“Juggernaut” from TheRyeFilms

Juggernaut starring Saharra Huxly and Amber Mcalester! (TheRyeFilms.com Custom Order)

Wonderous Woman responds a bombing in Capital City and finds herself face to face with a terrorist funded Super Cyborg with enough strength to rival the Gods! Wonderous Woman throws everything she can muster at the metal giantess but to no avail. She is slowly beaten down and humiliated by the terrorist tech!

This film includes FvF beatdown, low blows, back breaker, bearhugs, brutal face and stomach punches, torture rack, reverse dragon sleeper, wedgie, KO, battle damage, verbal submission, permanent ending, and a nod to classic TV show laser beam peril.

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41 Responses

  1. toshiki says:

    Loved this. Want to see all actresses on your roster get the lift/ragdoll treatment from saharra.

  2. Mantower says:

    So this will probably get down voted quite badly, but I thought I would throw my comments in. Having seen the preview and description it was an instant buy, and I must say thanks to Rizo for writing a cool script which focused on the beatdown, which Saharra delivers with aplomb. I thought that ending was fantastic, although had it been my custom i would have shown the heroine’s body falling to the ground and the cyborg carrying her head away from behind, but that is nitpicking and building on an amazing and innovative idea! And as always, rye knocks it out of the park with his work, camera angles etc.

    However (and here is where the down voting will probably happen) is it just me that finds Amber’s reactions to being hit very monotonous? It seems to me like every hit gets the same vocal reaction and every hold gets the same reaction, and to be honest it really lowered my enjoyment of the film. When I think of Lana Rhoades’ recent peril performances, or Coco when she came in, they just really had such a wonderfully varied set of reactions to different physical abuse which I don’t really see from Amber. Sorry to all you guys who love Amber, but I just thought I would give my honest opinion.

    Again, great job to Rizo on the custom script, it was cool to see some real new and innovative ideas in there!

    • Bert says:

      There are so many preferences out there for content, actresses, clothing, reactions, and lots of them are opposing opinions. And there is a finite number of performers willing to do this type of work, for obvious reasons. I first encountered Amber in an HIP photo set, and it remains a favorite. The fact that she can also act and is willing to do these films is great for us. Having said all that, I agree with your point. She’s gorgeous, and she does the physical stuff well, but she can be a bit “one note” with her vocal reactions. It’s funny that you mentioned Coco because she has a vocal tic that annoys me – all of her gasping between action moves just makes me chuckle to myself that she has terrible cardio! As for Lana Rhoades, all I have to say is…more, please!

      • Mantower says:

        Actually that is why I mentioned coco when she first came on the scene as it was a (pardon the pun) a breath of fresh air, but she also got a bit repetitive after a while. I totally take your point about finding talented ladies who are willing to do this and that is why I don’t like to criticism too much, tbh. Lana was a real pleasant surprise in my custom (nightmare alpha) and I would use her again in a Rye production in the future. I think Rye has a huge part to play in getting these ladies to really sell the action.

    • Rizo says:

      Happy you enjoyed it Mantower. I felt Rye did a great job with it. Of course more can always be done with added resources. My dream scenario is to create a limited series of about 3-4 episodes with a final, downbeat ending.

      In my original script this would start out at the beach with WW and boyfriend, the two would get attacked, WW would be taken to a prison planet by female terrorists and would fight to the death (her death) against Saharra’s Character. Lol.

      I liked your idea a lot about the final scene. Something I would consider in a future custom.

  3. Rizo says:

    Hi guys

    Just wanted to drop in here and say I commissioned this custom. I’ve been dropping ideas with Rye for this one for quite a while now and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. My goal was to create an action heavy video with some an element of the tv show (laser) and an element of the Alan Moore comic (for the man who has everything). I hope you guys liked it. Amber was stunning and Sahara, well, she was devastating in the best way possible.

    Anyway I hope you guys liked it and maybe it inspires you to put your ideas forth for a custom. I would love to do more of this kind of video. I have lots of ideas in mind drawn from the tv show and comics.

