“Lady Ultra: Ultra Brawl 2” from UltraHeroix

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  1. SGFan says:

    I enjoyed this one. Lady Ultra is always a great character to see, I love her design and Monica does a great job playing her. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her bootless in just her leotard and tights. The King Kong style tie up for the monster was a nice touch. Great work making the monster. I’m glad you made the effort to just not have it be a big thug. The mask was really cool. I liked the sense that Lady Ultra was definitely over matched in the fight.

    If I was to give a little constructive feedback, there were a few times the camera seemed to unfocus and not as a creative choice. Additionally, I felt that the chloro scene could have been done better. Seeing Lady Ultra getting the cloth should have been my fav part of the episode, but the scene was too close up. A few close up shots are nice, but part of the beauty of a chloro scene is seeing the heroine struggle. We didn’t quite get that, since the camera was so close. Plus, there was one of those odd unfocused bits right when she was dropping to the floor KO’d.

    I still enjoyed the video and look forward to more Lady Ultra, just wanted to offer a little feedback.

    • UltraHeroix says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it SHFan! Thanks for the feedback regarding the blurry effect and the chloroform scene. I’ll be sure to remedy this in future videos. Thanks again!

  2. Masseffectman says:

    Another great video!! Monica does a great job! A+++ Maybe on your next video could you do Agent Wonder, Crimson Cat and Lady Ultra join together. With lots of chloro, action and especially facedowns? That will be so darn AWESOME!!

    • UltraHeroix says:

      Thanks Masseffectman! I’m glad you enjoyed it and Monica always comes through with a great performance. That trio is an interesting combo, the challenge would be thinking of a worthy threat for that team up! It will take some fun thoughts. Thanks again!

  3. Depo Man says:

    Lady ultra is my favorite superheroine character. Whether it’s monica or others playing her. Just love it.

    I would absolutely love to see lady ultra be brutally beat down someday. Fighting 3-4 villains/villainesses, against all odds and utterly defeated. That would be epic!

  4. Redmountain says:

    A bit confused…this appears to be the same trailer from the first Ultra Brawl.

  5. JoeyB says:

    As much as I love a black woman like Monica Jade being a superheroine that gets knocked out (you almost never see that), I’m going to pass because there’s no costume removal. It’s Monica so she has done that for other videos, and I usually pick something up if it’s costume removal to bra and panties, minimum.

  6. UltraHeroix says:

    Thanks HM!
    This is actually “Ultra Brawl 2”, just so there is no confusion. I’d also like to give special thanks to HM for his assist in editing this. We had a lot of fun shooting this and Monica does awesome job here!


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