“Marvel Girl: Black Magic” from Secret Heroine Films

Secret Heroine Films presents Marvel Girl: Black Magic – now available.


Coming soon from SHF and SHG-Media.com. Starring Halsey Rae as Marvel Girl

Marvel Girl was granted amazing powers to be the earths champion as long as she followed one simple rule, she must stay pure! A villain from an alternative universe will test Marvel Girls strength, power and purity. She is known as Wonder Bitch! Having all of WW’s powers including the lasso of truth, Wonder Bitch will stop at nothing to steal all of Marvel Girls powers. She forces Marvel Girl to expose her secret weakness of sexual pleasure and takes control of her body. Soon the people of earth will see a different side of Marvel Girl. Broken, powerless and naked!

This video will have two forced O’s, lots of wedgies, spanking, sexual peril, costume removal, body control, de-powering and a death ending

Mr. Hero

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29 Responses

  1. BezerrinhoFoda says:

    Quando vai voltar a marvel girl? Pfvr td mundo quer ela devolta

  2. MCarvalh says:

    In my opinion this movie is a strong contender for best of 2018. We are just at the beginning of 2018. If this movie is an indication of what we can expect, I would say that it will be a great year for fans.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      I think that might be a slight overreaction. I bought this one and liked it, but there isn’t much different than the usual action, the setting is typical of these videos. I really like the heroine and the villainess is quite good. But best of 2018? I’m thinking that might be a bit of a stretch.
      Again, I bought this and liked it, so I don’t mean to be disparaging. I just don’t think it should be overhyped.

  3. Peter says:

    Mr Hero…I am in love with Marvel girl. This has to be the best costume ever designed.
    Halsey is like the girl next door….love that beautiful face and gorgeous body.
    I like the storyline…only thing missing was a good chloro and/or bearhug with her
    squeezed unconscious and her red leotard riding up.

    Any chance we see Marvel Girl again ? is a custom a possibility ?
    Thank you for this great heroine. Please I want to see more!!

  4. Rover says:

    Loved the special FX. Need moar in this genre! And love Halsey. Very sexy.

  5. Decendingskulls says:

    In the previous Marvel Girl film, when Marvel girl finally orgasms, she appears to burn in a magical curse fire as she loses her Marvel Girl identity and collapses dead. I’m wondering if this death ending is similar. I really liked that.

  6. shzam says:

    Anyone know the run time?

  7. Blank1 says:

    umm hey guys the video is available now at https://shg-media.com. And I must say it was fucking amazing!!

  8. Andy says:

    Not as good as the first Marvel Girl but this looks pretty good. Wish we can get that Raquel Mercedes girl back. I’ll still buy this.

  9. Dennis says:

    looks really cool, can’t wait!

  10. Brad says:

    Thought for a sequel: Halsey Rae as Marvel Girl teamed up with Ashley Lane as Supergirl. Lots of super power use and lesbianism.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Put her in the black and gold version of the costume!

    • Ztc says:

      I would buy that if Halsey is in either costume, but I wouldn’t mind the black and gold one.

    • Knightofun says:

      It would be nice to see a little lesbianism in some heroine peril videos. Especially if it’s a female villain playing with Ashley Lane like she’s her own personal playtoy. That would be a best seller.

  11. Rover says:

    Is it ‘soon’ yet??

  12. Brianna says:

    Wow. That’s a buy for me.

  13. mip says:

    Does she wear pantyhose in this?

  14. ME92 says:

    First of all I want to say, when I first noticed Halsey in Heroines of F.U.R.Y Part 1 I was immediately taken back by her preformance and stunning nature. Few videos since then has had as many “revisitings” as the 1st part of that triology had for me. This one which also features her nemesis (as I like to call her since she’s almost alway the villainess in Halsey’s flicks) just makes it even better. Few has been better as a villainess in my opinion and their chemestry in Heroines of F.U.R.Y part 1 was absolutelly fantastic.

    With all that said, if this video gets close to that (which judging from the trailer it might do), I’m more than sold as soon as it releases. Keep it up! =)

    • Nemo456 says:

      Any chance you know the actress name for the villain? There’s something about her, would love to find other stuff she has done, away from the heroine genre, thx 🙂

  15. shzam says:

    Absolutely love both of these actresses and public humiliation is my kink so can’t wait for this. any rough ETA

    • ME92 says:

      January was mentioned back in the Sale’s post from last month, but that is very vague indeed =P

  16. Peter says:

    That costume and Halsey Rae are AMAZING.
    First time we have ever seen her with bare legs.
    She is so sexy!! Hope this is the first of many adventures
    for this Marvel Girl !

    • ME92 says:

      Agreed, we’ve had way too little films with her as of late, so hopefully that will change =D

  17. decendingskulls says:

    YESSSS I will be so looking forward to this ermahgerrrrrd