“Kandypool” from Kick Ass Kandy

8 Responses

  1. toshiki says:

    I pray for the day I see a Kandy Crisis with Vixen on the receiving of a lift/carry-move heavy beatdown from one of the bigger, stronger ladies. Please make this happen!

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Kandy Crisis 2 is pretty much that, she even gets picked up a couple of times, so you might not need to pray!

      • toshiki says:

        Oh I have that one. One of my favorites. Doesn’t mean I’m not hoping for another more lift-intensive video with a fresh opponent!

  2. Babca11 says:

    Vixen is very sexy ,and she very hot in this catsuit.
    I would love to see her more ,has her ass been kicked by a bad guy in kick ass femme style.

    • chris says:

      If I remember correctly, Vixen and Kix took a right pounding in ‘Kandy Crisis 7’. Vixen really sold it well, she got punched, stretched and squeezed, all whilst wearing a really sexy red catsuit & boots.

      • Redmanx says:

        In my opinion Sasha Jackson was the hottest, sexiest of the Kandy Girls. I have a couple of movies with her as AJ and she looks incredible and really knows how to sell the fights; Sasha is highly trained in martial arts and it shows in the way she moves. A real drink on a stick, in sexy, thigh length boots!

    • Wrecker says:

      She was the victim in the second or third installment of Candy Crisis, iirc, and that was prolly my favorite episode of the series. Her reactions we amazing.