps qualified as right now?

    • redmanx says:

      Couldn’t agree more; sex isn’t imperative, but if its in the film, make it look good. Mia is incredibly hot and sells the fights well in the films Ive seen with her from TBFE

    • Nixon says:

      Mia’s a porn star? Really? By gawd, it is a great time to be alive! Time to get the search engine fired up this weekend.
      Seriously though, not to be argumentative, but to “try and balance the line”…..
      Naked – Do you really need to see her completely naked in order for this film to work for you? It looks like the only things missing are close ups of her a-hole and pussy, which are readily available elsewhere……ahem, apparently? Not much else is left to the imagination. And those little white panties are adorable on her gorgeous body, especially as they appear to get more soiled as events unfold. That’s erotic in itself.
      Now, in a perfect world, would I like to see the villain (somehow) remove those panties in the course of the conquest? Absolutely. But only if it adds to the eroticism – which definitely isn’t a given. Sometimes less is more. If it isn’t done right it’s just gratuitous and serves no purpose. And since I haven’t seen the film, I couldn’t begin to suggest how and when it might be right, if at all. In fact, even if this film did contain hardcore sex, I think it might be more of a turn on just seeing those sullied panties pulled to the side when she gets taken. But, more on that……
      Sex – I agree that some of the faux sex scenes in this genre are boring and poorly done. But that doesn’t mean that’s automatically the case here or in all superheroine films. The producers either can’t or don’t want to incorporate real hardcore sex/porn into their films. It could be for legal, financial, personal or some other reason. Whatever. But does that mean that no producer should ever include sexual peril in their film unless their willing to produce hardcore porn? That seems more than a little unfair. It’s the ultimate conquest short of death (OMG, did I just say that? I shouldn’t have gone there. Entirely different subject. Please disregard.)….it’s the ultimate living conquest, let’s put it that way, and people who produce superheroine films SHOULD have it in their arsenal even if it is faux sex and/or they don’t want to shoot for kink.com. They just need to work at making it a little more erotic and genuine, less gratuitous.
      I like what TBFE has been doing lately. And I think Mia is improving in all elements of this superheroine thing with each film. This will be a definite buy for me, and in case the faux sex doesn’t quite cut it, I can always have some of her ‘real’ work waiting in another browser just in case…..the rougher the better…..and as soon as I find some of course.
      But I’m betting that won’t be necessary.

  19. Uhzoomzip says:

    God, Mia Malkova’s belly is just so soft and gorgeous. Absolutely fucking fantastic babe. https://i.imgur.com/YFl4HMr.jpg

  20. Steve says:

    Mia is just too gorgeous to believe!! She is just incredible!!! Gotta have this one!!

  21. 774 says:

    If this film,

    • NUDITY/NAKED → I’ll buy this (I really like it).

    • NON-NUDE → I’ll not buy this (I don’t really like it).

  22. Imagineer says:

    “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” I like this trope, whether for hero or villain. I look forward to seeing it play out here.

    I like this costume, though it seems someone was a little messy with her morning toast and dribbled strawberry jam on it. And it seems she’s lost her skirt. Well, her loss is very much our gain.

    Mia certainly nailed Miss K in her previous outing, and I have no doubt she’ll do so again here, but I’d be happy to see her in other roles too, even originals, and especially anything that plays to her natural ingenue vibe.

    (I know some aren’t fans of this costume, or two-pieces generally, but I’m very happy to see it, and Mia’s soft smooth midsection, get some more exposure. Especially nice to see how different it is on Mia compared to Arielle — each different, each super.)

  23. Jeff says:

    If nothing else I really felt was the need to purchase this film, what is said here is the reason I would.

  24. Rubster says:


  25. Rizo says:

    OH. MY. LORD.

  26. HolyMolyDude123 says:

    Yeah, this is gonna be a day 1 purchase.

  27. gyang333 says:

    This looks like it’ll be really hot!