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Kristen Wiig Cast as Cheetah in “Wonder Woman 2”

Director Patty Jenkins has confirmed the casting of Kristen Wiig as the villain Cheetah in the upcoming sequel to Wonder Woman.

Check out more information at Vulture.com

8 Responses

  1. uhzoomzip says:

    Please for the love of God have her put Wonder Woman in some substantial peril or danger.

  2. Kaizar says:

    I hope they also have her put on a minimum of 17 pounds of muscles, just like they did with Gal Gadot. I really hope Gal Gadot & Kristen Wig end up being made to put on 20 or more like 25 pounds of muscles each, for their respective roles for Wonder Woman 2.

  3. HorseWithNoName says:

    On the surface it seems like a really bad choice, put going by the picture above, I can see it work…

  4. Stee says:

    I think this is a horrible decision but I also thought Gal Gadot was a horrible decision and I could not have been more wrong. I’m sure they will make it work.

    • p g says:

      Yeah I was wrong about Gadot too. She doesn’t look like WW to me, but she pulled it off.

  5. raymond felch says:

    i just wonder what she will look like and if she can kick wonder woman’s ass

  6. p g says:

    Obviously the movie is not catering to my specific interests or they would have cast Ariel Winter as Wonder Girl, Angela White as Wonder Woman, Christina Hendricks as Dr. Poison Eva Green as the Cheetah. That said Kristen Wiig is really talented and beautiful, I think it could work.

    • raymond felch says:

      i hope she is not going to just stand there watching wonder woman fight like the 60’s show i want to see the 2 fight