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  1. KEVIN says:

    hello, if you are going to do a supergirl production you should start to improve the uniform, do not wear the skirt too long because you can not appreciate the beautiful legs that the models have, nor the very long coat that seems to be in the way, the color the uniform should be the classic or do not even think about putting the color you have in the television series. can put an enemy as a reing but muscular that you beat her like in the production supergirl vs wolf that circulates in the network, that breaks her the uniform but must always be the S to be known that she is supergirl, she must throw rays that torture her as in another production that they only did that the model did not have the S, can capture it in cross and torture her and humiliate her and then have her supergirl you should never lose the foreground. In any case, enemies should always look like ET, when they possess it, they should use kryptonite.


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