    • shfyd says:

      Enjoyed this video very much. Thank you for commissioning and especially for casting Amber. Love to see her heroine portrayals

  4. Nowsawyer says:

    amazing, just one thing, When we going to see The Gal Gadot costume in the films!! HO MY GOOD this day will bye LEGENDARY!!

    • Geo10 says:

      To each his own, but I personally don’t find Gal’s costume very sexy. Definitely not as hot as the Lynda Carter style costume.

    • Angleman says:

      If you like the Gal Gadot costume you may as well just commission a Xena custom …

      • Bert says:

        Quit being so obtuse. (See what I did there…?)

        • saxman314 says:

          You’re right, Bert. His comment wasn’t quite acutely accurate. I see what the naysayers are saying, but A) I dig the new WW outfit fine, B) not to sound square, but hhhhnnnnggghh Xena was a fox! Those thighs!!!! So C) even if the angle of his argument were on point, the proof is in the pudding, and I bet a lot of us would be into it.

  5. Steve says:

    Amber (clad as Wonder Woman) crushed in Saharra’s frontal bear hug…it is a dream come true!!! This is SUCH a great one for me!! Tremendous heroine peril at the hands of a monstrous woman (sorry Sahara), with great acting by the stunningly beautiful Amber made this a classic for me. Whoever commissioned this custom video, I have just six words: thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  6. sam says:

    always looking forward to amber but for goodness sake what aturnoff this type of film is! common we need more m/f peril and fighting with amber!!!!

    • sam says:

      anyone who disliked this loves to get dominated at the endof the day , personally i like to see amber get dominated by a man no like someone who looks like your wives,

      • Django says:

        It’s fine if that’s your opinion. But…… there are people (I happen to be one of them) who like to see a woman dominated by a bigger woman. Everyone has their things. Also, somebody paid to have this made so, it is obviously what they wanted.

  7. shfyd says:

    Am a big fan of Amber so bought this without a second thought and was not disappointed.

    Amber is the best at playing the defiant dominated heroine, and she really is dominated in this fight. WW is not able to hurt Juggernaut at all and the villainess pounds the heroine throughout. There are a couple of bear hugs and back breakers. Amber’s moans and cries of anguish are so real.

    WW keeps coming back and spits defiance at Juggernaut only to be smashed down again.

    WW even tries to use her magic lasso but it has no effect on Juggernaut, who then uses the lasso to choke WW.

    There is some blood spilt (simulation of course) and again Amber makes it look authentic.

    More blood in the permanent ending, but I do hope they bring back Amber as WW. This was a real treat

  8. Maxwell says:

    No debooting here again, ok…

  9. Andy says:

    Would like to see Huxly vs Lana Rhoades.

  10. Mid2018 says:

    Oh my god. The ripped pantyhose is a must buy!

  11. AK_fan says:

    WOW! Will buy this! Too bad there doesn’t seem to be any sexual peril though, is this correct?

  12. Roadkill says:

    It would be great to see her take on two heroines at the same time in a double bear-hug.

  13. Peter says:

    RYE…please make sure each and every gorgeous heroine succumbs and is put completely out to the crushing bearhugs of Saharra with arms dangling and costume riding up–love how she holds and squeezes—HOT!!

  14. Hug lover says:

    Saharea huxly the queen of crushing heroines in bear hugs!

  15. John says:

    This looks good! Permanent ending? As in heroine dying?

  16. MAV says:

    Saharra is the only believable female villain IMO. Always glad to see her take out whoever she’s up against!

  17. Slapmutsky says:


    • Rizo says:

      Why did this get so many downvotes lol

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        The language police strikes again! Let this be a lesson to all who dare use such profanity on this site. Bwahahahahaha!

        • saxman314 says:

          ROFL the right to be puritanical goes out the fucking window when you’re on a site that caters to your fetish for abusing women from comic books. Fuck em.