“Maiden America: Mind over Muscle” from Heroine Peril

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  1. Kaizar says:

    With another actress becoming a women only contract actor, these studios better become more creative and try more fresh and original stuff the more & more their getting corner into lesbian content.

    Although I recall Cali Logan doing lesbian content 99% of the time before this change, so it doesn’t seem like anything’s change with Cali videos except the few times you would get mix videos won’t happen anymore. It doesn’t seem like a change at all in this particular case.

  2. Valik says:

    Thats not for me to comment on even though I know the reason for the change. Models limits change and it does effect who can work with them but you have to respect it. It wasnt anything anyone did.

  3. theEscapist says:

    Again….I miss Cali Logan at peak hotness 🙁

  4. Valik says:

    Cali is super hot in this video and it’s one of several that were shot before her limits changed to no men in her videos.


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