Lora “Little Bear” Wife of Wrestler Otto “The Bear” from Lady2fight

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TheSqueezer avatar
3 years ago

I did add 2 scenes with 2 kicks into the groin, Lora hits Otto’s buddy in his groin, one scene Lora kicks Bruno’s groin 2 times for in front, and another scene Lora kicks Bruno’s groin 2 times for behind.

TheSqueezer avatar
3 years ago

I will say ♥LORA♥ did a wonderful work, my custom video was great…! ♥Lora♥ is an excellent actress, I love to work with her, according to my Otto “The bear” story, Lora did the role-play wonderfully, she did exactly as “The Little bear” Otto’s wife is…! a beautiful, elegant, delicate whimsical and dominate woman, her facial expressions were fantastic, in my video, Lora looks a fragile woman but when she hits, she looks a powerful woman, in one scene Lora beats unconscious Otto up, and it looked as she had have killed him to strokes…! On the chloroform scene and… Read more »

ianxxz avatar
3 years ago
Reply to  The Squeezer

Thinking of getting this video, is there any low blows, shots to the guys groin at all? Thanks