“Intergender Extreme Wrestling Episode #2” from Pro Style Fantasies

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  1. BJxh says:

    Please, Alex, more of the intergender matches where the man ultimately wins. This one was so perfect. LOVE the dialogue, and the revenge element. Taunting noises, and yelling from the crowd would be a great addition to the future videos.

    I bought this one and will probably buy all the IEW matches you produce.

  2. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey everyone–a new Zatanna heroine video starring Angela Sommers has just posted to our C4S superheroine store, check it out! I’ll probably post it to SuperheroineWorld after the weekend; it’ll be the same price so you can get it either place. Two on one, beatdowns, forced sex (softcore), low blows, and more!


    Get it for now at our C4S store! https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/54867/

    • Unmasked05 says:

      Hi Alex,

      Are you going to be offering the big HQ file for this release or just the HD 1280×720 that is on the C4S store?

  3. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Paris Dylan a dream to see jobbing

  4. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Cara Rose , just saw he , she would be great as a Jobber or even Angela’s tag partner in a match or two

  5. Gary says:

    Thanks, it’s great when you’ve got hot models in sexy uniforms battling.

    It’d be awesome if you’d consider getting, Athena Palomino. She’s available for G/G and B/G.

    1 https://ixquick-proxy.com/do/spg/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.babesource.com%2Fgalleries%2F5a5c9e814d7a0%2F02006.jpg&sp=fb2d6810ed14caffa6982889b3b4c595

    2 https://ixquick-proxy.com/do/spg/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.boobpedia.com%2Fwiki%2Fimages%2Fthumb%2Fe%2Feb%2F01023-1_athena_P.jpg%2F240px-01023-1_athena_P.jpg&sp=7d90f88ce1fca7a423b1735480903bb4

    And possibly have her in a sports bar uniform.

    3 https://ixquick-proxy.com/do/spg/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=http%3A%2F%2Fpics.teengirl-pics.com%2Fforums%2Fstorage%2F82%2F121269%2F4.jpg&sp=1e2f9ac84d75e2bbb01788bf58109580

    Also a storyline suggestion.

    Athena, arrogant because of her athletic prowess, and intent on insulting her opponents, chooses a diminutive partner, to go up against the Domination Duo. Two rather imposing adversaries dressed in Dominatrix style outfits. Each of the two carries a bag stuffed with implements of bondage, pain, and pleasure. (Hand-Cuffs, Rope, Strap-On, Whip, Prod, Telescoping Baton, Taser, Sleep Rag, etc.)

    The two are managed by an individual who incessantly pays people off. (Refs, Opponents Partners.)

    In this battle, the two on two quickly becomes a four on one. Athena, alone, addled, and abated.

    If you like the idea I could send you her contact info, and info on the stores where the uniform is available new. Just need your e-mail and what to title it so you are sure to get it.

  6. Alex Bettinger says:

    The Karlie/Angela Ballerina/Cheerleader vid only came out to 15 minutes, so it’s only on C4S for now, but feel free to check it out! Here’s a little tease from my twitter: https://twitter.com/Scififetish Karlie and Angela are the best. Get the vid at https:////www.clips4sale.com/studio/54603/

  7. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the great suggestions, I am reading them all very closely. Some really great ideas.

    For those who expressed a wish to see Karlie on the receiving end, stay tuned–I have a catfight video where Angela the cheerleader DOMINATES a sexy nerdy ballerina Karlie. Coming tonight or tomorrow.

    I’d like also to stress that I have no immediate intention of wrapping up XCW–I have plenty of storylines left to shoot, and I hope to continue for at least a year or two more. But sales are sales, and I can only shoot when finances allow. The best thing you can do if you want to see more XCW is to buy more XCW episodes! 🙂

    The first IEW episode was our best seller of 2017, so naturally I have to shoot more of those to see if in fact it stays popular. But XCW will almost certainly be a main part of our output for as long as I stay in business.

    What I would like to build up to in XCW is a 4-way dance between GI Jewell, Christie Stevens, The Dominator, and the newly-empowered Angela Sommers (with her lucha mask which gives her powers).

    That would be very expensive, of course; and my budgets right now can’t afford it. But you never know–and of course if someone wants to commission such a video, then it would happen very soon indeed.

