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Lynda Carter to Appear in “Wonder Woman 2”?

Rumors are circulating that Lynda Carter will make an appearance in Wonder Woman 2, although the issue hasn’t been decided for sure.

“That is up to director Patty Jenkins, I’ve been talking to her about it… She has given me some hints about it and I guess it’s up to Warner Bros if they want to spend the money,” Ms. Carter said.

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13 Responses

  1. Bert says:

    Her appearances on Supergirl were awful. She can’t act. If they give her a part it will have to be very small to minimize the damage.

    I know Lynda Carter is considered a God by some on this forum, and yeah, I own the 1970’s series on DVD, but I was around and a fan when those shows were being shot and Carter had a terrible rep for being difficult and bitchy. In several cases at least, peril scenes for WW were nixed by Carter. She was a prima donna who made life difficult for everyone, which is probably why the series was canceled. Even the quote above displays her arrogance, implying the studio would have to come up with big money for the honor of landing her. I think they should leave her out.

    • Jacques says:

      Yes, I have to agree. I was around in those days as well. Her ability to deliver dialogue was at best ‘wooden’.
      Most of the scripts were pretty lame.

      • Mr.Bleh says:

        It was “Giggle TV”. People weren’t tuning in because of “award winning” performances. If the dialogue seemed a bit stiff was partly due to the writing. It wasn’t exactly the best, either. I think WW was cancelled for the same reason Starsky & Hutch was. There was a movement to get back to more wholesome and intelligent television at the time and some shows, even though extremely popular, were axed because they didn’t fit that new mold.

    • Adam says:

      Agreed Bert.
      I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt to her most recent appearances, chalking it up to being out of practice for so long. That said, acting coach? Did no one say “your a little rough?”

      As to being a Prima Donna, I’ve heard those also, but never from a confirmed source. if you know of any, please share.
      Though the line of, “if they pay me enough,” is a bit worrying.

      • Maar13 says:

        Well … the “pay me enough” is not something to worry about, if she was given a role at Supergirl and Smallville, which had way less budget, I believe the price would be less than anyone is imagining, besides probably is going to be a two line cameo or something, not a major role, so dont’ sweat it guys.

      • damiwi says:

        Where did she say ‘If they pay me enough’? You’re just doing the same as Bert and twisting words. Lynda did not have a reputation for being a Prima Donna, this is ridiculous. Any actress in those days that didn’t do the business off set… I think you know what I mean, could easily get a bad rep, that’s because Hollywood was full of assholes and perverts, who expected actresses to be whores for them. Respect to Lynda for refusing, sadly it led to her alcoholism…. she had a pretty rough schedule doing Wonder Woman, long hours, hard work and did a lot of the stunts herself, more as the series went on. No need to make stories up that aren’t true. People have a habit of re-inventing history on the Internet and pretending they know stuff, they clearly don’t.

    • Maar13 says:

      I think most of us might consider her a “Goddess” but is really attached to the Wonder Woman image she once had, I still have a crush to that image, but with that being said, is not like I look to her next gig or anything after that, maybe most people feel the same way.

    • damiwi says:

      Bert she didn’t have a rep for being difficult and bitchy and I was around in those days too. This is pure invention. Reference something or someone to support this nonsense or stop spreading it. The quote is not implying that Lynda wants big money for her appearance, you’ve just twisted that too.

  2. Dr G says:

    Hell Yeah !!!

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