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  1. Henrique says:

    Angelina Diamanti is the actress

  2. Ztc says:

    We need a public disgrace vid with this actress

    • John says:

      But problem is no one seems to know her name or not willing to share! Hehe

      • Ztc says:

        I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t need it to be a custom they would get back the cost if they did it with her and no funding from elsewhere. But hey I guess they don’t want people to use her that much to reveal who she is.

  3. John says:

    What’s the name of the new actress? I don’t believe I have seen her before.

  4. Besugo says:

    Looks good! She’s hot, that low blow in the preview is great with an amazing reaction! If her reactions are always like that, this will be a good one!

  5. HeroineFall84 says:

    The Rye never ceases to impress with his artful cinematography, creative stories, and gorgeous actresses. He is by far the leader in the genre, adding something extra to each film. Although he will never do hardcore, I have come to terms with it and in a way appreciate that. When I think about it, much of the genre’s hardcore is just sex in super heroine costumes. The sets are often lackluster, the acting is abysmal, there is no story, and due to the exorbitant price tag, the fetish takes on a one-shoe-fits-all approach to maximize sales. Most films will provide 5 minutes of your particular fetish. To date, the most impressive hardcore super heroine film I’ve seen in Broken Heroines by Sex and Submission. That film had it all.

    However, a few producers go the extra mile and create a story to enjoy along the way. For me this always adds more investment into the scene and when done well, more enjoyment. Producers who do this with strength are The Rye, The Battle for Earth, and SHF. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone. Perhaps I need to see your films?

    The Rye’s latest custom film, Imperial Nightmare, was beautiful despite the minor flaws I will list after the review below. Imperia’s costume design brought color to an otherwise dark scene in a meaningful way. The actress—I didn’t catch her name—filled out Imperia’s suit like a true heroine; tall, busty, and slim in all the right places. The set design was simple, but delivered the perfect isolated atmosphere for the story. However, what made the film an instant buy for me was the brute villain. His costume design was a fantastic, hulking, and dangerous form. Being able to see its eyes really sold the creep factor. Witnessing a monstrous brute have his way with a heroine is pure gold.


    The film begins with Imperia in civilian clothes laying down for a nap. From there, we drift into a nightmare of the Dream Master’s design. Wandering in the dark, Imperia encounters the world’s creator who doesn’t hesitate exploring the heroine’s fears. In this nightmare voices carry like wind chimes at an eerie distance.
    The Dream Master gropes the helpless Imperia while taunting the heroine’s inability to fight back. The villain’s current form appears to be a mix of ninja and gene, an interesting and effective choice. Both women struggle for power with Imperia losing the upper hand. The first scene ends with Imperia being choked unconscious. Back in the real world she snaps out of the nightmare. Believing it was only a dream, the tired heroine dozes off once more.
    The nightmare continues with Imperia laying unconscious on a table as the female form of the Dream Master explores the heroine’s luscious body. There is no lack of close-ups in this encounter; breasts, facial expressions, and a wonderful crotch shot as the Dream Master circles a nail around her clit. Imperia is powerless and restrained by an invisible force, so she must endure the pleasure. The Dream Master transforms into Christoph, who continues to fondle Imperia’s clit. She protests, insisting he can’t be real until she awakes once more.
    This time Imperia appears to battle arousal from the encounter, gliding her hands over her body and breathing heavily. She walks into the bathroom where she inspects herself, then returns to her couch where she falls asleep again.
    The dream world continues as if she had never left. Christoph is now fucking the helpless heroine, the table rocking back and forth with each thrust. He jerks down Imperia’s top and plays with her nipples while he continues to impale her. She whimpers and moans during the assault until she snaps out of the dream again.
    This time it appears Imperia can’t escape the dream world as she is sucked back into it without falling asleep. The look of surprise is written on her face when she realizes she is back in the nightmare where Christoph is waiting for her. He tells Imperia that her powers are useless and that in this world he is a god. She strikes him in the chest and sends Christoph tumbling into the darkness. To her dismay, what emerges from the shadows isn’t Christoph, but a hulking terror. The creature roars before it moves towards her and she drops into a combat stance. Imperia strikes the first blow which does nothing to the monster. The beast grapples her and tosses her around before delivering strikes to her belly. She fights back, but without her powers it has little effect. After a long battle full of stomach blows, crotch hits, choking with her cape, and bear hugs, the thing chains her to the wall where he fucks her. There is plenty of close up breast shots throughout. He takes her against a wall, bends her over a table, and then from behind while standing.
    The final scene begins with Imperia on her knees before the female form of the Dream Master. She is given a choice to either remain in the dream world forever, or give a blow job and be set free. Imperia reluctantly agrees, but it’s a trick. The Dream Master turns into the monstrous form again and then face fucks the helpless heroine with an enormous cock. There is plenty of saliva in this scene as the monster shows no mercy. In the end she is forced to take the cock into her throat where it remains until she suffocates. We are brought back to the real world were we witness Imperia’s sleeping body struggle until she stops breathing.