    Anyway, stay tuned–more fun stuff coming!

  8. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Test again – why comments not showing

  9. Supramax says:

    Sigh- this is the opposite of sexy to me. Didnt purchase either intergender match- but this one looks like a giant leap backwards. The actor is just terrible enough to not ignore.
    Alex can do anything he wants, but as an avid fan- it’s disappointing to see a limited release schedule interrupted by this. Hope it suffers the same fate as boxing fantasies. Boxing fantasies was awesome- but did not take away from the main reason I pay attention to this brilliant combatfetish community.
    Catfight = TWO OR MORE WOMEN!

    • Supramax says:

      BLOW is what most of the comments are about here! IEW’s triumphant return takes a backseat to a new take on whatkeeps us comming back. That speaks volumes as to what the fans really want to see.

    • ezpleaseme says:

      I for one am in favor of the intergender endeavor

      • Honest Fish says:

        Same here. Everybody has their own preferences – especially in this genre. I thought it was refreshing to see something different from Angela – a performer who usually doesn’t do intergender stuff.

  10. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Test – test – posts / comments are not working

  11. Laundry says:

    I think if xcw is gonna end the good girls should win the last episode of course after getting jobbed out for a time. Dominator,Kristie and Jessica should be in control for a time until Jess turns on both of them-revenge for the Dominator attack and Kristy making her let Jewell pin her. Then the match could shift with the good girls getting rid of Jess and Kristy easy then triple teaming( Jewell,,Goldie,Char)- Dominator and totally destroying k.oing and humilating her.

  12. Andy says:

    Angela Sommers appears to have gotten hotter.

    • ME92 says:

      For me personally, she darkening her hair made that very difference, and I don’t usualy have a preference when it comes to Blonds vs dark-haired. It was just something that clicked when she did it, maybe the same goes for you?

  13. legion says:

    With how to finish the main xcw story line. For me i would like to see at least couple matches to build towards a conclusion at divapocalypse. I would have the dominator take the belt from gi jewell in the most dominant win ever seen in xcw. This would lead to the mean girls vs the dominator and melissa tag match. I would have the match be close until jessica turns on christie. The dominator and melissa would then watch as jessica uses the strapon against christie. The finale would be at divapocalypse in a triple threat between the champ dominator,christie and gi jewell. Dominator would win convinsingly destroying both. Following the match melissa and jessica who would be ringside would end up using strapons against the losers as the dominator orders them to. The dominator would watch with glee as her two rivals are humiliated. This would lead to a Christie vs Jessica feud, while the dominator would go on to become the most dominant xcw champion ever with all girls afraid to challenge her. Would be great to see a tag team division open after divapoclypse. I think Melissa and karlie tag team would be amazing. Christie(back to being a baby face perhaps) and gia paige. Angela and Emily. This is for me the kind of direction i would love to see xcw take. Maybe the tag teams could would be exclusive to b.l.o.w.

  14. Kaizar says:

    What happen to Randy Moore ?
    Her twitter account says she was banned for breaking one of twitters rules.

    I just wanted to purchase some superheroine videos of hers, but both her website and clips4sale site no longer exist.
    How do i get her videos now ?

  15. Kaizar says:

    How about a 4 foot X inches tall actress vs. a over 6 feet tall muscular actress. Like Missy Mae VS. Goddess Rapture. Missy Mae can play a superheroine with super strength that saves a damsel in distress (played by Emily Addison) from a very strong & tall villainess who is very strong within no superpowers standards. The Superheroine battles and easily overpowers the villainess and then screws her with her big strap-on. The damsel in distress after being picked up (carry) and flown to safety by the superheroine, then wants to thank her (by making sweet sweet love). Later on the villainess strikes again towards the same damsel in distress, but now when the Superheroine shows up to stop her again, the villainess reveals that without even the damsel kniwing, she injected her with nanotechnology that transfers via sexual transmission, and that it strips any superheroine of her superpowers. During the losing brawl at the end, the heroine tries to use her big strap-on to turn the tides of battle, but then the villainess takes it, and wears it and then uses it having her way with the heroine (including blow job & titty fucking the heroine).

