“Kandypool” from Kick Ass Kandy

Vixen stars in Kandypool, which is now available for purchase from Kick Ass Kandy.

VIXEN SOLO MISSION. Vixen, cleverly disguised as a sexy secretary, breaks into a local nuclear biological lab to steal this dangerous truth serum they’ve been working however, she’s quickly caught but all is not as it seems. In this powerful action epic Vixen tackles the entire security force single handedly, this sexy secretary transforms into biker chick and catsuit warrior as she uses her fierce fists and knockout kicks to destroy every man in the base…but can she get out with the serum alive? FREE PHOTOSET WITH EVERY FILM [168 Stills].

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8 Responses

  1. toshiki says:

    I pray for the day I see a Kandy Crisis with Vixen on the receiving of a lift/carry-move heavy beatdown from one of the bigger, stronger ladies. Please make this happen!

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Kandy Crisis 2 is pretty much that, she even gets picked up a couple of times, so you might not need to pray!

      • toshiki says:

        Oh I have that one. One of my favorites. Doesn’t mean I’m not hoping for another more lift-intensive video with a fresh opponent!

  2. Babca11 says:

    Vixen is very sexy ,and she very hot in this catsuit.
    I would love to see her more ,has her ass been kicked by a bad guy in kick ass femme style.

    • chris says:

      If I remember correctly, Vixen and Kix took a right pounding in ‘Kandy Crisis 7’. Vixen really sold it well, she got punched, stretched and squeezed, all whilst wearing a really sexy red catsuit & boots.

      • Redmanx says:

        In my opinion Sasha Jackson was the hottest, sexiest of the Kandy Girls. I have a couple of movies with her as AJ and she looks incredible and really knows how to sell the fights; Sasha is highly trained in martial arts and it shows in the way she moves. A real drink on a stick, in sexy, thigh length boots!

    • Wrecker says:

      She was the victim in the second or third installment of Candy Crisis, iirc, and that was prolly my favorite episode of the series. Her reactions we amazing.


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