“Liberty Star – Heroine Hunter” from Alex David

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  1. zilch says:

    I’ll be purchasing this tomorrow. This is my favorite actress playing my favorite character with one my favorite tropes: the “bounty hunter” who knows how to depower superheroines. If I had any doubt about buying it, that final picture with Alex gagged squashed it. Thank you for doing this for us, Heroine Hunter!

    • zilch says:

      I bought it and watched it. I’m happy to say that Alex is as sexy and great as ever, and that this movie actually allows her to show off her skills. It has such a great variety of perils, and up till the last five minutes or so, it keeps going back and forth. Sometimes Liberty Star has the upper hand (we get the sense that she is a powerful superheroine), and sometimes its the Heroine Hunter (who prevails not because he’s stronger than LS, but because he’s more clever). We get peril in and out of costume. The two classic Lynda Carter-style scenes are done perfectly. In short, it’s the sort of movie I’ve missed! But what happens at the ending????

      • heroinehunter says:

        Hi zilch –
        Thank you for your kind words about the custom. Alex and I really strove to make it one of the best out there. One of the aspects of the story we wanted to do is build up the tension and have Liberty Star defeated slowly. We definitely achieved that. In regards to the ending, I wanted to have the flogging bit and then leave it open ended so that the viewer can make his or her own conclusion as to what happens next. Glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. alan Jones says:

    Would love to see her as Batgirl again – getting a little bored of the Wonder Woman ones

  3. Heroineburgh says:

    Love that Alex is back!

  4. uhzoomzip says:

    So glad to see Alex David back, really looking forward to buying this. Here’s to many more superheroine videos starring the best actress in the genre.


    Greetings My Fellow Perverted Cheeky Little Monkeys –

    Welcome to my second custom starring the stunning, sensational, crazy talented Alex David!!
    Alex returns once again as the fan favorite superheroine – the amazing, wonderful Liberty Star!!

    Alex and I went all out this time to ensure that fans everywhere will be pleased with this latest adventure. A true comic book fetish storyline, emphasis on the fabled belt for all of you belt fanatics, not just one but TWO homages to the wonderful Lynda Carter television series that you’re sure to love.

    There is a new villain in town named the Heroine Hunter that has been given the task of capturing Superheroines. Diana decides to go undercover to bring this fiend in herself.
    This video has: bondage with ropes and also with chains, male vs female fighting in a ‘thunderdome’ type setting using multiple weapons, powers and abilities denial, belly punching, head butts, low blows, crotch rubbing, choking, gags, frontal bearhugs, a stretching chain tug of war that escalates into electricity being used, chloroform being used on our heroine, Liberty fighting on with both hands tied behind her, sexy crawls on the floor, sleeper holds, on screen tying, relief denial and punishment, arms over head Eiffel tower position flogging ending with Liberty Star being brought down to her very knees. And last, but by no means least, the Daisy Dukes even make an appearance!!

    I promise you, good friends, that this custom video is more than worth the money to buy! GET IT NOW!!!

    Heroine Hunter aka Uncle Jonesy

    • Daria says:

      A really good looking trailer with this one and so many elements that I think I’ll enjoy. I love the Linda Carter reference with the chained spread-eagle. It looks to be an excellent production. I want!

    • rexx says:

      The trailer looks really good, im a fan of the classic tv Wonder Woman peril also for me the magic belt is the perfect source of power / weakness for superheroines based on wonder woman like liberty star,

      I love alex david from many videos of the past as liberty girl/star where she also has her golden belt as source of powers and is very sexy when she is debelted by a villain and becomes weak and helpless without it at the same time she is strong and confident while she is wearing it… alex david is perfect to play an amazon she is beautiful and tall a very sexy woman …

      I hope more videos of her playing Liberty Star and doing more TV wonder woman peril homages because thats the perfect live action wonder woman for me and many people , on the tv show she was strong enough and vulnerable enough and she always kept feminine …

  6. jlocke says:

    I am extremely happy that Alex is back as Liberty Star! I usually don’t buy superheroine vids without nudity, but I have to make an exception when it comes to Alex David. Hope to see the Liberty Star series continue for a long time.

  7. Alex David is a legend, a beauty, and a fine actress.

    If I’m honest– really wish there was some sexual peril in this one :/

    • Hi Senor Descartes –
      By Alex’s request, she did not want to do sexual peril with this one. And I’m more of a bdsm / bondage peril kind of guy. However, there are other really great Liberty Star videos that does feature sexual peril.

      • rexx says:

        for me i like depowerment scenarios , fights and some bondage is good too maybe a bit of grope…
        but for me is fine with just having a fight having the heroine winning until the bad guy removes her magic belt of power and then see how she is being defeated without her powers

      • Thanks for clarifying! I know Alex has moved away from the genre in recent years, at least in an on-camera capacity, but she’s so damn good at it, I’m sad to see less of her 🙁