New Series – “Heroineburgh” – Episodes 1-4 Available

A new producer has arrived and has introduced Heroineburgh — a new series of superheroine videos. Check out more details below.

Now available

Episodes 1-4 from Heroineburgh

Major exciting news: another new producer has entered the ring of superheroine videos!

Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA.
The first season (12 episodes) creates an entirely new universe, revealing the origins of 16 superheroines who gain their powers from a dark-energy meteor bombardment.
Eventually, they form a League to battle forces arrayed against them in the city and across the nation.
The superheroines represent various ethnicities, professions, sexual orientations, subcultures and neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, with many real locations used for film shoots.

The first four episodes are now on sale at HEROINEBURGH in the Video Store.
Price is $7.99 each, and the videos range in length from 28 to 40 minutes.

Here is the trailer for Episodes 1-4. Short descriptions of the episodes follow below.

Episode 1: “Anger is an Energy” introduces the heroine Cybrina, a genius coder at a tech company who isn’t given the chance to shine by her chauvinist boss.
Enter the anti-heroine Red Gina, also a computer programmer, who gets hit on during her job interview. She turns into a super-strong rage machine and all hell breaks loose.
Can Cybrina stop her in time before the company gets destroyed?

Elements: Tight Spandex, Super Powered Transformations, Super Strength, Electric Shock and Cyberspace Powers, F/F Combat, F/M Domination, Throatlift, Knockout.

Episode 2: “I Bring You Fire” introduces the heroine Hellfyra, a dabbler in Satanism who designs fashion and loves heavy metal. Her boyfriend Mike is a guitarist. A lonely metal groupie becomes the villainess Mesmera, hypnotizing band members in their dressing rooms and stealing their money and drugs. Can Hellfyra and Mike catch Mesmera and
stop her crime spree?

Elements: Tight Spandex, Super Powered Transformation, Super Strength, Fire Blast Powers, F/F Combat, F/F Hypnosis, Throatlift, Satanic Ritual, Rope Bondage

Episode 3: “Everything’s Gone Green” introduces the Jewish heroine Gardenia, a teacher and environmental activist who gains powers to manipulate the plant kingdom.
Spiteful scientist Dr. Shvitz and the control-obsessed Devorra the Queen Bee conspire to hold the city hostage with a force field causing citywide atmospheric warming.
Can Gardenia muster up enough confidence in her abilities to discover a new secret power that can defeat the dastardly duo?

Elements: Tight Spandex, Super Heroine Transformations, Plant Control and Climate Control Powers, F/M Mind Control, Female Domination, Knockout, F/F Combat, Vine Bondage

Episode 4: “Trans-Adriatic Express” introduces the Italian heroine Vendetta and the Serbian heroine Devana. Vendetta swears vengeance on the local mob consigliere who
killed her best friend and exiled her father. Meanwhile, Devana fights to keep her brother safe after he incurs gambling debts with the Serbian mob. The heroines unexpectedly
meet and find themselves on the same side. Can they defeat the superhuman enforcers the mob has sent after them?

Elements: Tight Spandex. Super Heroine Transformations. Super Strength. F/M Combat. Weapons: Bo Staff, Escrima. Female Domination. Death by Fire. Belly Punching. Neck Snapping. Training Montage in Exercise Wear.

Videos on sale at HEROINEBURGH




Live original character superheroine video series from Pittsburgh, PA. Action, comedy, drama and spandex. Download episodes from our Video Store at Youtube: Deviant Art:

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