UPDATED! New “Compilation” Videos from Alex Bettinger

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  1. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey everyone, fear not, I have several scripts ready to shoot, and I’m just waiting on the funding for one or two of them to come through, and then we’re back in business. I’m sorry for the long wait between shoots! Unfortunately, as the marketplace changes (tube sites do make it much harder for people like me), I now have to be a bit more careful about when and who I shoot. I also have been working on a few other creative projects which has taken up a lot more of my time than I had expected; and then all the other things I’ve mentioned about the brutal heat in LA and so forth have been very real issues. But it’s just a matter of time before I’m back in the saddle; I still think I can get a shoot in before the end of the month, but if not then early October! Stay tuned, we have some really great stuff planned! XCW, Superheroines, some male/female stuff, vampires…all coming as soon as possible!!

    • TheVoice says:

      Vampires you say??
      Just like to say that I was a big fan of the Sanguin X stuff with Diana knight.

      What kind of vampire stuff do you have planned if you don’t mind me asking? 😀

      • Alex Bettinger says:

        I have a superb custom script for a vampire slayer being defeated and ravished by a vampire master and his henchman. It’s going to be one of the best things we’ve ever done.

        • TheVoice says:

          for what it’s worth you’ve certainly peaked my interest. looking forward to its release 😀

  2. Kaizar says:

    For new actresses:
    For heel:
    Goddess Rapture (she’s both tall and strong)

    Brandi Mae (the strongest adult actress in the industry, via no cheating)

    Andrea Rosu

    Charli Mckenna

    Nikki Jackson

    Megan Avalon

    Ava Koxxx (for towering tall wrestler. She’s 6 foot 3 inches)

    Dillon Harper (for short wrestler. Need 4 feet X inches actresses too you know)

    Seriously got to start having some tall actresses as well as short actresses, as well as strong actresses (i.e. Ariel X).

  3. JawaHoudini says:

    On the off chance Alex does want new models let me throw Ashley Adams name into the ring; she’s got big tits, a great ass, is very expressive, and has done this kind of work before. Could be a heel or jobber convincingly. Definitely someone I could see in the ring giving or receiving punishment like a Sinn Sage character.

    Other creampuffs could be Blair Williams or Ashley Lane both blonds who have done superheroine work. Hard to see either of them as a heel but I can’t say seeing a Bitchy Blair villain isn’t an interesting notion.

    Valentina Nappi; I don’t think she’s done much choreographed like this but she’s an Italian goddess with a fantastic ass and who alot of work in America but is unavailable until January. She could be the foreign competitor XCW has not had since Diana or “Anime” Akira. She has a striking face and I could easily see her as a heel but also think it would be a crime to not see her get dominated with a strap-on.

    And one final note, the XCW needs more redhead representation get penny pax in here.

  4. Feardavivi says:

    It seems Alex Problems are bigger as we all guessed.
    Furthermore there are lot of models who retired in the last few months, so the current cast from xcw is very tiny….
    Alex definetly Need new models or must talk to some retired models to maybe make a return with a surprise for us all….
    I would buy immediaetly a new xcw Clips, when some Comes in near future…. please Ales talk to us….

    • ME92 says:

      Care to elaborate on who retired? I’ve heard from before that girls like Paris, Diana, Nicole (basically all the heels except for Annie and Christina), Randy and JC Marie have retired over the last 2 or so years but that’s about it. Still though for the original heels factions at XCW, that’s a lot I’d say.

  5. Jack Puncher says:

    I would add my voice to those asking if it is possible for Alex to give an update on future plans. Last year we were advised XCW was his premier product and it was hoped to move towards producing one a month and for every month there to be a second product being either a Superheroine World or an IEW.

    We understand there was an issue preventing filming in January/February and were then advised that as the Gym location had no air conditioning with the heat wave it was just too hot for the performers. The result being there has been no new XCW issued so far in 2018. Looking forward we hope filming can start again soon (I am not local to Alex so do not know what the heat wave situation currently is) and logic would indicate the first film should be an XCW. It is normal for a “premier product” to take priority with other projects being fitted in around it as circumstances allow.

    We were also advised last year that in XCW Alex had dropped various story lines to focus on one revolving around Charlotte Stokely, Jessica Ryan and Ella Darling. Also to start one come to be referred to as the “Angela’s Mask” story line focusing on Angela Somars as a masked wrestler where Angela plays not the jobber we have come to know and love but in her mask to revert to her high quality wrestling back ground with the mask removing a psychological block such that she displays a very high level of skill. Arguably the most formidably skilled wrestler in XCW.

    Presumably the run initiated by Christina Carter as the Dominator for the XCW Champion of the World title is part of the Charlotte Stokely, Jessica Ryan and Ella Darling story arc with these performers disputing Dominators claim to be the number one contender. I cannot wait to see if Charlotte and Jessica can over come the beatings they have taken from Dominator to re establish themselves as the leading contenders. Then will Ella use her power as Interim General Manager/Senior Official in attempts to frustrate Dominator as payback for her sneak attack on Jessica.

    There has been nothing released yet on the “Angela’s Mask” arc.

    I can understand Alex not wanting to comment just for the sake of it but an update on the location viability and whether the two XCW story arcs are still on the go would be welcome. I can understand showing loyalty to a particular location but if for most of a year the usual one is not viable it does raise the question as to whether there are other locations that could be used. Whilst all the films recently have been shot in the gym apart from the wrestling bouts a ring is not necessarily needed and there must be other ring facilities.

