“Love Bites, Nosferatu vs Vampirella – Part 1” from Anastasia Pierce

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  1. AnastasiaPierce says:

    Thank you so much for both the good and the bad feedback, glad to be receiving your opinions.

    First thank you for the tummy comments. I guess I need to show you more often that part of my body!

    You wont have to wait long for part 2 it is going to be release in just a few days , on Friday. I am not charging extra for two parts. $1/min like most producers on all my stories. I just find it easier sometimes to release stories over 20 min in two parts over two weeks. For several reasons.

    Mostly because It takes me lots of physical time to work on movies editing, special fx, titles, previews, etc. by splitting a longer movie in half. It gives me more time to work on the movie. It is time consuming and I mostly do all of it myself so I need the physical time to work on them.

    Also in two parts (which by the way are released within 7 days, not months) I get to showcase more aspects of the movie then I would in one release. Two previews get created for different parts of the movie that showcase the different scenes and attract different viewers geared towards different subjects.

    I usually always end up releasing the full version later on at a discounted price. Just like hollywood movies. You pay less for a movie rental several month later that a new release at a theater. I hope this gives you some understanding of the process. It is not meant to annoy you. And if you want to watch the movie in full just wait for the second week and watch it all together and binge like a Netflix season.
    Thank you for watching my movies, I really appreciate you all!!

    Talk to you soon,

  2. I am really annoyed by producers like Anatasia and Kendra James. They are always releasing parts before releasing the full video. Sometimes they wait months or years in a few cases before releasing the full video. I have no interest in buying parts. I want the full video. There is no reason to make us wait for part 2 of a video. They normally charge more for parts than the full video. Why would I want to buy part 1, part 2, and then the full video? That’s illogical and greedy on their end.

    • Imagineer says:

      It’s annoying when they have what you want and don’t give it to you when you want it for the price you’d like to pay.

      I know I was really annoyed when I finished watching Infinity War. There is no reason to make us wait for part 2. Heck, I didn’t even get a copy of part 1 on Blu-Ray with my ticket. They wouldn’t even sell me one until months later.

      Expert porn tip: make a playlist for your parts. You can even include times in your playlist to skip right to the good parts.

      Expert life tip: you catch more flies with honey…

      I think most people who want the whole video are frustrated when it’s released in parts first. Especially if it also means paying more than if we’d waited.

      But there are some good reasons why producers sometimes choose this release model. It’s a way to increase revenue overall, not only from those who want the whole thing, but to appeal to customers who might only want (or be able to afford) part of it. It’s also a way to start earning revenue sooner — Part 2 post-production might not be finished when Part 1 is released. It’s also a way to build anticipation which can increase sales.

      A humble suggestion to producers: it would be less frustrating to long-form fans if they knew whether/when the all-in-one-file version is to be released.

      And if you had some kind of comment form or way to send you a private message or email for comments and suggestions like these, we’d be happy to use it — after all, we might get a little testy when we’re waiting for your next release, but when we make public comments here we’re not trying to make you look bad or rouse rabble against you — we’re just trying to be helpful.

      • I don’t follow Marvel. I have no idea what you are referring to about Infinity War.

        I only buy full videos that I want. Prices are never an issue in SHIP. I have never seen an outrageous price from any ship producer. It does not make sense to buy all the parts and the full video. Why would I spend $50 for two parts and six months later the full video is released for $40? Stores normally sell parts at higher prices than full videos even if they release the parts and full video on the same day.

        Would still pay parts’ combined prices for a video. If the parts cost $50 together than I would be happy to pay $50 for the full video.

        Common Sense Tip: You can skip parts in a full video to go to the part you want to watch at the moment.

        I understand not everyone can afford a full video, and parts help customers on a budget. A full video should be available for customers willing to buy it.

        Real Fact About Porn: I purchased custom videos from producers and they will give me the FULL VIDEO. Then, they will release parts at their stores and will eventually release the full video later that week or in two weeks. Full videos are typically ready and some studios try to milk as much money out of customers as possible.

        If I only had parts for all of my videos then I would have thousands of files and I don’t think anyone would want 1,000 to 2,000 files of parts (some companies release up to 6 parts).

  3. Andrew Chin says:

    Yeah, so you couldn’t go with the skimpier version of the costume? Just saying.

    • john says:

      Yeah. I thorght that was well. I think Anastasia seems to be needlessly selfconcious about her belly. you notice most of her outfits hide it. not that there’s anything wrong with her figure in reality. when we do see her belly, as in that genie video recently, there’s nothing wrong with it… she has a lovely slim waist. just women I suppose. if they don’t have a visable six pack and a 19 inch waist they get it into their heads they’re fat. but yes, a skimpier outfit… discarded about half way through the movie… would have been better.

  4. Jeff says:

    A full version is something I think is something that producers like to do if they can for their viewers or if it is requested enough from frequent buyers. It isn’t something I would expect to see but still sometimes hope for if the story has many elements I really enjoy watching. This particular video doesn’t have much of what I enjoy in this first part so I and hoping there will be a few more in the next one, besides not having my favorites it still looks very interesting and different than what ms Pierce usually releases and if anyone enjoys what they see in this part should definitely give a purchase and view.