“Kickass Femmewars” from Kick Ass Femmes

Well, this will indeed work for me. Hi-Kix versus Diva, the greatest ongoing rivalry in KAK/KAF history continues. And on top of that, throw in Aish, who seems to be the most popular newcomer to the Kandyverse in a long while.


There’s just nothing here that I don’t approve of. Diva just getting the heck beaten out of her is a rarity. That’s just what it looks like happens from the trailer. The brilliance of KAF is that one never really can tell how things will end up. Kix and Aish may very well end up face down in the dirt. It would not surprise me. We’ll get a review up ASAP.

KIX IS AT WAR WITH DIVA! Kix and Diva have a long standing dispute that needs to be settled, the time for diplomacy is over IT’S TIME TO FIGHT and the WINNER TAKES ALL. It’s time for an all out brutal femme v femme battle, Diva has turned up with her henchwoman Aish, she knows Kix is an ass kicking queen so takes no chances. First of all Kix and Diva square up, it’s high octane, high kicking and power punching combat – it’s fierce and ferocious!! THEN COMES AISH! Then comes a succession of beautiful twists in this all action epic that will tantalise you to the very end! Gorgeous girls and vicious violence from the greatest fighting girls on the planet.

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14 Responses

  1. Darkwrath016 says:

    This was a really good film in my opinion. Really enjoyed seeing Diva on the receiving end of a beatdown in this one even though I would have preferred Kix. The actress playing Diva sold the peril really good though perhaps it would be nice if her grunts/cries were just a tad higher in tone. The video was action packed and the fighting was solid throughout, especially during that two on one beating that Diva suffered which incidentally was my favorite parts. Of particular note is when Kix and Aish were beating the holy hell out of Diva like a ping pong ball between the two of them. The only thing perhaps missing and was slightly disappointing was that there was no KO of Diva in the end. I understand that the rear necked choke at the end was a sort of submission but it still would have been nice to see Diva knocked out on the floor. Oh well. Still a great video. 8/10 in my book.

    P.S Diva’s nipples printing out through her shirt are on full display in this one. The preview pictures don’t show it but trust me on this one. Every time Diva appears (which is 95% of the time in this film), there are her nipples for all to observe and enjoy. I know I did.

  2. hboss says:

    Am I the only one wondering that images and trailer don’t fit together?

    In the trailer the 3rd girl has a white top, but in the picture Set her top is black with some white in it.
    So who is it please in the video to buy, the girl from the photo set or the girl from the trailer?

    • Honest Fish says:

      The girl from the photo set and trailer are the same, but you’re right – she has a different top in the pictures. She sports the white one through out the whole scene. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Jay says:

    Does the blonde get ko’d in this?

  4. Ryan Hinto says:

    Any play by play review for this sidekick?

  5. rangerian says:

    Oh yay, refreshing to all the other stuff being served up at the moment.

  6. Nailu says:

    Aww no vixen…

  7. Darkwrath016 says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for Kickass Femmes to release another video after the domination that Hi Kix got last time. Never seen Diva in action but I’m willing to give her a shot

  8. Niky13 says:

    Where is it?

  9. JadeOwl says:

    Any KAF realease is a wonderful treat in and of itself… but this one looks like it will Raise the bar even for that.

    The only conceivable way it could be any better would be if they were all in the ring.

  10. SlawDiesel says:

    Ummm, sold???