    In all I felt the film was great, but there were a few things that would have made it better. The first is petty, but a detail that can take from the scene. Imperia has aged nail polish on—might have been black—that seemed unbecoming of the character. The camera even focuses on it at one point.

    My second opinion is that the sex scenes could be rougher. Everything is simulated, so it would be fun to see more exaggeration when it comes to forced fucking. There are a few short clips where we get to see her tits bounce—hard to do with fake tits—but over all it feels rather tame. It was a custom, so perhaps the requester wanted it this way, however, it didn’t deliver to its full potential. Some of my favorite scenes from Rye’s films are from The Parolee 2 where she is being held by two men while a third fucks her from behind, and most sex scenes from Spectre Aftermath. Pounding the heroine hard enough to inspire a giggle or two out of her flesh isn’t too much to ask for in my opinion. The slow, safe, and mechanical sex scenes in most films are as boring as they are unrealistic. The villain should fuck her like he hates her because he does.

    Another minor thing the sex scene lacked was some slow motion. Since the story took place in a dream world, I felt it was a missed opportunity. Taking a moment to appreciate what is happening to Imperia in a dramatic slow motion clip would have been amazing. The sexual positions used jump cuts, so a bit of slow motion and an dissolve would have been fantastic.

    My final criticisms of the film is the ending. It isn’t a jab at the concept, that part I enjoyed, but how it was executed. We see Imperia struggling for air as a massive cock is stuffed down her throat, then jump cut to her BREATHING heavily in bed. Of course she stops taking in air by the end, but my mind was screaming during the whole scene. First of all, she should have been struggling for air. That would have tied the concept together for me rather than the sudden realization when she stopped. Jumping back and forth between her struggle in the real world and her dream would have been more dramatic as well. When she stopped breathing I was hoping cum would dribble from her lips, or a final cough forcing it out. I thought that would have stitched the dream and reality together in an erotic way. Instead I witnessed a flat climatic end.

    Imperial Nightmare was a great film despite my criticisms. I tend to get passionate about the genre and often feel that my kinks aren’t explored thoroughly. If I could scrape together the change to make a custom with the Rye, I’m confident he would deliver a masterpiece. He has a true talent. If you enjoyed this review and are curious about the film, I encourage you to pick it up! Not only does it support The Rye but also our genre as a whole. In the realm of things we are blip on the porn industry and it would be nice to see it grow even further.

  6. Imagineer says:

    Some visitors to HeroineMovies.com have a strange approach to the like/dislike buttons — seems like hairtrigger negativity with unclear motivation.

    • Señor Descartes says:

      Thanks for such an in depth review! Helps to know details

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      And placing several votes. As if like NOBODY notices 🙂

    • saxman314 says:

      It’s some impotent neckbeard who wants to flex the pathetic “power” he has, since it’s likely the most power he has over anything in his life. Nobody is fooled.

  7. Strange_brew says:

    Would anyone who has already purchased this video care to describe how it ends? Namely, is it lethal?


  8. Anonymous says:

    What is the actress’s name?

  9. Nowsawyer says:

    mm I dont like sorry :/
    I need some Gal gadot style!

  10. Decendingskulls says:

    Wow, that close up shot (#5) is incredible <3

  11. jerome says:


    Do you think of remaking an episode with Ashleigh Lawrence, one day?

    Because, I had liked his episode Avenger vs galaxsis.

  12. Anymouse says:

    My favorite costume. And she fills it out well.

  13. SunEphone says:

    Nothing is better than some fake tits.

  14. SuperiorFan says:

    Sweet! Looking forward to the one with Jill Kassidy, do you have any ETA on that one and any preview pictures from it?