“Kickass Warrior Queen” from Kick Ass Kandy

We discussed this a time or two before, but I think it’s worth repeating. There’s been a bit of change in the way Kick Ass Kandy produces some of their videos.


And the change I’m referring to is that the men have become a bit more competitive. It hasn’t been like that in every video. And I don’t know if it’s a direction Kandyman decided to take or if it’s a result of people ordering customs wanting it to be like that.

Either way, I think it’s been a refreshing change and has made for some entertaining films. I know our readers have taken notice and commented how they have liked that direction.

I bring this up because I’m having trouble deciding if “KICKASS WARRIOR QUEEN” is that kind of film. Kix’s opponent definitely gets his shots in early on. But not long after the 3 minute mark. it turns into a slaughter.

There’s certainly more traditional one-sided girl-power KAK combat in this than back and forth action. But Kix does take more punches in the opening part of the fight than she would have taken in 5 videos in the early days of KAK.

It’s still entertaining with plenty of things to like. In short, it’s a Kix video featuring Kix doing classic Kix things. It’s what I love to watch. I’m just not sure there’s enough back-and-forth to please fans who have enjoyed the more competitive fights in recent films.


She has been challenged by the Herc, the strongest and fiercest man in the Universe for ultimate supremacy in a fight to the death, the Queen accepts. CLICK HERE

What happens next is history in the making, the ultimate battle of the sexes when the two most powerful beings go fist to fist. It doesn’t take long for the Queen to exert her superiority with her incredible legs and fists – her kicks and punches are devastating, but does she have what it takes to destroy him for all eternity?

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11 Responses

  1. Nailu says:

    what an amazing outfit, wow! pity it isn’t featured in KAF

  2. pulphead says:

    For me it works if the girl is knocked out and shown unconscious, I don’t care who wins in the end, I don’t care if it is 90% GP and only 10% peril, just a brief peril scene of her unconsious and/or maybe carried away. Just make some angles of her while she is out.

    Also, I prefer crop tops 🙂
    Cheers !

  3. Xyh says:

    So what are some of the KAK videos that are more on the balanced, or even peril side?

  4. Mantower says:

    I agree with the three posts preceding my own, to see this brute squash kix wearing that outfit would be amazing, as it stands it isn’t my cup of tea. But kudos to KAK for making some great videos of their heroism getting beaten in the kandy crisis series, those are usually instant buys for me

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Yeah I keep on looking at picture 7, with Kix standing triumphantly over her defeated male opponent and I keep thinking “what I wouldn’t do to see a video where her male victim gets his revenge and stands just as triumphantly over her defeated body in the same victory pose”. I shudder just thinking about it.

      (By the way, not trying to steal the girl power fans thunder by commenting on this page. Just having a little bit of wishful thinking is all)

  5. Aldous says:

    If only this outfit and character were in peril….
    To each his own, for those that love the girl power this looks incredible.

  6. SHBeater says:

    The outfit she is wearing is magnificent. It would have been so good to see her taking a beating in it 😉

  7. Darkwrath016 says:

    I kind of wish I was more into girl power so that I can enjoy the magnificence that is Kix and her long sexy legs. Alas, this just isn’t my cup of tea. A shame really.