  16. Honest Fish says:

    Man, Alex has been killing it with these last few releases. I’m a huge Angela fan and I feel like each video she’s been in recently has been a little different. She’s totally dominant in the Iron girl series, BLOW was a back and forth wrestling match, and Anjelika had the cocky villainess being overpowered. I’m excited to see that she’s doing some MF fights now and can’t wait to see what’s next!

    I bought this vid and absolutely loved everything about it. Angela plays both the dom and the jobber very believably. I think that this is some of her best acting in the genre. Karlie and the guy were also on point (although Karlie appears briefly). The flow of the action was smooth and kept things moving. The fight moves themselves were varied enough that I didn’t get bored, which sometimes happens when I watch beatdown vids. This is a great addition and I like the way the fight isn’t just one sided. One small gripe is that I wish Karlie was introduced on screen and we saw the beginning of her fight against Angela. It would’ve been sweet to see the moment Angela realizes she’s in trouble. Great Vid!

  17. Laundry says:

    Angela gives a great performance great camera work. Would like to see Karlie on the receiving end next time.

  18. shehi alshehi says:

    any new boxing videos will come soon

  19. legion says:

    Any update on those Emily Addison customs you mentioned a while back?

  20. legion says:

    With the introduction of IEW along with b.l.o.w adding to super heroine world, cat fight fantasies and custom videos. It seems a very busy schedule in which i hope xcw dosent get left behind. The frequency of xcw releases seems to have slowed, this along with story line pacing may hurt the series. Xcw is in a great place with so many possible match ups that i would love to see. I hope IEW does well for you Alex, along with blow which i really liked. With so many different projects going on i worry about xcw losing focus, and potential story lines fizzing out. Top of my list is the mean girls vs the dominator faction. hoping to see a crossover soon between them as they have been kept apart for a while now. A series of episodes of them going back and forth i think could be some of the best xcw ever. I’m just a big fan of xcw and wish it was once a month, with an additional IEW, blow etc. I do understand though with a busy schedule and availability of the actresses there only so much you can film.

    • ME92 says:

      To further this topic, you should read the replies that Jack Puncher and myself gave to George right below your post. If what Jack said is true about Diana retiring, any potential storyline wrap-up for the old heel teams have taken a huge blow, which would explain the slow progress of the storyline as of late, and also make it more understandable if Alex himself isn’t sure how to move the story forward without the “main stars.” In addition to losing Paris, and Nicole and Emily seemingly being hard to get (Nicole retiring but then coming back again, at least for a small time, for instance), it would be hard indeed to wrap things up. The easiest would be to focus on new storylines and ignoring the old ones altogether which again dampers the overall excitement for some (me included). The best example I can make is if Disney couldn’t get Iron Man (Downey Jr), Thor (Hemsworth) nor Captain America (Chris Evans) to reprise their roles for the Infinity War and not being able to explain their absentee on screen, lol.

  21. George Fisher says:

    Bring back the Marquise and nina kwan evil tag team duo for another xcw episode

    • Jack Puncher says:

      Regrettably I believe Diana Knight, The Marquise, has retired. I recall seeing an announcement in January on her social media account that she had left the business and closed all her contact e-mail accounts. Mind you I have seen what looks like new material from her since then which may be a re issue of old material or it may be the announcement is a form of fake news.

      The wording implied many would be surprised by her decision. Whilst I wish her well I cannot help wishing there had been some advance notice. It would have been a great opportunity for a “loser leaves XCW for good match” that depending who defeated her could have led into some interesting story lines.

      • ME92 says:

        I really had no idea, that would make wrapping up old storylines even harder now indeed for the XCW, which also perhaps explains why the series has been moving forward so slowly as of late (not just as of late but still).

        This might be unheard of, but the idea that a total reboot/revamp might eventually be in order if this keeps up just hit me (heard Nicole Oring was back but who knows for how long, and with Paris also retired we’re practically down to just Annie regarding the old Team Evil storyline if these news about Diana is true) –And yes, this is coming from someone who’s been there since Episode 1 mind you, just hear me out…

        Completely ignoring the absentee of ongoing storylines with said actressess and only focusing on entirely new plotpoints with disregard to those already set up kind of dampers the overall excitement if you know what I mean. The ongoing intriguing storyline to spiece each episode up was always what reeled me in as compared to what nowadays seems more and more like isolated episodes (new plot each week). If anything, Jackson should be brought back to clarify the current status of the wrestlers if we are to move forward. This builds further upon thoughts I’ve mentioned way before in regards to the future of the XCW and what could potentially happen if we were to lose too many of the protagonists/antagonists before getting a chance to wrap things up.

