“Navel Institute: Session One” from Sensually Savage Productions

From Saya Savage:

Hey you guys! My newest production is now available – “NAVEL INSTITUTE: SESSION ONE” stars Anne-Marie as a spy who takes down THREE sexy Serena clones with A TON of belly attacks, belly KOs, and more! Check the full description below and I hope you like it!!!!

"Navel Institute: Session One" from Sensually Savage Productions



As we fade in we see the powerful Anne-Marie being told by her boss Serena that she’s about to enter a VR program where she gets to take down several clones that happen to look just like her superior. A grinning Anne-Marie accepts the task and we cut to the session, and a stunning Serena wearing a barely-there micro bikini. This is clone # 1. Anne-Marie delivers a punch to the jaw that weakens her, and then the destruction begins. BELLY and NAVEL fetishists: this one is for YOU! Anne-Marie makes her way through THREE separate Serena clones, taking her time as she slowly demolishes each version of the blonde with MULTIPLE attacks to her belly and belly button, using punches, blades, and MORE to work her prey down to the point where she’s begging to be finished off!

Included: belly punching, sensual belly touching and caressing, belly kissing, belly button belly poking with fingers, exhausted victims, belly knockouts, navel jabs, belly worship, over the shoulder carries, belly termination, executrix attacks, blackjack blows to the belly/navel, thong bikini, blackjack blow to the navel knockout, blackjack jabs to the belly and belly button, knee strikes to the belly, clone liquidated via silenced weapon, eyerolling, short blade attacks to the belly and belly button, self stab with blade into belly button, post knockout blade attacks, and more.

This is one of the sexiest belly destructions you’ll ever see. Trust us!

<3, Saya Savage

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  1. some kind of ninja says:

    Ah yes, finally something else that’s more my thing. Just wish there was a video preview and not just some screenshots.