    • ME92 says:

      I’m inclined to agree with this. There has always been the problem of too much heat in the mid-Summer, but back when XCW first started, we had a lot of episodes the rest of the year at least to make up for it, and also other releases from Alex in general. I mean, we wouldn’t have hit 50+ episodes otherwise in 8 or so years if we had this few a year. In fact, I think we hit 25 in the first 3 years alone if I’m not mistaken and that’s a lot, at least compared to now.

      Now I understand that over time things change and actresses becomes unavailable due to several reasons that makes problems for any unfinished main storyline, but also understanding this, it is easier for us the customer to look past such obstacle and fall in line with whatever new story direction Alex has to come up with. It’s not like there’s only been a problem this year, but the last 3 years have been a decline compared to before. Heat, relocation and actresses availability can sure be tough on the business I’m sure, but 3 years running and I get the feeling things isn’t as they used to be. Maybe the industry changed and “mass” production has become less justified seeing as customs are more a mean to go now than an afterthought like before, but like you said in any case, some updates would be nice.

      I used to write stories for a site for 5 years straight so I know how persistant people can be asking for more, but I also know that any update regulary, even if it’s small, is better than none at all to keep them rolling for future releases. Alex has always been my favorite producer leaning more to my tastes on a regular basis than any other, and to see this little released from him lately troubles me, I just can’t settle on something else in the meantime, lol. Like you said, no XCW this year is a heavy blow for the series which can be hard to get back from. I had a break of a year when I was writing before I got back into it again and by then I had lost 4/5th of all my original readers. Basically had to reboot the whole thing in the end to get back up again, so hopefully Alex can still produce the same quality of XCW even if a lot of time passes that at the same time is justified from a sale’s perspective. From the looks of it, that might be the problem itself, but who knows.

      • Kaizar says:

        You guys forgot to mention that Global Warming is the #1 reason why we are going to see fewer & fewer videos each year. The location clearly needs to be upgraded with air conditioning and/or whatever, stat.

  6. chris says:

    any new stuff coming Alex?

  7. Rouge1791 says:

    Alex news?

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  9. Chris says:

    Any news about the new video Alex

  10. ali says:

    where is paris kennedy + natalie minx ?

  11. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey everyone, no I’m not retired yet! I’ve just been reorganizing, moving, preparing to shoot a few big custom videos, and also waiting out the brutal heatwave in LA. It’s really unfeasible to shoot in the gym (which has no A/C) when it’s 100 degrees outside. New stuff coming soon!

    • Raymond Felch says:

      hello, i really love your videos i was wondering are DVDs? id love to have some of the matches on DVD!!

      • Alex Bettinger says:

        Yes, just email me at slayerparisproductions ((at)) yahoo ((dot)) com and let me know which videos you want on dvd, and I”ll burn them for you. The more you order the cheaper the price.

        • Ztc says:

          Alex. Any impervia 3 news with impervia and iron girl v sleep mistress and devil girl

    • steve says:

      i hope we can get more emily addison in one of these upcoming vids.

  12. Pistolero says:

    Any Updates about new stuff from Alex Bettinger, it seems he retired…. too

  13. Koukou says:

    any news Alex Bettinger ..xcw ??

  14. Red1717 says:

    any news Alex Bettinger about upcoming content?

  15. Josh says:

    any news on upcoming content alex?

  16. Charles says:

    looking forward to the next IEW ep! 1st one was epic imo

  17. CaptainCrude says:

    GLOW – Would like to see Ariella Ferrera in the series as a campy bullying type villain.

    XCW – Would like to see GI Jewell take the worst most humiliating and submissive loss of her entire career to the Dominator. I just want to see her become urgently submissive to the Dominator and give in to any demand she makes. Maybe someone makes a surprise challenge to the Dominator in a follow up episode and tries to go head-to-head with her.

    • Kaizar says:

      For GLOW like matches; would like to see the inclusion of such actresses as: Goddess Rapture, Brandi Mae, Andrea Rosu, Kaligunz/Kali Gunz, Cory Chase, Charli Mckenna, Nikki Jackson, Megan Avalon, Duchess Dani and/or Dani Andrews. And “Ava Koxxx” too, because she is tall (6 foot 3 inches).

  18. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Would love to see GLOW like matches – American going down , oh yes , and who better for a butt kicking than those Southern Belles (Not using Tara though out of respect since she is no longer with us – alternate Magnolia character or a Savannah replacement would be good) & 1 request from me – my biggest GLOW hate/regret , NEVER ONCE SEEING SUSIE SPIRIT LOSE — WOULD LOVE TO SEE HER GET SQUASHED -VIOLATED, & PINNED

  19. Dallas Carter says:

    What about another glow spinoff with Christina Carter as the Americana character? I think you could give us the adult version we all wanted to see.

  20. Darnsy Bixby says:

    Patiently waiting for a new episode of XCW

  21. Valugi says:

    When we will see new release of X Club wrestling?

  22. ali says:

    where is paris kennedy . emily addison . natalie minx ?

    • Kaizar says:

      Paris is retired, and I heard that the city of Paris is under water.
      Emily has recently done Christina Carter videos.
      I don’t know about Natalie Minx.