        • Captain Crude says:

          I would pay to see it wrap up with the Dominator conquering GI Jewell and submitting her and Christie Stevens separately/together in a few separate episodes. Wrap up the series in 4-5 episodes ending it on Divapocalypse 3 with some type of 3 way dance. I’m vouching for either the Dominator or the Marquise to end the series as champion – personal preference would be the Dominator. Christina Carter plays bad as well as Jewell plays the good and they both play it up the best out of anyone on the entire program since it’s inception. They’re just the truest to their characters and no offense to the guy that produces these great vids, but the only Dominator flaws have been in the writing – I think Alex does a better job executing the role of the girl getting dominated better than almost anyone, and lately he’s been on a role with the Dominator’s character – I hope it goes in this direction. I wrote a little bit more below.

          I kinda don’t really care that it might have to wrap up. I personally hope it does – just tie up the loose ends quickly finishing out the main characters stories and have the grandest celebration at the losers expense – total submission and failure for Jewell.

          Christina Carters’ acting is just so good though. You can’t miss her performances.

  22. Jack Puncher says:

    Alex says he is open to suggestions for plot lines. One I would like to see in IEW involves a male ring official.

    The female face and male heel are in their corners and the official announces he needs to check the wrestlers for illegal foreign objects etc. His check of the male wrestler is little more then a vague glance in his direction to visually check.

    His check of the female is naturally far more intense. He starts patting her down which swiftly develops into a groping and mauling session as he enjoys himself. Then he pulls her bikini bottoms and any underwear down to her knees and pushes her top up to expose her breasts as he really goes to town ensuring there is nothing concealed in her breasts or pussy. May be even penetrating her cunt with his fingers. Female wrestlers can be really sneaky in concealing illegal objects it seems and the official is making very sure he finds anything. The female can only squirm on his busy hands and endure the humiliation.

    Once he is satisfied he gives her butt a slap pushing her towards the centre of the ring. At the same time he calls for the bell and starts the match as the female is still trying to pull her outfit back into place and to refocus her mind on the match. The male heel takes full advantage and attacks while the female is still struggling to regain her modesty. The female is at a distinct disadvantage in this situation so all the early momentum is with the male heel. I’ll leave it to Alex as to whether she manages to regroup and mount some kind of defence or whether it is all downhill for her as she is squashed.

    • Jack Puncher says:

      A further thought occurs. On running his hands over her ring outfit the official could make the judgement the surface is too rough even though it is as smooth as silk. There is a danger it could scratch the male wrestler it seems. Therefore in his judgement the outfit is an illegal foreign object and subject to confiscation.

      No doubt the female will object but in the ring the officials word is final so she is forced to strip off the outfit and hand it to the official. To be sure of the safety of the male wrestler the official also thinks she should remove any underwear and shoes. So she will have to wrestle completely naked. Great for the audience but embarrassing and humiliating for her.

      This would be a great opportunity for her to dial up a “naked embarrassed female” performance as she tries to cover her female goodies from what she can see are the ever more eager gazes of the audience and the cameras.

      Trying to focus on the match and wrestle whilst trying to cover her female bits would put her at a huge disadvantage which no doubt the male heel would take full advantage of.

  23. Rouge says:

    it would be nice to see the return of cali logan or emily addison or juniper addie … the only suggestion on the scene and that of the unconscious female protagonist on the carpet and the dominator who abuses her in every sense ….

  24. CaptainCrude says:

    I would like to see Ariella Ferrera play mean latin daytime actress that bitch slaps Kym Jane or Angela Sommers around in a BLOW episode.

    IEW isn’t as much my thing, but I’m looking forward to seeing the Dominator take on GI Jewell and would enjoy seeing Ella as ref. I’d like to see a clean finish with the Dominator winning decisively and hopefully really quickly with Jewell passing out in the breast smother hold, the Dominator laughing and telling her not to fall asleep, pressing her back into the smother and Ella raising Jewell’s hands and dropping 3 times. I’d like to hear the Dominator demand that Ella drops her arms a dozen more times while she holds the smother.

