UPDATED! “Miracle Maiden vs Feline Fury” from Action Cosplay

9 Responses

  1. Next Global Crisis says:

    OUT NOW: https://actioncosplay.com

  2. Doctor9 says:

    Am I seeing things, or is Feline Fury transforming into Miracle Maiden at the end? Not complaining, mind you. I always wondered what would happen if some villainess stole Wonder Woman’s magic belt, and took it for a “spin” so to speak.

  3. Orcaman001 says:

    We’ll it nice rose a character somewhat like the cheetah I assume this is along this basis!
    It makes one think if all the fierce battles that happened throughout the WW comics
    I think you got a winning battle formula in this one could almost make a mini series out if these two characters ? 🙂
    I’m definitely going to adding this to the want list
    I’m sure it will be another epic episode

  4. mosg says:

    Instant buy!

  5. Steve says:

    This looks REAL good! I am anxiously awaiting its release. Her last outing as Miracle Maiden was amazing!

  6. ray says:

    looks good is there going to be batgirl vs black cat?