    Instead of the slow mo cam we’ve seen for punching it’d be cool to see a kind of quick motion editing that just shows different angles of the arm dropping over and over and over again cutting in and out of closeups of Jewell’s buried face, the Dominators smug satisfaction, and then the last couple slowing down with Ella’s shocked expression and finally the Dominator just dropping Jewell. Ella in shock and already holding the title hands it to the Dominator.

    • CaptainCrude says:

      Actually to tag onto that! After her victory and after the entire humiliation she endures: take a completely defeated and submissive Jewell and have the Dominator demand that she put the title around her waist before personally declaring her the champion while she kneels down in front of her as Dom’s theme hits with a close up of Jewell staring at a strap on and the title at her eye level, the episode could go out with the Dominator rubbing the strap on against Jewell’s face and she runs her hand against the title with the other hand – taunting her after the total domination she endured in that night.

      I think that would amount to the start of an all new low for XCW’s favorite.

      • uhzoomzip says:

        Glad to see someone else loves Kym Jane as Jenny “G.I.” Jewell as much as I do. No one else comes close to turning me on as much as she does in that role.

  25. Jack Puncher says:

    Have purchased and viewed this episode. All three performers played their parts well although the main focus was on Angela Sommers and Lobo with Karlie Montana only having opportunity to appear in a short segment.

    There seems to be a continuation in providing more wrestling moves in the action with out losing the focus on attacks to the female face wrestlers tits, nipples and especially her pussy. I hope this approach carries on. Also the female face suffering the humiliation and embarrassment of wardrobe malfunctions and the outright loss of her ring outfit.

    In this episode I did think the combination of the performers contribution to the wrestling moves and the expert editing made the bout flow smoothly and made the action appear intense and high impact.

    As regards story line we had two matches. In the first Angela used her considerable “erotic capital” to distract Lobo allowing her to take advantage with low blows from which he was unable to recover. A good game plan well executed. Alex on commenting on episode one indicated it would be necessary for the female wrestlers to have some wins so her eventual defeat was sweeter and I cannot argue with that. For me, whilst Angela was certainly very very watchable as she carried out her game plan, the segment was too long. This fem dom aspect is not really my thing. Ideally I would prefer the female faces successes to be relayed to us in the opening voice over setting the scene for the episode. There are those who prefer the fem dom aspect and the decision on how much is included must in the end be Alex’s unless the episode is sponsored when it will be down to the sponsor paying the bills.

    In the second match we had Lobo’s revenge. Whilst it is always good to see Karlie Montana I am not sure I buy into Lobo needing to hire a really tough female wrestler to take Angela down. Having experienced how Angela uses her “erotic capital” to gain an advantage he should have been able to ignore her and used his skills and physical power to get the job done unaided. Still it did give the opportunity for some double teaming and that is always watchable. So one cannot argue with Karlie Montana and a punishing double team.

    Once Karlie departed the ring leaving a very weakened Angela to Lobo’s none to tender mercy we were back on track for Angela to endure some well executed punishment and abuse.

    Finishing off Lobo took the winners prize of penetrating, violating and ravishing Angela. Taking his fill of the pleasure her body provides. Whilst I am not sure what prize the female would want if she won I do hope when the male wins this is his prize.

  26. chris says:

    any new B.L.O.W coming soon?

  27. John P says:

    Angela is my favorite jobber. So hot. Instant buy

  28. koukou says:

    Is there a loop soon?

  29. koukou says:

    A failed episode

  30. Kaizar says:

    A bunch of videos on Clips4Sale are in Stereoscopic 3D, and the forecast for the next 8 years (which is as far as ahead in the future as analysts can predict) says that Stereoscopic 3D will become more popular and way more profitable in both entertainment and technology (2017 to 2025).

    So will you start making videos in Stereoscopic 3D ?

    You’ll have the advantage over the other adult film makers (i.e. Christina Carter, Anastasia Pierce, etc.).

    Also make it so you also have a format splitting the videos into 9 minutes 55 seconds clips for owners of the New 3DS & New 3DS XL (which the 3DS has seen a 101% increase in users watching PornHub in 2017). Plus between a $ 3,000 3D HDR 4K TV and a around $1,000 3D PC, its more affordable for people to get a New 3DS XL for $200 for all their Stereoscopic 3D porn needs.

    Just to give an example in stereoscopic 3D rise in both popularity & profit: America is the least popular country in the world for Stereoscopic 3D, but Avatar saw 71% of American screenings in 3D, with Gravity being 80% and then even more recently the movie Black Panther having 85% of its American screenings being 3D screenings (which Black Panther has made more the $1 billion). And the most biggest money making film ever is the movie; “Sex & Zen 3D”, which is a 3D porn movie that got release in movie theaters, LOL but true.

  31. Tim Caine says:

    I have to admit. I’m having trouble getting past the shoes…. Were there no white tennis shoes available anywhere?

  32. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Madison Ivy jobbing it up ?

  33. Don Mettly says:

    Larkin Love

  34. GManLovesJobbers says:

    as always – love Angela in the victim role – love the Cheerleader outfit – wish she would of worn plain white tennis shoes

  35. Kaizar says:

    Venus from landofvenus.com ?

    She has 6 pack abs and biceps and 34 D cup size breast.

    You can use her for all sorts of Superheroine/supervillainous scenarios.

    Theres also an actress who played the queen in “Eclipse Merciless Hunter” who is an even more muscular feminine looking actress you can use for scenarios in your heroine videos.

    Or about Brandi Mae?

    Or Rapture from scissorgoddess.net ?

    Chanel Santini (she’s a great Gal Gadot doppelganger).

    Dee Williams. She’s hotter then ever. She also makes a hot Powergirl.

    muscular actresses like; Yuri Asada and Miu Yukinaga from Japan.

  36. Alex Bettinger says:

    Open to suggestions (models, characters, plot lines) for more IEW fun!


    • Kaizar says:

      muscular actresses like; yuri asada and miu yukinaga from Japan or Brandi Mae from America ?

    • Shaun says:

      – Total beatdown of the protagonist in street clothes (similar to the Riott Squad & Absolution, or Aces & Eights in case of IEW) taking her out of action
      – More slow motion 🙂

    • Taylor Made says:

      I have an idea, partly borrowing from your past work but with a new twist.

      I think the crossover appeal between superheroines and wrestling comes partly from the costumes, including the mask. Lobo having a mask here is a fun character add, but what it a mask was it’s own character?

      In XCW you had a mask give Angela power to fight off others. What if you had that same context here, except the mask would be able to have humourous or humiliating dialogue with whoever was wearing it? I love scenes where the heroine is too proud to admit she’s beaten but thinks it out loud. The mask could rub it in.

      Plus an unmasking scene is always fun, and it could get passed around to different folks if you wanted to continue the series because the video sold well for you.

      Model Suggestions: Vanessa Veracruz, Tinslee Reagan, and Melissa Jacobs

    • Kevlar says:

      Models for ANY series : Vonka Romanov, Coco, Mia Malkova, Blair Williams! (Bring back one day Cali Logan too please!)

      Idea for a move – The Camel(toe) Crusher :
      1) Heel pulls down Faces pants as a distraction, trapping their ankles (unless the girl is already in panties/swimsuit).
      2) Heel walks behind Face before reaching round to deliver a front wedgie giving Face a camel-toe.
      3) (Optional) Maintaining the front wedgie, Heel humiliates Face by reaching between her legs with her other hand and rubbing her pussy to make her more sensitive.
      4) As the Face starts to enjoy herself/orgasms, Heel delivers an Uppercut low blow / atomic knee drop.

      Is that the same one from Slayer Paris, and CFF Cheerleader vs Nurse? It looks amazing!
      -Love the girls fighting in sexy thongs/panties, keep it up!
      -Hilarious name and awesome move “kung pow finger strike to the pussy”, reminds me of the viper strike from BattleBabes2020!

    • Kaizar says:

      Kali Gunz or Kaligunz

    • JBC says:

      I know she has already been in one, but I’m never opposed to seeing Christie Stevens on the end of a beatdown/grope session. Also, would be cool to perhaps see a handicap match so that the guys can perform some double team moves.

    • Laundry says:

      Pennie Barber or Briella Bounce for any of the series.

    • Charles says:

      Emily Addison similar to Christie’s episode would be a dream!!!

    • ezpleaseme says:

      2 girls getting squashed by one guy

    • Supramax says:

      IEW fun? Ending it